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This is Mike's wife (Stacy) posting. Most of you knew that Mike had serious health issues, last week on June 1st he had another heart attack and didn't survive it.  G+ kept him sane when he had no other outlets. You were his friends, even though some of you he never met. 

He would have been 51 on June 28th. On June 28, 2015, we will celebrate his life with a Memorial Service at 1:30 pm at Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg, VA. 

In lieu of flowers, I’m asking that you’d donate to the National Kidney Foundation in Mike’s name or to Cornerstone Chapel’s Making Him Known fund. Or, donate to a local garden – a rose bush, perhaps. Mike loved roses. 

Please share this information! Mike had a full life before he ever met me and there are some of you I have not met, yet. Everyone is welcome to come. 

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R.I.P. Mike
Prayers & Blessing for You & Your Family...
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....And the Winter Consumer-Frenzy Festival Starts even Earlier this Year...

This is the third year (in a row) that I, like some mangy rodent, herald the arrival of the crass and mindless consumerism and the non-stop assaults that spur them on.

The first Bastardization of Jingle Bells was heard from a super-cheezy Commercial just now.

This is the first of Four Dark Harbingers of this unholy season:

1. Bastardizing of Jingle Bells [check]
2. Bastardizing of Carol of the Bells (Usually by Garmin, which is why I never buy their products), 
3. Santa Claus' first engagement as the Prime Endorsement Whore, and
4. The first commercial to use those annoying-assed Sleigh Bells (you know, the ones that give you an eye twitch that lingers until the first week of January).

There use to be a 5th one, but let's face it, those store seasonal decoration spend more time up than in the box, so that doesn't really mean anything anymore.

Bonus: The first company to tell you their ridiculous healthcare product "makes the perfect gift".
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Actually came by this from a friend, who shared not-publicly...

I thought it was interesting, thanks, EB.

I think Mike going to be right about this one. Well, mostly, anyway. I think GMail as you're used to seeing it will be absorbed by a larger platform, probably the new Google Inbox, which is still in beta and by-invitation only (if you know someone, he can invite you―I don't as far as I know).
Gmail represents a dying class of products that, like Google Reader, puts control in the hands of users, not signal-harvesting algorithms.
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My Next Photo Printer?

44" wide, roll paper, prints on canvas and tyvek, cutter, and pigment-based, not ink (100 year archival life).

It will have its own room in the house (one of the kids can sleep in the garage with a space-heater). It will need one, too. This thing weighs over three hundred pounds, and is over four feet wide!

Because who doesn't want to be able to print his own POSTERS??!!!

YEAH! POW'AH!!!! FEEL THE BURN, BABEEEEEE!!!!!! (pause to wipe chin).

These guys are expensive to run, though. And they're expensive to maintain (like, you have to print at least once per week, otherwise the wells clog up). I'll probably have to lease it out (or more accurately, print and mail-back stuff for other people.) So, really, it could be considered an investment, right? (Do any of you think that will convince Stacy? If not, I'm very open to suggestions). I mean, it's only about $2,000 (plus shipping and 12 pigment tanks, and an extra $500-900 for paper, but that's about it!) Why, that's only about 10-cents a square inch! It practically pays for itself!!

Actually, in all seriousness, this thing is actually cheaper to print than your typical inkjet; you pay more for ink up front, and the paper up front, but when broken down into cost per pico-litre and square inch, they're about 2/3 the cost of the typical desktop inkjet.

Do you think that will sell Stacy on the idea? No? Maybe?

Uh, wanna go in halfsies with me? You know, like Leonard, Raj, Howard and Sheldon did on that time machine?
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That awkward moment when you realize...

That you're not discoursing with a person of a different view, you're arguing with a person in a different world, his own little one.

Like, break out the tin-foil hats; otherwise the gollywoggles are going to steal yer fluidz, maaaaan! Hey, was that a unicorn squirrel that just flew by?
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I wantz a unicorn squirrel, I will keep it next to the leprechaun, just to the left of my samsquanch George. :-) 
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Not that we're an ungrateful society...

...but, WTH? We can't even call it "THANKSGIVING" anymore? We have to call it "Turkey Day"? I mean, the least we could do is keep up the pretense of Thanks Giving...

Though, to be fair, eating a massive bird is about all that's left of that cultural heritage―that is, between football games and shopping.
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They're coming for Festivus next
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The rumors of my demise.... and all that.

Hey everyone, I know it's been a long time, and this is just a quick post to say lm still kicking--but barely. I'm pecking this out on my phone, so Pardon the sloppy terseness...

First, had major heart attack on Thanksgiving, which then put the final nail in the coffin of my failing kidney. I'm recovering well from heart thing, but am now on dialysis (Thanks, Amthem!).

The process of getting plumbed for dialysis by the voodoo witch doctors in Richmond did NOT go well; in fact, one doc gave me an infection which lead to another heart attack last week. I am actually pecking this post from the hospital bed I've been in sinew last Thursday. I am going home tomorrow. You all know I have hundreds os stories to tell, and I will, just not from a cell phone.

Now for the GREAT THINGS that have also been happening as well.... (again, lots and lots of stories, which will be forthcoming). But for now, this list:

1. Took the dam to DISNEY WORLD for 11 days, had a blast, took pix, ate many expensive dinners, and made awesome memories.

2. Officially started a fine art photo business. Still obtaining studio stuff, and building space, but got all the starter equipment I need, with the exception of what will be my main printer: Canon IPF8400. It's a 44" large format, Google it and you'll see why I'm going that way. I should have that by late March.

3. Other health changes: no more Ambien, and I had to make the 100% switch to vaping. No cigs since Thanksgiving, but the vape setup I got has made the jump downright easy. Will talk more about that later, too.

And finally, at least for tonight, changes in some of the ways I interact with people, both IRL as well as online. I had stepped away from some of my core beliefs over the past five years, but have since retouched the reasons I had those beliefs over the last few months. It wasn't just the bad things, but also the blessings, and my family. I sorta hid in the closet in some areas, but it's time to come out and be who I am. To that end, and just so we're all honest and upfront, I'm still the same ass-hatted brainiac jerk as you expect, but here are some things you might as well know about me officially:

1. I beleven in the Bible, and in Jesus. I have for 20 years, and that's not changed. What us changed is that I'm being candid about it. I have studied everyone's science and claims, and have concluded, based on the facts, that Intelligent Design makes the most sense. You don't have to agree, make up your own minds on that. Again the only change here is just my being mor we open/candid about it.

2. My opinions haven't changed, they're still the same misguided tripe behind all those StutzRants. If anything has changed, it's that I've finally run out of hope and grace for the current administration.

Laying here in this gurney, tubes hanging outta my neck, pecking away this jagged post, it's hard to decide what to say, and how to convey it. But I did want to l let you all know that I'm well on my way back, lots of adventure stories to tell ya, and that I've missed y'all.

I'll be back online and trashing up your streams before you know it, so, kiddies, enjoy the last of this present peace but live in fear :)

From Chipprnham Hospital, Richmond,
Always, Mikey.
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Wow, I hadn't seen this posts. It was only the last one about having ADRS and that made me curious what happened that led to this. I hope you mend quickly, so that you're able to pursue your new professional career. Get well again soon, Mike! 
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Mikey Finally got some new TOYS!!!!

So, I haven't bought a new phone in 4 years, and this week I finally had a little dough for toys. So I bought both a Samsung Note 4, and also the new Samsung Gear S smart watch (pictured below). Goodbye Motorola.

All I can say is, "wow." Maybe it's because I'm SOOOO far behind the tech times and deprived. But I am totally LOVING the Note 4 and the Gear S--of the two, the Gear S.

The Note 4 is everything you would expect, a killer phone, a bit large, but feature rich on a massively bright/sharp/colorful screen, so 'nuff said about that.

The gear, though, sheeze! Samsung has had the Gear line out for a while, first the Gear, then the Gear 2 (or was it next the gear live? I don't know). The Gear S is very different, though.

Firstly, it can operate without being tethered to the phone. So can the other Gear models, sure, but this acts as a stand-alone phone with its own phone number. You have to pair it with a phone before it will provision (for some reason), but after that, well, I call my watch from my phone.

Mine is the one on the left, black, and even the face I chose. It's nice that I can answer my phone with it, even if I leave my phone alone. It still stays connected via the conventional networks (cell, wi-fi, when BT isn't available). I can initiate a call by just saying, "Hey Gear, call Stacy." and it does it. Or, "Hey Gear, text Stacy", and even, "Hey Gear, what time is it?" if I want it to tell me the time.

It has 4Gb storage and an mp3 player (haven't put that through the paces yet), but it can also play the tunes on the phone, or a playlist. Earlier this evening, I was using an app that displayed whatever was on either of the Note 4's cameras on the watch, a la Dick Tracy._

I can hardly wait for the BT stereo ear buds to come!

If you're in the market, I so totally recommend this watch. It's a little big. It's the full width of a man's wrist, with a curved screen. The teeny tiny vKeyboard works, but good luck if you don't have ant-sized fingers (I don't, so I am learning to just dictate to the thing). Oh, and the clock faces are configurable; mine is like the one on the left, but the top dial shows the weather (click on it to bring up the full weather page and forecast).

I had forgotten just how much I do enjoy frivolous toys!!!
Evolution of Mobile Experience
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+Andrew Velez I like Snapzy. It does that. 
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Also covered by Many Part-D plans...
My flu shot lol  
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That's a good one.
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Oh, Gawd.... It's Back...

That entire right-margin banner doing its best to browbeat me into signing in to some Google Chat or whatever derivation. NOT GOING TO DO IT!

I HATE chat. Hate, hate, hate it. It always devolves into some kinda of free invitation for lonely, suicidal people around the world to insert themselves into my home. 

As with the first version, there doesn't appear to be any way to get rid of it. The choices are: sign in and welcome all the crazies, or this banner will continue to hold a third of your screen real estate hostage until you capitulate.

This new version has an even worse feature: the old version would scroll out of view if you resized your window; this version doesn't. In fact, it will overlay your stream if you try that. That just sucks.

If this was the kind of extortive, prostitutory approach I enjoyed, I'd still have a Facebook account, Google. If you keep this crap up, I might as well go back to fb―or just make the official move to, which is what I'll do.

#Facebookish , overly so.
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There's a Great Reason Why...

...Carl's Jr. / Hardee's has to resort to pornographic commercials to sell their "food"...
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MIkey's Top Three BANES of Photography:

1. Trashcans
2. Power/Phone Lines
3. Other People

Nothing ruins more of my shots than those three things. Right now I'm trying to edit out a power line from a very snowy B&W. It looks like a big ol' scratch like when you get your car keyed.

Even in Theme parks, there are ways to edit out the people (I usually take about 10 shots from a tripod and then glue all the un-peopled areas together). But trashcans are actually harder to edit out.

The new version of PSP (X7) is touting a feature that will magically do that and intelligently "fill in" what the background would look like... It's almost worth the $80 for that feature alone...
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I'm a benevolent idiot who spent three decades in technology culminating in the role of a Sr. Technical PM (PMP/ITIL certs). I'm not looking for love or Jesus, I found both, thanks (my wife,  Stacy Stutz is on G+, too). 

Other than that, well, I'll have to get back to ya.

For certain reasons, every night at 9:00, I take Ambien (#AmbienTime). Unfortunately (for you all), I don't usually go to bed until around midnight. My posts might get a little weird(er) after 9:00 (but oddly enough, many of my friends actually prefer my Ambien "Enhanced" posts, and I'm not quite sure how to take that, to be honest).

I don't like trolling, and I very rarely trash other people (and never for expressing a differing opinion). Sometimes I've addressed pure asshattedness, though, but only on my own posts, never someone else's (there are other tools for that on G+).

My posts are all over the map; sometimes philosophical, sometimes serious (but I try to limit those), and I try to keep it balanced with light-hearted nonsense, but not at the expense of anyone other than myself. I often say stupid things, and sometimes it comes out as malevolent or insulting. 99% of the time, it's purely accidental. If I have a problem with someone, I take it private, rarely public. Sometimes that works, other times, well, what can I say? But I make a serious effort to avoid vindictiveness. I think we all get enough of that as it is.

If it matters, I circle back people who aren't all about tearing down other people, and who actually post about diverse things (as opposed to just a single cause, post after post after post, though there are a few exceptions. I'm a theist and a conservative, but not a Republican (I can't stand the republicans, or any political parties, for that matter). Ultimately, my posts are pretty moderate, I think.

What else can I say? The rest is even more boring.
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