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Mike Sugarbaker
Web dev, gamesist, fine specimen
Web dev, gamesist, fine specimen

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Olympia WA, I am in you. Plus still feels like the first place I should say so. What's up?

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It looks like my first-stage #threeforged game didn't make it to completion. Only fair, since I also did not finish in the third stage. Instant karma's gonna get ya.

I was pretty proud of my work in stage 2, and that one did complete. The results are... interesting.

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To my Ingress-playing friends, please be aware of these issues.
It sucks that in Ingress, Google has given trolls all the tools to stalk and harass other people in real life and not a single thought towards safety. It's like if Xbox Live published your current location and home address with your gamer tag.

Idiots. I'm really furious. There is a dedicated psycho in our neighborhood who sends threats of violence, murder, and rape to other players and the game tells him where those other people are in real time. It seems like a solution shouldn't be too hard but it takes months and months for him to even get an account banned (and then he's on a new one instantly).

Even the ability to block certain people from seeing your activity seems like a common sense move but apparently not. If you're not willing to oversee your own game and the safety of its players at least give them the tools to do it.

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It's possible that people don't know we're doing the OgreCave Audio Report again, approximately monthly, because something's wrong with the feed. Gonna be another coupla weeks before I can fix it. But come! Listen!

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New on Gibberish, an expanded version of some thoughts from a video. Warning: contains socialism and deep thinking about cartoon characters.

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Notes towards a perma-online-culture...
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