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Sarge and Thunder playing in the front yard and Thor barking in the background from the front porch.
Sarge and Thunder playing in the front yard. Thor barking in the background as he's on the front porch.

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These two characters had their picture taken a little while ago. They are jonesing because it's raining and has been for two days and the ground is soaked and very muddy.

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Had to re-share this. Hope it works.
Doggy day haircut.
Here are some pictures of Stella before and after her haircut today. She was really shaggy but the lady that cuts her hair every six weeks was out of work because of an injury and she had to have surgery too.

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Here's a video taken of Sarge, Thunder and Thor playing run and chase in the front yard this past March 26th. I posted it originally in my stream and forgot to post it here. This was late afternoon and is on my own photo site powered by Phanfare.

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Took these yesterday with the iPhone.
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I posted this a few days ago but in the wrong section. Hopefully I'll get it right this time.
Anyone know how to fix duplicate and triplicate and more names and telephone numbers on the iPhone 6 S plus? I also have icloud installed on the PC. In one instance there are 10-12 entries of the same person albeit with different email addresses but the same two phone numbers.
I'm not positive sure that the phone was synced with the tablet and the old phone which was an android. If that happened is there a way to remove sync from both the phone and the fool PC?
I have notifications turned off for this community.

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The dogs and me early afternoon today. I refuse to upload my photos to Google and Google Plus because I have my own paid for site.
These doggy's are Sarge, Thunder, Thor and Stella.

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The new girl videos on my Phanfare site. I upload all my photos and videos to this site as I pay for it. And keep it private too. There are 4 small videos here at this link. Thunder, the new girl with Sarge, Stella and Thor.

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Hanging out.
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