Here's a photo from my forthcoming book about Anna's hummingbirds growing up on the nest, Growing Up Humming.

But in order to publish my book, I need funding. If you would like to help make this book become a reality, please pledge some funds at this link, and / or share the link with those whom you think might be interested:

There are a number of great rewards available in exchange for your pledge, such as prints of this photo, photo t-shirts, e-books, paper books, and e-seminars about how to make pictures like the ones in the book.

New: Also, if you refer someone who pledges at least $10, I'll give you a PDF copy of the e-book, too.

Thank you for any help!

Here's a review of Growing Up Humming, by +Christina Rollo:

"I found the book to be packed full of fascinating facts, yet it was a quick read. The book contains excellent illustrations, the content is descriptive as well as informative. Photos show a great deal of outstanding detail and complement the content very well. The story of the two growing Anna's hummingbird chicks is well written ... The book will capture the attention of adults and children alike, a great read for the entire family."
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