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My Spring Morning

Sat on a bank of a slow flowing river I watch the sun rise slowly behind the trees, its gentle light diffused by the branches and glisten off the dew laden grass at my feet. The warm mist rises with the sun and the green spring grass comes into focus. The trickle of water as it moves by fills my ears while birds sing a melody is chorus with the sound and only the beat of my heart and breath keeps tempo. As the warmth starts to wash over me I wake and as I do I smile, I am at peace, this is my spring morning, this is my country, this is my life.
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lovely country , lovely life and a very lovely morning.... i could just look at this photo in the morning and wake up smiling tooo
i love it, so beautifull..
so cool, the picture is very impressive. I think everything is so perfectly captured in the photo, and looks very beautiful.
Perfect :D
Thanks for sharing the beauty of your life--
Maki MA
beautiful scene, beautiful country, and your photos and words are so beautiful.
Wonderful picture.. Love the little droplets in the grass... They really bring that little extra to the picture!
I love your spring,your country and your life.
Can t help not loving all this beauty&serenety
Is this one of those home styled pools one heard about? ;)
la photo est magnifique..les mots sont très beau..
This took a lot of patience - love the drops being almost-but-not-quite focused, and the crispness of the reflection with the starkness of the sky. Wonder how it'd look with some fluffy clouds?
beatiful words to explain and must say a very contended person
very good picture, I m looking for Pictures I could use for my new blog : are you doing pictures for a living, or you could let me credit you and feature some of your pictures ( with trees, green topics etc.. )
u r in the paradise this place magazine
it feels good
find the sun in the morning
nice moment , nice shot
very good morning
I wish if I could have the same experience :)
GOD, that was just darn good one :D
Ciao Mike, mi piace questa foto da un senso di calma e serenità. La tua descrizione coglie tutto quello che rappresenta
Good morning Mike. I share your love of watching the sunrise over quiet waters. beautiful.
Oh My I'm breathless. Can I come with my fishing rod some day?
I thought you just might have started singing "Jerusalem" there Mike :)
it was the most wonderful description of a spring morning i've ever heard...
wow .i like very mich.i give no word.
wow.www.i like very much this photo.and i gave not word.
beautiful description as the nature..........
So beautiful.I wish I could see it right before my eyes............
Truly astonishing ... thank you for your dedication to bring us such amazing beauty!
I like the picture and the words of introduction too.
Love the photo, Mike, but I think it would be even nicer with a bit more warmth - a bit green on my monitor.
nice messages...whre is that place???
just finished night duty felt tired.isaw the lovely poem.came alive.beautiful/
What a peaceful, beautiful morning! A nice beginning for the day.
I love the poetry of both the words and picture. This is how I'd like every day to start.
Holy shit! Dude! This place must be paradise!
just about to pay my respects,to good friend who past away.seen this poem and it makes sence of how life is ,and long may it laste
what a photo!! WONDERFULLY DONE..
Man this is, so inspirational.. Slideshow with yours photo and nice piano instrumental would take me to the sky! By the way, nice description..
mike,it's a real nature.............i liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike it veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much.........
kai aromo
Its a beatiful morning, where was that?
Very nice scenery!!!! Love to visit, and a very good pic sir
hats off .... i only imagine that how its fell too watch this when its happen
beutiful scenery i can imagine tht close to my house. god made a beutiful earth for us.
El Bepe
nice picture..
mind blown! the drops give a fairy tale effect! :)
Toto Mc
this is the moment of life with nature
you can completely feel and being filled by serenity while looking at this magnificent landscape...Bravo!
where did this photo taken?
it's so wonderful...
fanandi this photo take in india (kerala) so this a nice plais
i love this place its really beautiful and natural...
just an amazing view
most beautiful photo I've seen today. you're blessed to be in there to capture the moment. thanks so much for sharing :)
sweet baby jesus its so gorgeous.
the view and the grass dew every thing is relaxing..
That image is just beautiful and stunning... really calming for the soul as well <3
I love the view,pity in South Africa we are freezing
xi khan
beautifully taken pic.
your thoughts and photographs paint a picture of pure poetry. Poignant
wow mike, you deserve a royal salute for this beautiful image
Wow,,, This is so~~~beautiful !! (#^.^#)
Sue H
Love love this photo! from the soft sun in the back to the crisp dew drops on the leaves at the front :)
Read it three time,enjoying each words...wonderful life !
I get up every morning. Your photograph reminds me of solitude. It is 7:32 a.m. now 4May 1, and as I look out window I can see green trees, green grass and quietness. Charlie
Mr. Shaw you are a very happy and lucky man. I think adding the blue Danube to the sounds you heard and thinking about the poor and needy will make you much happier.
So beautiful so tranquil.
wow.. i never thought this pics are just shot.. by camera...
I wish i can wake up 1 day ad fund my self in ur country.lovly pic 
+Mike Shaw The colors in this photo are amazing!
I love that the light in the sky is hazy and undefined. It provides an aura around the tree and a general sense of happiness and warmth. But when you look into the reflection, everything becomes clear. It's no less magnificent, just in a different way.
When we see ourselves reflected in other people, or them reflected in us, often we see things that were hazy and undefined become clear.
Just beautiful!! :D
I photo providing true focus to one persons soul. Great piece of writing.
natures power ,very cool photo to me ,gives peace of mind
Such a beautiful place and beautiful words.All PRAISE BE TO ALLAH (THE ONE AND ONLY)
Wow ....
I like how the trees are reflecting off the stream and the sun shining threw Mike. nice
The river looks like casting a hook and sinker in it would make it crack like a mirror... Very cool picture Mike, I wish my mornings looked as good as yours... :)
very nice place it looks like a paradise......
Certainly worth the wait! Just beautiful.
Beautiful and thank you for sharing!
What a nice way to start a day.. no matter where you are..
It's beautiful, very good piece of art work. Like it.
I would SO love to wake up to scenery like this! Absolutely beautiful!
Bonjour....that was awesome...speechless
And a wonderful life it is, very peaceful
A good life, well filled, a reflection of the sun and tree . Beautiful photo.
beautiful pic,i lyk this bcoz I'm peace loving of natural things.
By the way, life isn't based on viewing nature-- it's on living!
(soo sorry-- i love the view so much, I'm not sure what to say
Beautiful!! Must have been amazing to see in person!
Y- Fi
So beautiful like this place is calling me..................
aye mar
very beautiful like.
wei luo
Beautiful! I can feel the mental peace. Time is freezing when looking at your work! Thanks for sharing!
what a nice pic:light,colors and scene are all combined in a lovley one!!
Bry Si
So beautiful. I like it. 
Dat is a beautiful piece,Mike I must say u're a gr8t writer,kip it up u may just d writer of all hearts
i love the whole "in the grass" idea very exotic, and creative.
Dat is a beautiful piece,Mike I must say u're a gr8t writer,kip it up u may just become d writer of all hearts
Truly peaceful morning as it rains an the sound of water is every where washing her earth clean giving us a fresh start, I sip my tea I feed my dog wishing I was where you are looking at dew on the grass an the peace of the flowing river, Good morning, bless be today.
Mey Ngo
What a beautiful picture! Love!!!!
What a wonderful way to start the day : )
peaceful is basic and cornerstone for life, beyond that I also prefer enjoyable and meaningful
So poetic I feel peace in my heart by just reading , feeling and hearing this lovely picture
Wow! Great shot, looks silver and gold. This would make a great metallic print.
the view is really really beautiful...i wish i was there...
i just want to have a camera now!!!!
Thank you Mike great start to my day, I live for times like this. Allan
this is very nice and hay am i roxy
Mike, I love your photos! Refreshing to one's thoughts!
معنی (غذا)را کی میدونه سپاس
Profound beauty captured by your soul, your skills, your love of our world. If only the masses saw the world the way you do. Perhaps there would be less hate and less war. Show your work around the world. Inspire the awe and maybe more respect of Mother Nature will reign. And that includes the human.
Kamera sa a maleu!!   Mr. Shaw you have a danm good eye!! your trial on patience does pay off !! this is just.... wow.....
Mike, I love your  pictures (landscape, nature ones particularly), if I want to get a high quality download of these pictures, how do I go about it? Can you please provide a link? If I save your pictures it , saves as a jpg. Thanks! - Vijay
nothing tsay but this photo is BEAU_TI_FUL. I like it
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