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#PanoPoker Theme: Reflections
Curated by +Barry Blanchard and +Mike Spinak

So, yesterday and today, +Eric Fredine and +Barry Blanchard have really brought on the heat in this round of PanoPoker. Notably, each of them also tried to run me down with the recycling truck.

I can recycle, too, you know. (In fact, my recycling truck is just getting warmed up.)
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Nice! I guess you could have made it reflections in Yosemite. Lots of great shots, this included!
definately worth a 're-hashing!' I love how the - what, butte? - frams those trees.
WHAT? +Mike Spinak I RESENT THAT! This week I've been working REALLY hard at looking through my photos and posting FRESH work. Now, I know that you might think cute kid on beach is recycled, But, each of my shots was a fresh frame. :P This is lovely, BTW.
what a scenery Mike beautiful shot!
Must've been misremebering, +Erika Thornes. I thought one of them was replayed. I'll edit your name out. I know that the strongest cards Eric and Barry played were recycled.
Okay, +Mike Spinak I'll keep in the game... Now, for the silhouette theme, I'll admit, I just threw everything up. This theme, I've been digging and finding undiscovered gems. :)
+Mike Spinak one was in an album that no one saw, (uploaded with 30, so I wouldn't call that recycled?) It was my first card....
I've always felt that PanoPoker is a way to:

Show some of your older work off, and: get you out of your normal comfort zone.

I really did my very best to capture a reflection shot yesterday, and I was really bummed when I got home to nothing.

I'm still looking for barns and shacks!
I looked through that album, +Erika Thornes. Now my recycling truck has been set in motion.

Caution! This recycling truck is going to make frequent stops!
Masterpiece shot! I am in awe!
I agree with +Barry Blanchard, Recycling is GOOD. :) Makes us look at our work in a new way. It was a personal challenge for me to dig stuff up to find something new. I wanted to relook at my images and reedit.
I mostly try to find stuff I haven't shown before - and try to find quirky and offbeat takes - and 3 of the 6 Beaverhill photos were new to Google+ - though the new ones were mostly variations from the same outing.

Was thinking we should have a round where you can only post something 'taken today' or only photographs from the same outing.
When +Mike Spinak and I starting coming up with the idea of PanoPoker... I knew it would be a very good thing (at least for me).

Sometimes an idea can change the way I look at things.
I really like the arrangement of the forms in the foreground in this photograph.
+Eric Fredine A "recently taken" round is already in the works. +J. Rae Chipera, +Ed Sweeney, and I were discussing this theme last week.

Speaking of which, the next picture I post will be one I made last night.
Thank you, +Barry Blanchard - and thank you for taking me on the exploration which lead me to the next photo I'll post.
What a fantastic view of Yosemite's El Cap ... I can see the fantastic line of "The Nose" ... the world's most famous climbing route !
Wow, wonderful landscape image! Thank you Mike.
Stunning! Beautiful reflection,you're a great photographer!:-)
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