As of (which will probably roll out with tomorrow's Canary), the `seamless` attribute of IFrame elements[1] will be hidden behind the "Experimental WebKit Features" flag. The feature's getting closer and closer to being "done" enough to push to the stable channel, but there are still a few fiddly issues that we'd like to hammer out before shipping it: follow along at

Even if you're not interested in `seamless`, please do feel encouraged to hop into `about:flags` and enable that flag. If you're a developer, you'll get a glimpse of the future: it enables some upcoming (experimental) WebKit goodness like scoped stylesheets, CSS exclusions and regions, CSP 1.1, and the Dialog element. These are fun things we'd love for you to be playing with, and filing bugs against. The more of a workout they get, the faster we can get them cleaned up and pushed to stable.

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