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I Watched You Leave

But you never said why
I knew you were going
But I never asked you to stay
I walked back in
And closed my door
The silence surrounding
The stillness of my house
No longer a home

I watched you leave.

Do you use your imagination? Can you see an ordinary situation and think beyond what it really is? I am asked many times if what I write is because of the image or is the image because of what I write. It tends to be I take the image then I sit and look at it for a while, I read what I see and I let the image tell me its story.

This is a much older image, one of those you go back to to see if you can look at it differently :)
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Great tones; melancholy and timeless. A lovely image.
Love the image with the grey tones. Matches the poem's theme nicely.
wow, so beautiful mood, I felt chills, great texture and dreamy vanishing point
u need a bigger suitcase to make the story fly :)
Like this shot, it give me the feel of the time that who we should express our sorrow..
I`m with you mike !
When ever and where ever that I be !
Your have super perspective...Congratulations..
What a beautiful picture and writing. I think it's not what came first (chicken or egg) but what came together
Back to the future movie scene comes to mind when Marty gets hit by car
I watched you leave and thought "Thank God for that"
Should be a Simon and Garfunkel album cover :)
Farewell, you served me well. Why should I look back when I have started to walk in the light and see the continuing stretch of light ahead, knowing there is only darkness and cracks left behind.. So, Farewell, you served me well... :)
Imaginary minds helps us to go on and survives our sorrows and pains during our growing years.keep smiling and forget the past...nice words..
nice one, +Andy Taylor the mini adds to the image i.e being a symbol of Illuminati the hooded figure seems more appropriate
Here I leave to see you , not thinking, but just in Daze ,to see you one more time, Perhaps you live far from here , but still i want to walk, to see your mesmerised face, it brings happiness to me, and forgiveness for all hard moments, i went through, the sun light is the road ahead of me ,which leads me to you , i wish you knew how i desire you to come back to me,,,alas this is a secret i have withdrawn from you, never to be seen or heard by anyone...
Could be that bond between you both was never there
So why cry now and pull hair
I am also a poet (a published poet) and I can tell you that your poetry, I like and that I can see what you mean in it, well, and can picture, well, of as though the person the story expresses from is watching perhaps a lover walk away from his house.
At least that is how it seems to me.
I relate very well to those meaningful words not looking at the forest, but how i felt a few years ago. Thankyou ;-)
It describes my state :))
thank you
You are an awesome artist. Thank you for sharing the emotions and moments you capture.
and the silence is shattered .... by the barking of the dog on your weekly visits
Apparently, you watched a lot of leaves.
I think she'll be back and say " I miss you"
very poetic both ,the words as well as the photo .B&W is very expressive here.thank u a lot
nes que
and i leave, to let you go... every footstep i tread, my heart bleed with sorrow. as if the trees, the leaves know, leaving you, the only way out -the pain excruciating, but i have to go.
WOW....your words are enlightening.....yet may be "sad" for you? Perhaps not.......
Any good books you may suggest reading?
Hats off +Mike Shaw. I believe you when you say; "I let the image tell me its story." I think you are a medium that images you take use to tell their story. You're making me greedy. Whenever I enter g+ I expect another image telling its story through you.
It tremendous dude one ur pic and another one is ur.....poetry.
I love the composition. Very beautiful.
Bellissima immagine, descritta in modo poetico
Cried after reading your writing & watching your image. It touched my heart.
Nice piece and an interesting interpretation. My writings mostly come from within and then I'll search out a picture that depicts my feelings. There are times when I'll come across a picture and begin to write what I interpret from it. Thanks for sharing +Mike Shaw I haven't written in quite some time, this offers inspiration.
ITS a serious thought ... bt gr8 impact on d readers... <3 <3
ba shakka magananka ya kan faru dani
Great pic. Now, up and at it for an urban morning walk.

hard 2 believe its just a pic.looks real.really touching
Thats the Reaper coming for someone(thats what I see here r a killer r an old person going shoping) :)
made me think of when my fiancee passed away at home. The events surrounding it.
that is sad but a beautiful photo
I shreded the leaves
Along your path
So that your tender feet
Do not get hurt
It Sounds like the relationship of me and my brother
Beautiful mood. Your image and words are so powerful.
Thanks for the insight... I often wonder how good writing starts!
beautiful intrpretation and imagination
This can even be said about someone who has passed on...
Very nice
awesome and sad like the relationship with me and my family
Words and images, one compliments the other. They say an image is worth a thousand words but with poetry the essence of the thousand words is condensed into a few. With a song you add music to the words and in my opinion the greatest "break up" song, if you can call something sad "great", is Goodbye To You [Lyrics] - Michelle Branch
i love the quotes u wrote! it says a lot, along with the image colour there is a deep sadness and disapointment that is shared through both. also the words you wrote are so simple but are hiding a whole strong meanings and lessons and it can be related to different persons with different other stories.
You, Mike, are a really spiritually deep person. wow
Майк, Вы - талантливый человек! Делаете интересные кадры, пишете глубокие мысли... Этот кадр интересный, но грустный... Слова грустные...Так много радости рядом с нами, вокруг нас, внутри нас. Радость остается с тем, кто пытается ее (радость) сохранить и удержать! Желаю Вам РАДОСТИ ! ! !...
I like these lines. The word "my" occurs twice: "my house" implies you own the house, but "my door" implies you claim it too much for yourself. No wonder she left. Change "my door" and the effect on your house is more complete.
I love your posts because of the words that make such a powerful impact on your photos. This one was awesome
that silence you can hear your hear beat, later on, you feel the ache on your chest and tears begin to fall
a very evocative picture.
That`s Fantastic Man...Excellent...
for me,It reveals the loneliness and the agony of waiting for someone who is never going to come....
Really Impressed!!!
not necessarly true, Perhaps one of the two of you need to learn something or something about the other one.
All I can say is it looks like a work of art.
nes que
you go... but never mind the sorrow. my broken heart 'd already let you go. no matter mending our sorrows. together, we are not meant for each other... please go.
uhm. very good . I like your imagination . your picture is very beautiful .i hope your thought will last forever
Great pic, love the color and the format. Though, I would like to see a version "blown-out" a bit, I think it would work well with the darkness of the subject combined with the contrast from the leaves and the natural depth you already achieved from the trees.
(this is just because I am one of those silly people that like extreem effects). Cheers though, fantastic photo.
Very well said...( now I should go get a kleenex)
There are many poems hidden in everyday life. This one is beautiful!
said it once, gonna say it again and probably won't be the last time: great text and great photo :D
well a nice poem.
by seeing a picture we get one view out of many which the picture conveys.
Nice I love it ..because some people just run away from you without tell you why.. I feel sad when someone do that to me 
Interesting how the image mirrors the flow of the writing.
Sad and sweet!, its beautiful! 
is it a heavy silence? The kind that makes it hard to breathe? Wonderful work, thank you.
Your stories are always poetic and your pictures describe them so well. Or is it the other way?!? This is beautiful and touching.
I can see your words reflected in this photo. Words paint pictures as pictures provide thoughts that can be written.
yah that is sweet and sad i
agree with natalie you know
that you seem really smart
from what i know about u
u seem really sweet and
smart natalie
This is incredible... you are so awesome Mike Shaw... make me always speechless...
the words that i really was searching 4.
matched ..... ..... with me and my situation
If you have Jesus you never are alone, ever for eternity!
Powerful and moving. The emotions locked up in that photograph are forever with us.
nice poem u got there
really a sentimental journey!
a moving poem then a a moving photo
Don't worry about a thing cause every little thing gonna be all right
every thing happens for a reason
i think every thing will be ok

It takes me to the old days with sad and happy memories, when you love someone you have both of it
cool moves of life, unforgotten memories
I enjoy seeing words that go along with images, adding clarity to what the artist wishes to express. I think that's why titles can be very important should the artist choose to use them. Your words here I find particularly poignant +Mike Shaw .
Is it just a picture? Because it seems like there is real pain there. If its real, maybe you should 've stopped her.......... Sometimes the greatest lost is the unknown.
I like what I see and what you write :)
Wow Mike, you're too good!! Photo matches with the words just, PERFECTLY!!!
You make us wondering what to admire more, words or the photo :) both so impressive!
Stunning image Mike! I absolutely love the tones of this image!
I enjoyed these very much. thank you !!!
hehe makes me giddy to see this photo. I only wish I grew up in this era..
wow i wonder were you got that, CCCOOOOLLLL!!!!!!!
No matter if you find words for an image / take an image to go with your words ; your writing is eloquent and soul touching. Bless all your ventures. You are a true artist.
Brilliant. Sad. Beautiful. True. :- ) THANKYOU 
It's drizzling outside, it is dark in my heart, and I'm the one walking away!
those are some very strong words and i really think that it inspires me.
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