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Mike Volk
Searching for the American dream, and/or winning lottery numbers.
Searching for the American dream, and/or winning lottery numbers.
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What do you call a person who insults and/or silences anyone who disagrees with them?

Congrats FSU Seniors! Four straight wins over both UM and UF!
Go Noles!

So SEC is the best conference? Of the 4 ACC/SEC matchups this weekend ACC wins 3-1. Clemson, FSU, GA Tech to KY.


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If Trump can take credit for imaginary things (Ford plant to Mexico) why can't the rest of us?

This year more than ever, there are only three ways to waste your vote...
1) Not voting
2) Voting for someone based on their party affiliation
3) Voting for someone because you think the person you really want to vote for can't win.

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Still a proud Seminole fan.

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So I have had this +Rough Country top for a couple of months now and think I can provide an honest review at this point. I purchased this directly from the manufacturer. Color: Spice. Price: $99.95.

Good, but not great, 4 Stars out of 5

Pros: Price, value, color, customer service, shipping speed, hasn't leaked where my factory top did

Neutral: Strong smell for about 2-3 weeks or so, rolled windows so causes some minor distortion, thinner than factory, noise level (about the same or slightly more than factory)

Cons: Not the same kind of refined fit as the factory top: (flaps a little more in the wind, hard to get tail gate to shut onto the lower bar while fully zipped, but can be done but have to unzip the sides (almost like it is a tad too short), my driver side window has come out of the door jam when riding with the sun rider part opened up - pictures in comments), the plastic pieces that tuck into the top frame have broken in a number of places (this could be by design to help with folding the top, but the factory top did not do this.

I can't believe someone running for the office of President would say something so outrageous. Their lack of knowledge on the subject clearly shows they are not fit to be President. I don't see how anyone with any intelligence or sense of Patriotism could vote for them. I just glad my candidate doesn't act this way.

Anyone with a Nexus 6 have Nougat yet?

For those that have a smartwatch...

Do you think you will get another one, once your current one dies?
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