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So You Bought A Samsung Galaxy Note!

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LOL very nice. Actually this is exactly what I think :D
Robert J
No hurting here, my Note should hopefully save me needing reading glasses for a while! PLUS (and here's where I get "controversial") I MUCH prefer it to my iPhone . . . There G+, I said it!! (braces himself for howls of derision) 
Good point, probably the next step will be the use of smoke signals!!
After owning a Note for a week, I wouldn't trade it for any other phone
:-) Travelling east Asia, I noticed a number of long distance commuters (circa 4hrs daily to/fro work) enjoying a movie/comedy/entertainment on "Note" size devices. Cheers! :-)
That was what I thought too, but since I started using one as my test device at work ... I find it an awesome device and so does everyone who bought one :)
I am one of the 5 million people that have bought that niche product! I really like it, but find it fascinating how much of a marmite product it is. I don't use a phone much, but use mobile data apps throughout the day, and as such a bigger display is very welcome. Some people look at it and just get the words "phone" "big" caught up in their brain and can't get their head around the concept that anyone could have a need for it.
It seems to be a bad phone or a bad tablet. But when you use it everything will change. Moreover the ice-cream sandwich is coming.
The screen size shouldnt be the only feature to classify one pruduct ;) Maybe its smaller than a tablet but its faster most of them, likewise bigger than a smartphone but its deffinitely better than most of them especially better than my ex i-crap ! :) Not to mention S-Pen ! :)
Wow, lots of Allys! Note rocks!
I LOVE MY NOTE!!! after i have used it for a few weeks i can't live without it.
some how think this same talk was done at meet for win 8 at MS some time back.. ;)
Just like all other G_Note owners, only device to upgrade my Note would be Note 2, Note 3..
Damn niche, I bought one and it's great!
The worst is concert idiots, now have something akin to a laptop, up in front of you. We need Blackberry & Note snipers at events!
I just bought one here in Germany, it is my first ever cellphone so I have no problems getting used to a new size, big or otherwise. Friends have said it is big, but they have small cell phones, and a separate navigation device, and notebooks to browse the Inet with ... more than happy.
Hey I think it have both in it...using from March...still no complain. And I love playing 3Dgames...really wonderful tool. Much better than iPhone.
Them note is great. Got mine two weeks ago. Great with the extra real-estate on the screen. Snappy processor (Intl. model). Highly recommend it. If you don't want bloatware go for cm-rooms.
I have had positive experiences with most cm builds for my old HTC desire, also goes for tuberculosis mods (which are based on cm). I understand your concern though. I guess that's always a choice you'll have to make.
I've been running CM9 for the past few days on my Note, and while I won't go without ICS, I do miss the full functionality of the S-Pen.

There is a WIP to bring the S-Apps to CM9, though
I quite like the idea of a Galaxy Note. The price is what puts me off but I may pick one up when they drop in price or if I can find a decently priced second-hand one. The phone I currently have, the HTC One X, has a 4.7" screen and that's just about comfortable for my hands. The Note would be funky with the pen functionality but again, I wouldn't pay full price for one.
good samsung galaxi note i like it
Wondering how to suit it in my pocket …
not have a samsung galaxy can not be sent
i still like the joke.... glad to see all the positive comments... need to check it out now!
lol XD yeah, so true, but no lie here, i was real close to buying one.
Y'know, I have to agree with Dilbert. That's exactly what I thought when I first saw the ads for this thing.
I purchased mine for 420$ unlocked, new including tax. I 717 model as hte should be coming soon to France too.
LOL, Some great responses to what was a fun post, glad you kept it that way too, each to their own at the end of the day ;)
i tried one at the store, it is way to heavy for a phone
i suppose but the thing would never fit in my pockets EVER
i should just out it in a cart and carry a cart around all day
Big screen for viewing, s-pen for noting and i just love it. But it consume battery like a monster especially when using google+ app
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