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I Believe

I believe
The journey is true
The mist shall lift
And I will see
The ground beneath my feet
Is solid and firm
What I leave behind
Belongs in my past
I believe
In what I am
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Is this poem written by you?
& obviously the pic is eternal!!
Wow - this is what I call a "Makes you feel good"post. Beautiful peam and a picture. Have a good weekend +Mike Shaw
The photo and the poem, go together hand in hand.
Classic Mike Shaw :) Top notch my friend!
verry verry beautiful
beautiful imagery and prose Mike, splendid, as well as a wonderful mantra... how are you doing today ~smile~~~
Oh wow +Mike Shaw , absolutely breathtaking. Awesome shot and processing. And the poem...perfect fit for this.
You are leaving back your past and starting a new life...................
I believe in what you are, too: a seeker who possesses great compassion and artistry; a visionary who pursues a dream of beauty, serenity, and love. Thank you for sharing yourself so generously.
beautiful truth. love it.
Me gusta es muy bonita es como la esperanza es la representación de aquello que esta por venir u podría ser el encuentro de aquellos que hemos dejado de ver. no se eso pienso yo es buenísima tu foto eres bueno en verdad felicidades.
M Best
Is there a collection of your images and words in book form?
Your pictures are beautiful as well as your poem, have a great one :)
thats the way to heaven for your life time.... :)
Beautiful all around with words and image.
Wonderful...both the words and pic! :)
Beautiful Mike. I don't know how you do it, I really don't. It's almost as if you summon the light into your lens. I guess in a way, you do. :)
+Cory O'Bray , Good thing we have lots of scenery like this in Canada, eh? We should try and bribe Mike into getting over here and working his magic in the Colonies!
When you post your poetry and photos, they always encourage my mornings...thank you +Mike Shaw
lovely mike........................... Super
i Believe tooooooooo
That is the best piece of poetry and the best photo to go with it. Simply amazing!
I want me on my bike on your road and your poem in my head.
cassandra it nice pic i wish i have it on my
Belief in itself is a strong word and to believe in oneself is one of the strongest attributes in a person...:)
I believe you have a beautiful soul
Hello Mike ... love you poem... very beautiful said..... :-)
La luz al final. cuando tenemos que seguir adelante sin foltear nunca
this is lovely, that bright strong light at the centre...beautiful colour palette +Mike Shaw
I think I should run that way

really nice
Truly amazing, its like traveling into heaven.
i would like to know your state of your mind when this was captured.All i can say is quite captivating.
Love the image and poem pairing, which makes a powerful combination... Would love to see you do even more of these...
สวยงามมาก-สมศักดิ์ thailand
Make a book and I'll buy it. I'll buy several, I promise. Please make a book.
Hauntingly beautiful! I feel like I know this place. It could be anywhere, but it feels like home.
Want to paint some for myself. Ok. They're beautiful. Proper credits of course.
It feels as if you are that close to your destination that you can almost see the end of the road and yet it is far away...
M. night shiamalan the village...this image remember me the movie...:D
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