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"Remove seal after washing"

After washing.



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MUST... PULL. ..
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Um.... What? #HTCOnem8
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Me, attempting to test Google Now on my new phone in a place it doesn't work:

"OK Google"
nothing happens
..."OK Google"
(From somewhere that isn't my phone)*Beep beep!"
"Wait, my phone isn't..."

looks down at old phone, now waiting for search command

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Happy birthday to me~
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Tiff T
happy bursterdayyy
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I have done the calculations and measurements, and when you are using the HTC Dot View case it uses a grid of 27 x 48 “pixels” to create the colour spots on the screen for the dot view effect. With the M8’s 1080p screen, that equals to each dot equalling 40 x 40 pixels.
If you’re smart, you can exploit this to make yourself a custom pixel-art background, as I have shown with my own custom dot view wallpaper.

If you’re not familiar with the Dot View case, it’s basically a case for the M8 with a screen cover that has a bunch of holes in it. you can tap the screen (with the cover on) to bring up the time, and you can also answer calls through it.

What I have done is give guidelines to create your own Dot View compatible wallpapers so that you can more easily control what appears.

Now to get myself one of these awesome cases.
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I still haven't rooted myself, but I plan to in the future.
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Back again. Firstly, Widget sizing is still broken; the drag to resize box does not snap to anything whatsoever.

Also, things like Dashclock, Google Now cards, and other things which change their content depending on the size you make the widget are all broken; showing their "the widget is small" versions even when resized to be quite large. (For example, my app grid is 4x5. I have to resize DashClock to at least 4x3.5 to have it show extensions at all, which is EXTREMELY annoying.)

Also, landscape mode is broken in the app drawer. It does not take the navigation bar into account when calculating padding, and therefore the navbar covers the menu button.

I KNOW the widgets can be fixed, because they sized correctly before materinova.
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Ok glad I'm not the only one. Thought I was going crazy. 
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Get ready for a long one...

HTC One M8 100% Stock ROM.
(Using the built in font switcher, though)

Alright! Just got the new beta, and already noticed a few bugs.
Firstly, it isn't possible to change the text size in folders. It ignores the selected size and stays at "medium".

Secondly and third, Widget resizing is a bit glitchy, when you pull the resize borders, they just stay on the screen. For example, in the screenshot I posted, I moved the white borders, stopped touching the screen, then took the shot. Also, DashClock isn't showing its full info range, where it did before the update, as shown in the last screenshot.

Lastly, the "tap and hold to unlock" pop up that appears when you have your desktop locked works, but the little Lollipop tap to hold animation should sync up with how long you need to hold the button; it would just make things look smoother.

And, suggestion time, while some people like the widgets in their own separate area, I would appreciate a toggle to put them back into the app drawer.

Speaking of the app drawer, it looks... different. I don't know if the app border widths were slightly modified, but its weird.

But hey, this is what a beta is for!

Still the best launcher!

It seems most of my issues are caused by a loss of border control. Or, control over border widths. For example, dock height and border width in the app drawer.
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Got the same problem with dashclock 
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Woo! Just had my HTC One M8 update to Lollipop!

Its so pretty...
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SWEET! just waiting for my galaxy S4 mini to update!
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It's a picture of a picture of my first handheld touchscreen device (iPod Touch, 2nd Generation) taken with my second handheld touchscreen device (Galaxy Nexus) taken with my third handheld touchscreen device (HTC One M8)!
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New profile picture. I never use TheCanadianGamer11 anymore, so having a picture relating to "Techdisk", my chosen username for everything, is better.
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Know what? No. I'm not going to root my HTC One M8 yet. Not until it gets the Lollipop update and I can see if I can live without root.
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That's good for you. Also I forgot to source. Also follow @TeamANDIRC on twitter for updates 
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Welcome to my brand new phone, the HTC One M8!

It replaces my wonderful, wonderful Samsung Galaxy Nexus. My old phone, named Serenity, was perfect for me. I had that thing modded to hell and back. Custom ROM, recovery, boot logo, everything. It worked quite well for me. However, it became quite slow. Therefore it was time to retire it. I at first wanted a Nexus 5, but Bell, my carrier, didn't carry it anymore. Therefore, I looked to HTC and found the awesomeness that is the one m8.

Had it for two days now, its great.
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I should have been born 10 years earlier.
I am obsessed with only 4 things right now:
1. Minecraft. Best do whatever you want game ever.
2. Android. Best OS.
3. Doctor Who. Best TV show ever.
4. Anything tech. Especially old stuff. Sorta a hipster I guess.

Also, I'm a brony. Make of it what you will.
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Makes music on floppy drives. How's THAT for bragging rights?
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