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God judges our heart. Man judges our action.
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Mike, any plans to say a few words at #Occupy WallStreet?
and in the worst case a judge judges our action...
that's the nature of men mike...otherwise if they think and act like you= then there's no point watching you box...
im judging the eagles terrible performance
Man should judge itself before it judges others. let he that is without sin cast the first stone ...
how do you post that link for drills i need 2 more
Eseelamu Alejkum Mike you are the greatest :-)
just for bannana splits-n- giggles, Whats an ear taste like
mike im very proud of you and the changes u have made throughout ur life and becoming a better man, u have a beautiful heart and love ur pigeons!!!! MAY GOD REST YOUR PRECIOUS LIL GIRL SOUL IN HEAVAN.......
Very good phrase Mike, is very real..
But our actions show what's in the heart...
Looking forward to 'Da Brick' on HBO. Based on Mike's life.
I ask God to make the faith in our hearts and make us steadfast in this
hop you steel reading quraan. you will going to find all the answers and you will get what you wont the peas in your heart
your bro
I can't believe that cus when person became a musllim he don't back to the dark again
you are the smartest boxer I have ever seen
you are without any doubt, I even born at the end of his career as a fighter, the world's best!
From: Bruno, Brazilian person
To: The best fighter in the world!
mike tyson you are good muslim.
dear mister tyson. i am a fan of boxing, but i must say that you impressed me a hell of a lot in the way you changed yourself and your live outside the ring. your greatest KO victory happened after the last bell.

as much as you were the embodiment of "baddest man on the planet", as much you have become - to me - the embodiment of "once can change".

very, very impressive, Sir.
fantastic mike tyson!!!!!!!!!! #teammoneyallday
Hey mike
when you come to mexico?
in mexico city whath's you favorite gym?
true that true that - you still the greatest MIKE!
Tyson=domination. I saw you at the Hall of Fame induction in NY, I live ~20 min away---well deserved!
Mr. Tyson you're hands down THEE best boxer/fighter to ever step into the ring. Anyone who had the privilege to watch your fights and be a part of "The Mike Tyson Era" of boxing has to agree. If not they're either being dishonest with themselves or know nothing about boxing and what kind of training, skill and talent it took for one man to Dominate the world of boxing for many years. -- And as for the "fall from grace", your quote says it all. I've made some mistakes, but those mistakes do not define my character in any way. I'm not making excuses for you but there was a lot of B.S. you had to deal with. And once your found guilty or at fault for 1 thing - you're now guilty of everything in society's eyes. I could see and feel your frustration. --- just sayin... I know this is out of control but you're one of my all time favorite people. Thanks.
Hey Champ, Just saw you on the Roast of Charlie Sheen! You were hella funny dude! Right on..
Hi,God does not judge! But man judges not from the heart but from actions to his or her Man! :)
Um, no. If God is incapable of doing anything wrong, then how can he let people go to hell?
God can be cruel but that cruelty is refining and shapes us into better people.
thanks Mike for being my next fight in the CAGE is for you!! I train at Striking Unlimited in Las Vegas..
Probably, hope so, believe so, nonetheless Mike's got heart. Me and my mates would laugh around and say you wouldn't want to be stuck with Mike in a lift, now I would. Redemption and the mysterious ways of the Lord. God bless Mike.
Mike, you are still a fighter even after leaving the ring. Stay strong to your Heart!
day le
Man's judgement doesn't really mean much!
theres know such thing as god, the bible is the worlds best seller
plus if god was real, Adam an Eve had two kids Kane an Abel. That means Kane an Abel had to sleep with there mother to reproduce, so if that happend we would of killed ourselfs off by inbreading....... Fact! Mike your a legend but the god shit aint real like santa aint real! sorry
El Mejor del peso Pesado de la Historia cuatro titulazos
Simplemente un crak
Mike i know you know me why are you leaving me in the cold for !
Treat everyman the way u want to be treated
Sometimes a man has to do things for helping many people and lose any kind of proud thats left by the one who pay me a load of money for not helping well no money can replace the feeling of helping another human!!!!
Only He Can Judge Us!!! Not Da World!!!! GOD BLESS YOU BRO:-D HAVE A GOD BLESSED DAY!!!
i just love boxing i spare in the ring with my pop's brain smiley an my bro all the time man sometimes i just want a brake but i guess that is what i got to do to make it in the boxing world just like floyd and my pop's.
Dear Mr. Tyson
I pulled a Mike Tyson TKO the day I said
to the Dick Cheney on LIVE INTERNATIONAL TV in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina disaster area. You & Mr. Muhammad Ali are my 2 favorite boxer's of all time! That said I'd ask your opinion of my UNIFYING DEFINITION OF "GOD"? which is an attempt by myself to create a reality based definition of "GOD" that all humans can agree on. So here goes...
1-We exist!
2-Something led to our existence!
3-WHATEVER??? that something is we should agree to call it "GOD"
4-"GOD" does not write books because all books are written by HUMANS!
5-HUMANS lie, GOD does not & GOD gave us REALITY. REALITY is NOT a lie so deal with it!

thanks for your input
Ben Marble, M.D.
Rockland county ny loves you mike
Keep your head up mike
congrats for makin it into the wwe hall of fame
sure and that is too bad. But all in all we keep going!
Gosh Mike, wish you were more active on plus, follow you on twitter in fact only you. Be great to see you say your talk on plus as well, its so refreshing, so redemptive, God bless.
Yeah dam straight King Mike Tyson YOU ARE legendary GIFTED AND FOR REAL
True mike.... still my hero mate i got most of your videos (DVDs). keep up the singing in hangover 2 lol what a film.
Zabi D.
Mike the iron fist tyson! Sup my man!
Nobody is good, nobody is wrong, everybody makes mistakes.
Everybody judges in mind until you are buddha

empty gunz made 2 shoot full brains & empty brains made 2 full these gunz.(nicha)
the only one who have the rights to judge every one is God. god is going to judge every one for every one actions.
mike tyson how about some tickets for ur show for a super huge but sadly broke fan
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