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Got To Love This

I think this is the best thing I have seen on the web for a long while :)
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these guys are amazing! I love this song!
I think this is the first time I see 5 people playing the same guitar and do a really good job at it. super!
incidentally, the guy on the right is blind...
Such an amazing band! Thanks Mike for sharing this video!
Im seeing them in concert on the 2nd :) Im excited
fantastic, i love it :)
I was about to post this video. Yeah this is so cool!
Great Canadian creative talent. Given our population size and the simple geographic issues of getting in a van and playing around the country we sure hit above our weight when it comes to impact on the music industry.
A very nice song,specially that one instrument,way beautiful
nice song, lovely strong voices, guitar gimic that's so very human and musical, words can not express, grand brilliant well produced, thought out and execute till the end, which was very cool.... thanks.
This beets mine...I <3 it!
hii doris and hi colin does any of u play city vill say i
Where have you been? :) This has been around forever!!
nice composition, never seen anything like this before
holy moly there good!!!!!!! :0
K now this is sweet i mean.... Great guys nice team work
I feel like this song was made for me and the rest of the broken hearted... Love it 
i liked the one in the right.......looking more serious than the rest of them!!!!!!!!!!
I really liked it, too. It's gone "very viral."
Oh I love this video! :)
so, this is what they mean by thinking OUT THE BOX... so cooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!
SO GOOD!!! Walk of the Earth is AWEEESOOMMMEEE...Gianni Luminati kicks butt in all the other vids too, ppl you should totes check em out!
Great tune, played on Montreal, Canada radio stations daily.
The vocalist in the middle sounds like Sting!!
Incredibly hooked on this. The original is good, but there's something about this one.. just sticks with me.
awesome thanks for sharing!
How many times do I have to see this before it gets old?
they all have really good voices...talented!
five people on one guitar ...and it's one of my favorite songs...super-
love this song you all are so great.
I watched this video on YouTube and I loved it!
Well that was unique. I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for sharing.
Better than the actual music video.
He's Mike Taylor, aka Epic Beard Guy. He's awesome.
wow cool! all playing on 1 guitar
Another great version of an awesome song. Very talented artists
Hey!! My teacher showed our class this video. :)
+Mike Shaw even though this stuff is out there for all to see, it never seizes to amaze me when I see someone else post something I have posted as well. I found this about a week ago and added it to my posts. It gives credence to the term "great minds think a like."
Are you kidding me?! I love this song! The walk of the Earth version is much better than the original. If you like this song you should check out more of their stuff. They are awesome!
Better than the original. Great coordination and team work.
Uh Axii
why are u puting the same videos on that i had first bitch
oh my glob ive seen this before its amazing
1.Cover your mouth with your hand
2.Post this comment on 3 other profiles
3.Open your hand
4. Look at your hand
way better then the original one.
even without this sounds better.
lol if u like this look up the "key of awesome Somebody I used to know parody" its great
Click on their ad link so they can get money for the rest of their instruments. They deserve it!
"You Can Get Addicted To A Certain Kind Of Sadness"
Yeah u were right it is the sweetest thing i ve seen on the web.
Look's like fun! Very cool...I love the melody : )
I paused this vid and that dude singing's face looked SO fun,OH dont stopp...singing
kev moy
sorry if you no the words to ba ba black sheep it's the start of this song as i said iam sorry
That is fricken amazing, great song too.
John B
What a team effort, great song, delightful
he funny thing is that my 5th grade teacher just showed this sng n class for some reason not sure why tho...
The team has gone further than anyone of them could boldly go alone.
Super cool!!! For a lot of reasons this is going to be my 2012 song! Lyrics are great too! Thank you.
I LOVE THEM!!! And the song is very true!
Wickedly awesome. Love it..... A must watch for all..... me thinks!!!!!
that was gorgeous!!! the only problem.... the guy with the long hair,his voice is xtremely squeaky and at the end,starting at like 3:44, he went nuts with the "somebody" part. i was NOT expecting the outburst he made at 3:44. just sayin. otherwise,i think they could make a record!
I watched this video in class with my Music teacher, I love this song and the people who covered it sang amazing!!
i like the way that they play the gitar!!!
Omg!!!! This was hmmm...I can't describe it!!!
So cool, amazing cover :) that's a talented bunch!
I love this song and video....Awesome...Awesome...Awesome!!!
I aggry vith Guiga,the song is good but the parody of the song is great
Mona G
+Nenad Adamovic It's not a parody, it's a cover. There's a significant difference between the two.
love this!....fantastic cover, loved the original but think this is even better, brilliant!!!
i love it go to china mc clains page it is cool i added her as a friend lol
like a boss thats so sweet!
i loved this. That was very well done.
- -
beard guy is a killer
Someone buy these guys another instrument!
Co-sign! This is an exceptional 10! Love it :o)
its the best song yet its even better than party rock anthem
waves a lighter around in the sky nmh
Interesting... My friend showed me this today.
good.seen it a few times+ little boxes want to "youtube/Still game volume 1 episode 1
<3 this song! Hove you seen Little Boxes? It's the cutest, prettiest song WOTE has done!
Wonderful. Innovative Team
i am kinda/sorta in my school's guitar club and well they wanted to dowhat these people are doing here. They had given everyone a job to do and in the end they didn't do it
Thanks for sharing. Thanks to the band too. An awesome moment to savor.
that is so cool. its sounds like the song 2
"Awesome" the only word for what they have made :D
5 people on one guitar... COOL!
I love this song... It's one of those songs that will be stuck in my head for days and days :) but the single guitar is awesome so creative 
Its lipsung and precorded but still amazing
This is great! Seriously! ( Also a good idea if a band cannot afford all the require instruments, if you know what mean. - Joke )
Bob S
Great stuff
Cool.... ten hands in a single guitar...:) that's music !!
Great excellently five guys play a guitar together !
that is really !really ! gooooood!
wooooow-incredible and very capturing this MUSIC VIDEO ( TALENT SHOW )
Yep simply talented,amazing!! Awesome!
That's soo cool 4 people were playing the guitar great singing!!
Dude, you're like a month late on sharing this...
Amazing guys and awesome guitar !
Pari A
They're from Toronto! :)
The rare case when a cover is better than the original.
Cool song. I love how they're all playing on the same guitar!!!
The parody of them doing "somebody that I used to know" is pretty humorous. 
I wish they could have held the notes a little longer like the real song but they still did a really good job. 5 people needed to play a guitar...
Got to love it, and I do! (Even before you posted it!)
ههههههههههههههههههههه the sing is n!ce
I like the 'Key of Awesome' parody of this better. The original is still better to listen to though. 5 people playing the guitar is cool though.
What's wrong with a hand? :))
¿Qué pasa con una mano? :))
Wow, awesome band! thanks for sharing this.
this is just awesome. must share :)
Thanks...this was just great...
Voices...AMAZING! Music...AMAZING! You guys shpuld do more and puplish them
muito bom! muito bom .... musica de alta qualidade, faz bem para alma.... parabéns a esses garotos..
Oh this is awesome!!! I do love this. ;)
Not to be rude, but the guy on the far right looks like Captain Haddock from Tintin!!
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Sue him!!!! My life was full of new beginnings yet he made them constant endings. I hate people that kill the joy of others without any regards!
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