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Hello! I am conducting a survey for 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons dungeon masters to get a better idea how DMs prepare and run their D&D games. If you are a 5th edition Dungeon Master and have a few minutes to spare, I would greatly appreciate your response.

You can take the survey at:


Thank you very much!

Mike Shea
Sly Flourish's 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master Survey - 2016A survey conducted to discover how 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters prepare for and run their games.
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You know there's a weird thing for me with the survey and that's I do asymetrical prep. My initial prep for play is the adventure and I don't plan for a period of time for the adventure to play out. So it might take me an hour or two to prep the adventure I'm going to run and then I run that for three or four sessions with little to no prep between.

I wonder if there are other people who prepare like that out there. In any case I dropped in what I average out per session which was about 30 minutes.
+Christopher Sniezak the thing is, I mix making stuff up as I go if someone asks me with established encounters I want to do. For charecters, I pick from sterotypes for supporting characters, and if the group seems to like them, I flesh out their character more in case I can make them re-appear. I have a DnD club I go to at school, and we have a mini campaign at lunch we do too.
I feel like there weren't the right options for answers. I interweave published campaigns with my own so I've been alternating, but as we get higher in level I'm going to run exclusively my own so that all the plot can be resolved.

Also as far as prep I do little to no prep "per session". I'm currently building a document that fleshes out the entire sword coast area. I run a bit of a sandbox, so something like this is useful. I update it as the story changes and NPCs change location or die.
Check out Matt Mercers GM Tips on youtube and Geek & Sundry. They are an excellent resource.
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