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Can You See Me Now?

He was hiding under a shelter at Chester Zoo but he was easy to see when he decided to bare some very impressive teeth, not something you want to be on the wrong side off! I thought this might be apt for #caturday  

I am in work work at present and on nights tonight and tomorrow, its seems like a lifetime since I last hit the cities with a camera to meet new people, maybe its time I did :)
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Wow how fierce he is Mike Shaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)*
so am make friends here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my my what big teeth you have :) good caterday shot
Oh ur working nights so that's wats going on! !!!! Good luck champ we miss ur work dude but when u put it out there we no its Mike Shaw's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)*
As majestic as this picture might be, it makes me realize that in their domain, WE are not the top of the food chain.
Look at those teeth!!!
Great capture!  Would not want to be on the wrong side of those fangs.  :-)
I think, every side of this side is "beeing on the wrong side" as long as there is no stable fence wall in between...
I know what the teeth of my cat can do... and they are about 50 times smaller!
Wow - those teeth certainly get your attention, don't they? Incredible image +Mike Shaw !
Mike, you are doing what a lot of people are deathly afraid to do.....get out and meet new people.  Most people are introverts and don't even know it.  Kudos to you and your work.
Mike Shaw he is the Boss LOL! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)*
Looks a bit like the one that ate a guy in a Danish zoo this week.
Great photo and it seems the tiger has a good home.
WOW - So beautiful /So dangerous !!!
They can swim. Imagine paddling your boat close to the bank under a tree, and a tiger springs on you with such energy that at impact it breaks most of your bones as you are blown out of the boat - then he proceeds to swim across the river with your head in his mouth like a toy. Cat's don't belong in the water. If a shark come up and land and took you, that would be an equal comparison.
tiger tiger burning bright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the forest of the night.........
And i thought i had a big mouth! I love big cats, its the little ones that shit on my garden i cant stand!
Someone has not had his morning coffee yet o.O
but it looks like a indian royal bengal tiger after all
when!! If you will c it in jungle or in TV???
after growing, will that may become pet??
MOM..... that guy is taking my picture again!!!
i love tigers especially Clemson Tigers!!!!!
looks like he's yelling " WHO TOOK MAH COOKEH!?"
That is one big Tiger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
imagine a bite from this mother?? wow . . . lol  .  
tigers are my fave animal!
That makes me remember Jim Corbett's "Man-eaters of Kumaon". You better stay on the other side of the fence, just in case :-)!!!
Sad really Being fed and subject of human gawkers. Cooped up and unable to use caloric energy to chase down prey. That must be a yawn. Come on humans ! It' s not about our dramatic reactions. Remember the Zanesville slaughter.
rAwr!!! dat tiger haz heen chewn on yellow crayons
Rather if this beautiful beast was in a zoo or in the wild, this is an expressive shot
ferocious and worthy of respect
wow, fierce kitty! great shot :)
those dangerously sharp teeth are waiting for their prey, what a photowink
sir i do not see but i read your stories thanks
Nice Kitty! I say as I ease backwards ...
Hey +Mike Shaw any way you can turn this wallpaper size i cant find any photos like it. Amazing photo. 
Awesome!! I guess you uncircled me makes me sad you have awesome stuff Mike.
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