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Can a Kinect from an Xbox 360 be used with an Xbox One?

I dream of lithe loathsome unliving:
Silent sentient abastral slumbering slug-wights,
Chitinous catastrophic cacotyche;
Of liquid Lethe I long to drink.

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New Dark Crystal series on Netflix! Also, another Labyrinth movie is in the works:
Lots of fun 80s nostalgia stuff lately :D

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Interesting talk about the evolution of a programming language as the designers discovered situations in which people wrote code that only happened to work because of an implementation quirk.

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My brother's rendition of Genesis 1 using only words beginning with the letter A. He used word2vec for suggestions.

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Sometimes I think about buying a motorcycle, and then I read stuff like this. If I ever did get a bike, I'd be ATGATT, because anything less is really really stupid. In order to get protection comparable to a car, the first couple thousand dollars (at least!) needs to go to gear.

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This tortoise survived a forest fire, a couple bouts of pneumonia, and 45 days without food. They 3d-printed a new shell for it and painted it.

The first picture shows the anatomy of a tortoise. The carapace appears to be a layer of scutes directly above the bone, so can anyone explain what's being shown in the second picture? Are those big gaps due to warping of the scutes in the fire, or are there tortoises with hollow regions between the carapace and the bone?
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Elsevier is really awful.

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