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Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.


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Great brands have a great story. A story that you can connect with as the customer, that helps you instantly understand what they're about and why you want to do business with them.

In this week's +Apartment Chat, we look at storytelling and how it can apply to your apartment marketing. Here's the recap from the discussion ... anything you'd add to this story?

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Part of improving your online reputation is finding better, more effective ways to ask your happy residents for reviews. That was our topic in last week's #AptChat ... here's the recap of the discussion.

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Google is now giving you a lot more control over how your photos appear on your business's Google+ page. You can even choose which image you want to appear on Google Maps.

At first glance testing this out, it looks much more organized. Dig in and change things up to show the pics you really want people to see.
Google has announced an update to the Google My Business product - have a look:

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The Apartment Chat is coming back to Twitter tomorrow at noon Eastern! This week, we'll be recapping the hot topics from the Multifamily Social Media Summit.

If you want to join in, or just follow along, all you have to do is tweet with the #AptChat  tag. All the links and details you need to know are posted over on the event page. Hope to you over on Twitter tomorrow!

Email marketing works, plain and simple. And we're looking for better ways to integrate email into your sales process in smart ways.

One idea we're testing: Extracting leads from the ILSs and adding them directly to lead nurturing drip campaigns to help drive traffic directly to your property websites.

We're very early in the process, but it looks really promising so far. If you'd be interested in testing this out with us, leave a comment here, or send me a note at

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Google moved some things around in their Analytics reports in the past week. You'll find your organic keywords under Campaigns. 

As the author notes, it's way more important that you're watching the keyword trends in your Webmaster Tools ... this will give you a much better idea of the types of phrases where you're appearing in search, and if people are clicking through when you do show up in the results.

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In case you missed it, Google moved some things around in their Analytics reports — keywords are now buried under Campaigns.

I think this further emphasizes that we need to be thinking about SEO more broadly, rather than focusing on specific keywords and rankings. The search engines are getting a lot smarter about determining the best content for any given search ... so focus on the types of content that answer your customers' questions at each step of the process.

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You're probably seeing that social media reach for brands is declining, but that doesn't mean social media plays a smaller role in your online marketing.

One of the best things you can do is look for ways to get your customers and advocates to do the sharing for you. Here are a few ideas to make sure your website is as easy to share as possible. If you have anything else that's working to help you get more out of social, we'd love to hear more about it.

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Here's an update you'll want to make to your Facebook pages. They're now offering the ability to create a custom (with some limits) call to action, directly on the cover image of your page. This is an easy way to get fans to visit your website, watch a video, or contact you. 

Facebook will be rolling out this feature over the next few weeks. I'm not seeing it yet on the pages we manage yet, but I'll update you if I see anything. If you need help getting this setup on your Facebook page, just let us know!

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Want better photos of your properties? Pay your residents for them.

I saw this and thought I'd share it. I'm not so interested in the app itself, but more in the concept of their "Missions" ... brands paying users $10 a pop for images that they want to use. If communicated effectively, this seems like it could be a really handy way to have a steady flow of awesome photos of various aspects of your locations.

What do you think? +1? Half-baked? Let me know if you think something like this would work.
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