Some days are just crap. This is one of them. So was yesterday.

If there is someone who is really good at setting up multi-card(2) multi-monitor(3) setups on Linux Mint, I can really use some help...
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The last time I tried that I got frustrated and gave up. If you're using an Nvidia or ATI card and can get the proprietary binary drivers working, the configuration utilities are the best bet to at least get the multiple monitors functional, then you can edit the xorg.conf through trial and error after.
If you switch to another console (CTRL+ALT+F3, for example), login and rename xorg.conf and reboot, it should load with defaults just on your primary monitor.
Yikes! Does /var/log/messages give you any clues?
Heh, just installed Xubuntu 12.04 and it still doesn't like it if you have two monitors and the one on the right is the primary. Even when correctly configured it defaults everything to the left display.
Displays doesn't actually work for me because I have to use the Nvidia binary driver.
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