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Mike St (MikeofMany)
I'm jus this guy, someone that is trying to do good in this life
I'm jus this guy, someone that is trying to do good in this life


Ok, I'm pretty sure I missed something in the docs. Where do I set my proper screen size? Too many of these packs don't account for soft keys.

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“Oh, the SIEM didn’t send the alert.” “We can’t do that in the SIEM.” “How could we have seen it?” “We don’t have those logged.” How many times have we as security analysts, as SIEM operations in a SOC said things like this? How often as leaders and…

Hey, I know we've got a library, but wanted to gauge if this pile of books would be welcome: some Java, xml, older bug hunting and some cyber crime novels.

Hey all, hate for my first post in forever to be like this but: does the range have a cell booster that they could loan to the inaugural Mesa Festival of Books, it's a one night thing just an alley down for authors and fans.

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The doctors daughter is returning
Doctor Who star Georgia Moffett, who played the Doctor’s daughter Jenny in 2008 for the BBC1 sci-fi show, is set to return to the part for a series of audio adventures.

The actress – the daughter of Doctor Who star Peter Davison and wife of former Doctor David Tennant –  is recording the stories this summer for production house Big Finish, with a release expected towards the end of the year.

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As part of the Plundered Chronicles, the Kindle Worlds novella is ready for you.                 As Captain of the pirate ship Malice, Grace O’Malley Mimosa is heir to not only the name and looks of her pirate ancestor, but to many of the same troubles in…

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A Cover Story:   During this most recent project, I got to do and share in a few things, but one special thing happened. The cover got it’s own story. That’s right, there’s a story behind the cover that you get when buying the book. The first part of the…

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In a couple weekends I’m going to and wanted to not only map the different venues, but put into my calendar when, where, and what I was doing. That was grueling to say the lest. 3 days of hour long events. Copy paste, copy…

Why yes.. I did just turn my damsel in distress into a mermaid to piss off my MC. #amwriting
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