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The sad truth is with or without some a sort of federal healthcare in place, we all end up paying for the un- and under-insured. Either through taxes or through higher cost from the providers that gets passed on to the insurance companies that gets passed on to us via higher premiums.
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Insurance would be less if they would allow them to compete nation wide. But still the biggest issue is our rights. If we don't want insurance we should not be required to by it. And besides the government has never been able to run anything cost effective or correctly done. So why leave this in there greedy hands?
You should not have to buy it but there should be something available for those that can't get it at a reasonable price. The problem here is the cost is being passed onto those of us who are doing the right thing in the first place with or without anyone being forced to buy insurance.

Now if we said that Hospitals could require proof of the ability to pay to receive health care That would also solve the problem.
Additionally people who are paying for health insurance should not have to file for bankruptcy due to medical bills.
What is being missed is this - the government telling us that we must purchase ANYTHING and then making us pay fines when we don't is completely unconstitutional.

I'm all for public health care... paying for it through taxes is one way (like in Canada).
I don't mind if they would have from the start created a One Payer system. But please call it that. I like +Scotty Brown think this current law is unconstitutional. I would like have done many other things then what they have done. This is right now all a move for more government power over us. And not to help us or others.
I was just thinking that this taxing us more for this Heath care is really nuts as there is 47% of the folks don't pay any Federal Tax. I as it is, am paying far too much already. So they want more?
+Ariel Batista I'd like to get at least something for my money... something other than paying for people in their 20's to stay at home, squirt out kids, play XBOX all day, and fill up garbage bins with empty Natty Ice cans.
But if you end up paying either way, you are still paying. I agree a mandate is wrong which is way there needs to be an overhaul of medicare/medicaid as well as the ability for people to choose their own insurance.
And yes the tax code in this country needs a major overhaul too.
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