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Michael Weaver

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Always seen posts with these kinds of humorous SSID's.  Found one this morning myself
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Mine is WiFisengard.
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Michael Weaver

Industry Absurdity (true stories)  - 
There's no word on whether he tried re-starting first, before committing an act of digi-cide
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Si Cam
I've been tempted to do that to my P4 but thats not going to happen
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Michael Weaver

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Why can't the DHCP server take a crap in the early evening or afternoon? Why at 3:00am two days in a row?? #OnCallWoes
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@michael why not setup dhcp failover with server 2012 r2? Surely if its that critical it would be worth it. 
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Michael Weaver

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Is it just me , or is a shutdown and power on not the same as a restart (Windows 8 and 8.1)?? I mean, please tell me it's just me

After installing updates, I'm told to restart to finish installing. Well I like to shut down for the day and when I power back up it still says to restart to finish installing updates.

It's just me right?
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+Michael Weaver I view it as managing user expectations. Get people to the login screen and then load all the crap to reach the desktop. Change the place people wait and they complain less.
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Michael Weaver

Tech Recommendations/Discussion  - 
I'll admit i'm being lazy and dun feel like searching, but does anyone know if Win 10 will be available for purchase if I don't want the free upgrade?  I'm at that point of re-imaging my system but I'll probably wait for win 10.  

Also, if i were to do a free  in place upgrade and wanted to re-image down the road, how does that work?
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+Erich Toven Guess i could have cleared that up.  I meant i wanted physical media, weather it's pay to DL the .iso to burn to dvd or purchase a dvd.
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Michael Weaver

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Worst message ever
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+Michael Weaver my Computer Systems instructor would wait till his account was locked out, then contact IT and have them let him set it back to what it was. Lessons in what not to do and allow.
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Michael Weaver

Introductions  - 
Saw some folks posting their work stations/desks. Thought I'd post mine this morning. Here it is, in all its glory. #oilfield

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+Michael Weaver Yeah, we did get off subject. Your job sounds really cool. You are not chained to a desk.
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Michael Weaver

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Just getting some shut eye before a charity golf tournament at 9am. I'm on call until 7am and at 3:45 this morning I get the "my internet is down call".

Before I can even start to troubleshoot, I get 2 more calls with the same issue

It's a dhcp server issue and I don't have eyes on it!


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Michael Weaver

SysAdmin\NetAdmin  - 
Switched 5 locations over to a new network today. Each location has a printer/copier, some have 2.

A new virtual print server was brought online as well.

Reserved each printer and a database server in the new scope.

Only a few hiccups with Shoretel phones but it all went pretty damn well.

Each printer came up with the right IP as well as the db server. All clients were only affected when we moved them over to the new switch

Printer installs on the new server went without issue

I just wanted to tell a group that could understand the accomplishment.

I can end my 15 hour day in many bottles of beer

To do:
5 more locations next week
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Great Job, Well done!
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