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Not my favorite ride of all time...

It started out great, like all rides do. Man do those first strokes feel great! Clipping in, settling in to the saddle, the click of the cassette. Ahhhhhh...

My last three rides (two of which I didn't post about) have been on a new route. A route that T designed for a small group that will come with me on Saturday. Along one bank of the river one way, then the other side on the way back. Mostly flat, with one hill near the end.

But the gods were not on my side today. First some idiot passes me in the bike path without notifying me, and I'm going 32 km/h! Just when I'm about to shout at him (in French, because there are many more swear words in French) when POW!! Crap. A flat. Ugh.
Luckily there's a hike shop 700m away! Silver lining.
The bike shop was very nice and helpful, plus they had the coolest toilet paper holder! :-D (see pics)
Change the tube, and the tire, buy some gels and I'm on my way...
But again the gods are in a laughing mood and now I discover that I can no longer unclip my right shoe! Awesome! I'm attached to my bike! I ride a bit more to find a spot where I can try to "fix" this.
I find a piece of cement where I can sit down, but I still can't remove my right foot from the pedal. So I lie myself and the bike on my left side. Then, of course, my leg cramps up!! I ride that out and finally can untie my shoe so I can at least work on the pedal. In my socks. :-/
This is where I figure out what's wrong. Somehow I lost one of my SPD screws. So there's only one left. Which means that when I twist my foot/shoe the clip isn't moving inside the pedal, it's just rotating on that one screw.
I searched on my phone for a solution, nada. But I was able to pry the clip with an Allen key. And then remove the clip completely from my shoe. And finally start riding again.
Now I have to attack that aforementioned hill without being clipped in! Yay!!
But I finally made it home and was able to keep up the average speed that I was aiming for.
So in the end, not the most fun ride in the world, but I'm happy with my performance. :-)
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Good news is that I kept up my pace and I'm 10 km from home.

Bad news is I have a flat.
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Vivi M.
My circles must be mainly from one of those... I've seen some posts about their presidential elections... :D

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Btw, if I've ever offended you. 
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Did I ever tell you, I now have leprosy!
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Same seat, different cup.

Imagining some of the Yahoo employees looking out in the hallways for their new Verizon overlords tomorrow and being all like...
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ping +Steve Rodrigue​ humour geek 
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I finally received it!

Who knows what it is? :-)
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Years ago in Rota Spain, I saw the machine in a coffee shop and tried to order an espresso. I was informed they did not have espresso, only Spanish coffee. (which they apparently make in an espresso machine) Hahaha
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-Oh Barack, that's a big silo!

-That's what Melania Trump said

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So while we're on the subject of God hates me. Now my right shoe won't unclip. Which is really great when I have to stop... 
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Yes, you are right. 
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I thought that the similarities in this video between Hitler and Trump were uncanny. Then I saw that the video was published on July 18th 2016. In my opinion looks more like a backhanded attack towards Trump and removes any credibility the video had.
People say that comparing Trump to Hitler is disrespectful and almost blasphemy. But no one is comparing Trump to what Hitler was at the end. We're comparing him to Hitler at the beginning.
And yes, Trump, and dumb Americans, scare the fucking shit out of me. I see a very bleak futur.
(P.S. By "dumb Americans" I don't mean that all Americans are dumb. I do mean that some of them are dumb, and those are the ones that scare me) 
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I don't really think that there's any danger of war even if Trump should be elected. As all here, I also think the biggest problem is the worsening of the life within the US (similar things are happening here in Europe - even though it's not as pointedly up to one single person).

What could happen though would be an ever increasing race in this war against terror - where both parties seemingly profit by escalating it further and further. And for a while the hypocrites on both sides do - while that's not treu for the affected societies. Ultimately though the situation might get out of hand.

Alas, to some extent Trump (or all that lead up to him, like +Christopher Quijano has pointed out) has already won. The political climate and the poisnous atmosphere within the society are the direct result of this. No matter if he wins the election. That has happened already. But might get worse after a possible election of him.
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So I'm watching Michelle Obama on carpool karaoke.
With all due respect she's a hottie! 
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+Luke Wallace I follow it! :-)
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Well. My day is made.

Thanks +Robert T. Best
AC/DC massed with the Bee Gees. This is fucking genius.
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I can no longer remember lol
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And then I tried to debug on a Samsung and logcat be like...
#androiddev #rage
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Error error error. Kill all humans. Kill all humans.
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