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Mike Underell
Just a guy trying to make it in this crazy, crazy world...
Just a guy trying to make it in this crazy, crazy world...

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This is a great overview of SaaS metrics. A must-read for anyone wanting to get into the business.

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I can't wait to check this out later this week.

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Interesting chart -- 66% of all deals can be attributed to one campaign. This, they say, illustrates their point of not endlessly arguing about a flawless revenue attribution. Get one out the door as it will likely be better than nothing and then tweak from there.

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While the stunt itself is cool, I thought it was regarding some form of transportation. Not broadband internet.

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It might be cliche, but I firmly believe that, in one way or another, you should always be following your dreams. You can get there, even if it takes years and many, many small incremental steps to get there :)

Curious what GPS device everyone uses? I'm looking at the Garmin 910xt, Garmin 310xt, or the Garmin 610. I'm not sure how useful the swim metrics would be, so I'm thinking of getting a cheaper watch that's good for the bike and run and then invest in some swim lessons because spending money on my technique will be better money spent than a fancier watch that goes in the pool. Also, I'm sticking to Garmin because it'll auto-sync to my Strava account. That being said, I guess I could use any watch and just upload the GPX files. Basically I'm curious what watches are out there that are good for bike and run :)

I'm curious what everyone's opinions are on this. I will have a condensed training period this year because of my wedding and subsequent honeymoon. I will do my best to stay active in the week leading up to my wedding and the 3 weeks I'm traveling with my new wife, but I have to be realistic: family comes first, so it's likely my training will suffer over that month. I will be building my base right up until the wedding, but I'm likely to lose most of it during the month (semi-) off. When I get back I'll have 16 weeks before my A race (early September). I've currently got the first 6 weeks tagged for base building again. The next 6 weeks are dedicated to my building phase with the last 3/4 weeks slotted in for peaking and racing. I'm curious - should I dedicate more time to building my base when I get back or keep it as is? I was thinking of doing 7 weeks base, 5 weeks build, then 3/4 weeks peak/race. I'd love to hear the community's thoughts!

PS: I'm using terminology (base, build, peak, race) from Joe Friel's The Triathlete's Training Bible as it's what I've used to help build my training for this year.

Hey everyone - I've been reading through some earlier posts, particularly about building your base endurance. I wanted to see what kind of metrics everyone measures to track their progress. I'm an analyst in my day job, so I'm actually quite intrigued at building my own database of times/paces/distances/etc.
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