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Saturn's Moon Rains Water Onto Saturn

This is neat!
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I know you have some big lenses Mike, perhaps you can verify this for us? ;-)
That is WILD! Cool stuff. 
if there is water then the temperature is in between 0 to 100 degree and less or more humane can live
Ah, while I do indeed have a big 280mm aperture f/6.3, I'm afraid my scope is still a tad lacking in the ability to see this sort of thing.  :)  However, I can see Encl., at least.  Click to a biggun, non-stacked (and thus kinda noisy) image of Saturn, intentionally overexposed to reveal 8 of her moons (LGT labeled image).
Is it water or methane?? AFAIK, the temperature there is hundred something below 0 celcius. Any water will be in solid state a.k.a Ice. The possible liquid substances are only methane, nitrogen and other light gases.
Totally cool. I didnt even novthatbwas scientifically possible!
The surface of Enceladus is mostly water ice. It's plasma, not liquid water, sublimated off the surface in the near vacuum, by the action of charged particles in Saturn's magnetosphere bombarding the surface near the poles, like our Northern Lights.
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