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Scared Of Heights?

I suggest you don't watch this then.
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J 'Étais tombée sur cette video Un jour et j' avais BEAUCOUP aimé also. Y compris bien sûr la musique en parfait accord !
He's walking while he's videoing.. that's crazy.. lol..
Ok... first I thought what's the problem... until about 1:30 where the path is missing :)
Great to watch, but I think I will have to live without the real live experience!
oh my giddy aunt!
My Question is how on earth did they build that walk way in the first place?
but DARING act...great !
+Mike Shaw you know how terrified of heights I am and yet you still insisted I watch it before you put it on here !!!!

Revenge is a dish best served cold.......goes plotting...mmwwhhhaa

:p :p :p
Just watching, I fell down 15 times :)
Those who want the excitement watchin. Very impressive...

Heyecan isteyenler seyretsin. Çok etkileyici
Not bad at all. Would love to see it in person!!!
You have a beautiful face and your photos are so interesting. I like your style. Keep on giving the world your treasures. I will be looking forward to all of them.......
Good grief - they do that for fun?? I don't really have a fear of heights, but I do have a healthy regard for crumbling pathways ....oh and a terrible sense of balance! I'd probably have a rather rapid descent :/
Just read more about it, its only 350 feet above the river. That is nothing. I guess they are restoring it now, so closes for visits.
It's like playing a video game obstacle
Splendid, not for me anyway; it appears almost destroyed!
siz türkiyenin dağlarında gezinde görün heyecan ne
I wasn't scared of heights, I am now!
Were tagged on to the tag line?
Totally awesome, looks dilapidated is there a plan to restore the place?
It's fantastic. Mike. I have been in the gorge and he could not pass, you might have luck.
How to cross the wide gap? It's amazing.
Wow! Where is this place and what's the history of it?
wha! mais c 'est magnifique!!!il ne faut pas avoir le vertige c'est certain.. merci pour cette vidéo c 'est tout simplement wha! :)
I'm scared of heights AND of cement bridges falling apart...
Now I want to see this place for myself haha
Looks amazing!
If you build it, they will come. How did they build it. How long did it take. How many lives did it cost/taken. What, no birds. Best to have your affairs in order before taking that leap of faith. NUTS!!!!
Go for a Walk on the Wild Side...
Very well shot. Just watching it causes a big rush of adrenaline!
This is an example of what some of our volunteer fire fighters and military folks experience in their daily walk in service to us.
But driving "The Bolivian Road of Death" is also scaring.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
for me ... it was VERY hard to watch this video .. i can't imagine my presence in reality
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
how the hell did they build that walk way feeling dizzy!
where is it?
my goodness, that looks a wee bitty scarey! xx
Did alot of climbing in El Chorro, sitting on El Camino etc. Very exciting. Seen it in the film Von Ryan's Express??
my hands are sweating just watching this!!
very exciting and I really enjoyed, ty for posting !!
Thanks for the video, wont dare to go there myself.
nice video, why can't they just build a bridge or much safer pathway to walk around this place? I would go there, except I don't trust the pathway to it, what if someone falls of it, boy the height from the fall would do serious damage. Thanks for the video. I wonder how many people go to such as place and while being able to walk around that pathway?
cuz maybe no government workers would dare work to make it a safer place all while risking death themselves :-)
path which is quite fantastic .. complete with a rock hard and sharp
I have a fear of heights and would like to know are people void of self preservation that can do this?
If you want to see some more photoes, have a look at my profile. I have a few pictures from my trip along the Camino del Rey. Stayed in El Chorro for a week of climbing. Was awesome!
Grrreat!!! Hats off to the person who shot the video....
Wonderful footage, but I'm afraid I'll have to take a pass on doing this in person.
Man, that is FREAKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The place is awesome!just like being there:D
though i go nuts even in the 2nd floor ,i liked that.beautiful scenery!!!
What is the point to take such a risk? Vanity? Isn't it the desire to show the video to the world screaming out: “Watch this!”? But the price for that kind of videos could be pretty high and you have nothing to offset it. It's not like you're fighting for your country or rescuing somebody. What would the people say scraping your brains from a rock? Perhaps something like that: “Poor sod smashed his balls just for the heck of it”. Yeah, that's worth it.
I am jus thinking to dive in da waterrrrrrrrrr...........
impresionante!!como hizo para sostener la camara filmar y seguir caminando..?
I just threw up in my mouth, not really , but wow, very scary!
too scarry ...................heart bets r geeting raised
Really an awesome vid! Another item to add to my bucket list!
Funny! do you guys ever try to drive by own at Lake Saif Ul Muluk. ?!?!?
...and it will be the LAST one on your bucket list.
wooooooooo.nice place
yo admiro estas cosas, ya que no lo podria hacer porque me moriria en el intento, de terror estas imagenes, obviamente para alguien como yo que no llegaria jamas ni en el mejor de los sueños, realmente, admirable...
the mixture of beauty........&................danger...........hoofffff
That's some beautiful scenery. I'd be to afraid to walk up there.
I saw this vid originally about 4 years ago when a friend and I were talking about rock climbing. Mother-effing awesome. I also love the soundtrack.
talia k
that's so cool! he has a lot of guts to do that!
I have always been afraid of heights,but am trying to get over it and face my fear head-on,but I would never go up there,that did not look save at all.Has anyone fallen from up there?I certainly hope not.Why doesn't someone get up there and fix it or improve it better and help make it safer?It was an awesome video though,and whomever filmed it,is very courageous and brave.What was that place,originally?Where exactly is that place?I am from Rumford,Maine,in the U.S.
Zahra M
Beautiful place....but boy is it frightening, hat's off to the guy who filmed it. Those gaps in the path just make me wonder about how many people have fallen.
very beautiful and amazing view. although scary.
Wikipedia reminds me that the "rain in Spain" has no plans of falling here. Ha Ha Ha - that's a nice place too.
WoW!! fantastic hiking. I was bloody excited about that ! where did you hike man? i really wanna go there.
ki hal ha sonioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
who and how the hell they built that? where is this beautiful place?
Excellent, saw this on YouTube quite some time ago, couldn't find it anymore!
My hand is shaking watching this. awesome!
Great share +Mike Shaw . Wooooooooow breathtaking place indeed. Curious #whereisthatplace ??? Thanx for sharing :) Happy Friday to All
If i was being chased by a pick of wild unfed lions and THIS was my only way of escape..... Id really have to weigh up my options!
I am glad he didn't fall. There were a few spots that seemed like he would. 
Yo, i felt my hamstrings quiver watchin' this video...and i was sittin' down. #i'mjustsayin
How did they build that??? My knees are still weak, I'm sitting btw, but I think its pretty cool :)
There is absolutely no way I could do this ,it is horrendous !!! especially the bits that are scary!¬
Mon pire cauchemar ! Quand même l'entretien des chemins de randonnée, faudrait faire un effort !!!
Great video! I was a nervous wreck watching this, and I am not afraid of heights, yikes!!
If you go here, be sure to meet the German guy who runs the climbing shop from his house nearby, he'll tell you where to go and you can hire equipment off him if you want it. One of the most beautiful places Ive been to!
Are you Kidding ME? Who in the whole effing world built these anyway?
OMG, I think I almost had an anxiety attach just watching this.
Nice video Mike!. Now restoration is going on.
would have been something if the guy had appear to fall, (obv. with a parachute) now there's something for my bucket list!!
Wow how did you not fall off? Pretty amazing.

dude your out there, this is the home you get if you want no one to come by ever. safety rope you used nothing your the man dude.
that dude was got some serious guts
Obviously NOT in a country where OSHA has any influence but WOW I wanna go !!!
really its scary....Hy mike can u say vr its located
where is this? who made it? What was it originally for?
This is to cool. I would never do it, HAT'S OFF TO YOU!!
Lol I was watching it standing up and I kept on feeling like I was going to fall over XD
This path is kool. I have watched this video several time before mostly because of the music lol.. Although they are tight with the rope on the side but still you need a balls of steal to cross it..
I wonder, how can one pass through this path.Is it an original video?
Where is this location? u r very brave! i am definately scared of heights. Awesome!
that's crazy,i'm gonna have" falling night mares"after watching that!!
hight arnt that scary to me bhut i agree this does look a little freaky
C'est top, pourav au point qu'il doit avoir plus de monde au fond de la falaise que sur le chemin.
I think this is fake, because the camara can fly through people, and about the shoes?
I think it's putted there on purpose.
It isn't the height I am afraid of. It is the bone breaking sudden end to the fall which I am convinced is inevitable.
itz awsome in video but horrible in real... o.O
Who hauled up all that concrete and forms?
Not even a Double Dog Dare would motivate me to take one step on this hike! Yikes! Scarry thank goodness for video.
Love hights and this one is the most besutiful! hopping to go their soon.
This is almost mountain bike-able!
Went there last year . Didn't dare to go near to it....
Amazing skills to go through these ways. Stunning.
hahahaha im taken cover! lol XD !
I admire your courage!I want to have a go at that!
superbe..mais je ne sais pas où ça se trouve ?? quel pays ??
That was an awesome video! A little scary, but absolutely awesome!
this is really ##yes awesome
I have seen this several years ago. [2]
My balls just shriveled up and sucked back into my body.
OMG O.o one mountain trail diffidently not for the faint of heart.
wow that's such a blood rush Mike, notice the words written on board like object said solo. that's a good way to think of that hike. there wont be alot of love birds taken that trip together.
I'd only go there if I had a death wish
Looks like a fun first-person-shooter, but then without the guns ;-)
i am not agreed, u should try to prove ur bravery.
Incredible! I loved IT! Thanks for sharing! I would love to visit here!
Holy crap that is freaking cool, bravo whoever that guy is.
This is like walking the path of Indiana Jones. Are you kidding me?
Ekstra.Mam wrażenie jakbym sama tam była.SUPER !!!
Is this really the path to El Camino? I could never make it if I ever walk this way.
wow...i would love to see this in person
I'm a little nervous when it comes to heights, but I must say I loved watching this video!
Matt S.
Beautiful bro!
I dont think i could do this ...i would be so scared...
what scares me the most is when he walks on the pipes
you obviously have a death wish
where is this and what is the history of it
Seeing the video I was feeling dissy , climbing is very far. Hats off to u man.
That's mad crazy. I don't know if I could do that .But I would love to have the oppertunity to try someday. It was outstanding footage
my girl says..."wow! this is the first time I've ever experienced such an adrenalin rush through my eyeballs while sitting on the couch! Well, on the EDGE of the couch before the hike was very far on.... the edge of the SKY! Thanks for sharing this incredible thrill!"
Come how can you experience adrenaline by seeing something. Crazy
how did they even make that path it's insane!!
JP Lang
I got sweaty palms just watching the video. I can't see myself signing up to take that tour!
Where the heck is OSHA when you need them?
I watch this, but really be honest with you I'm scared the Heights so badly... this is not for me...
OMG..! THAT WAS AWESOME ..! THE SIZE OF SOME OF THOSE HOLE'S...WICKED COOL ..! really got nutts to take a hike like that. I thought you would jump in the water ;););)
it looks like a dream but it's not. i was scared to the bones
That's nothing compared to the sort of places i have to go on site visits!
sick bro just sick. if my dad was to watch this he would hate me for life. i am truly scared
I would have worn my brown trousers
Had to make sure my chair was securely in place & had to hang on the sides of my computer, NICE!
omg.... i got the chills just watching, but I love hiking
WOW!!! Just thinking who made those stairs at such height.
Very Interesting place.... un lugar muy interesante...
Great Video. I would love to see more. Thanks
Now imagine construction of this road ))
even im scared of heights but i wasn't scared of that i thought someone would of jumped into it then i would of been scared
thats awsome i want to know where that is at ill jump off
Wouldn't want to do that. Mountain Climbing is my thing, Not balancing on a rusty metal beam.
I was absolutely amazed that such a place exists! You can see that this place was well used by its deterioration...and still is today!!!
lol im scared of heights but im going to watch any ways :3
This is life, one step forward and wrongly placed. No, step back, just memories, dreams, of where you went wrong.
thats kinda creepy if u know what i mean.
oh my days... who, how and why on earth made this path ???
LOL! just watching this made my palms sweat
just looking through the eyes of the veiw cam give me the willeys
I don't think that I could have done anything like this, but I would love to have the opportunity.
waoooooooooooo, this is scary indeed.......and by the way where is this located?
(Me) "Mehhh, can't be that bad" Watches video "Holy Shhhhh..."
I watched this a second time today...really cool video!
Would have been great at the end of the video if the camera man showed he was on a unicycle.
That would make an extraordinary video game .... I don't know anyone who would walk that.. just imagine the guys who carved out the walk way.
The water is pretty butttttttt, were where u
That vidio was cool but really boring sorry😥😄
Rob Go
everything was pretty but i have 3 questions where were u were u afraid and y did u do it for
This has been on my list for a long time now. Thinking of going there this summer.
i like it..nice place very interesting..txnz 4sharing to 
This is crazy. Either give me wings or I stay on terre firma, not beam balancing on dilapidated man-made mountain passes.
i want to walk on such path,,,,,even once.........
I found myself sitting there, slack-jawed, the entire time! To muster up the courage and tune into one's sense of wild adventure must have felt SO amazing and satisfying. Cheers to the mad mad who went to the extent of FILMING his experience!!!
The Oyibo man has indeed conquered the world.
Fuck!! I was like Oh my god... NoooooooooooOooo..
I was half scared to death!!!!
Interesting thanks for sharing. Made me think of the workers that build the path. Has anybody fallen off?
how could be possible that I see individules  incredibly take such a walk . are they trying to overcome lonlysome?
where is the place ?wana go there as i like hieghts thanks 4 shairing plz give the ADD. so i spps to go with my frnds plz.
j'étais déjà tombée sur cette vidéo !! c'est fantastique même si très très dangereux...faut être immensément prudent!!
dommage que l'Espagne ne fasse rien pour permettre l'utilisation de cet très ancien sentier en le remettant en état !
grand merci du partage !
I watched this such a long time ago > H <
T n T except all I did was look over the canyon each time I got the chance xD
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