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10 Free Wallpapers For G+ Members

Last attempt at uploading this pack (third one now) I have added a new wallpaper to this called "Power Lines" I am going to unplug myself from the web for a few days to recharge and to stop getting fed up with some of the issues I have uploading here.

See you soon, have fun :)

Edit: I just remembered tomorrow is #Howwasyourdaysweetie for our wonderful friend +C. Corey Fisk so I will have to jump back on for that, don't forget to do the same too please :)
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Much better looking than that B&W exclamation point inside a triangle that you uploaded a couple minutes ago! :-)
Awesome! I'm glad it posted this time, he he. Enjoy the break and thanks for the wallpapers! ;-)
We all need a technology break now and then. Beautiful photos, as usual. Enjoy the break, +Mike Shaw!
Thanks Mike...beautiful wallpaper!
Thanks Mike. Nice shots. I'll stare at them for hours.
+Mike Shaw What percentage of your photos are taken at sunrise or sunset? The lighting in your photos is so beautiful.
Thank you, these are beautiful. Enjoy the time away!
Yeah, I am now staring at these on my desktop! Just amazing work, I always love your ability to capture the light!
Thank you Mike! Very kind of you.
So beautiful...thanks so much for sharing!! :)
They look great, thanks. I'll snag one at the office tomorrow.
+Mike Shaw Incredible Mike - these are stunning and very generous of you to share - thank you
+Mike Shaw These are incredible. I love them all, but the one you called Lothlorien is my absolute favorite forest scene ever. It is stunning, and I feel my soul at rest and peace when I look at it.
Mike, I stumbled across some of your images only a day or two ago. Some inspiring work. Unfortunately it's giving me a hankering for some Lee filters... any tips on getting it past the other half? ;-)
Thanks +Mike Shaw, these will surely make many people smile while they have to work at their computers!
Love this photo.
I had one like it on a negative from the '80's, but it is quite damaged and almost impossible to repair the scanned image :)
Just takes you away from it all - brilliant photos.
Mike, I love the way you capture these landscapes. The beauty of Nature is unmatched! Thanks for sharing these beautiful wallpapers!
love that photo so peaceful just want to sit and enjoy that view
I'm going to use this as a slide show for my desktop. Thanks.
Enjoy your free time!! i love your pics :)
Is there any gift better than beauty. Thanks Mike. :)
Thank you very much Mike. They're awesome photos. Will have to put them into my wallpaper folder.
These are beautiful shots, thx for sharing
Really the earth is so beautifull you are so luky to Capture it
Wow this photos are really cool...are you into colour photography all the time? Can you tell me your opinion about black and white photography? Thanks.:)
Phantastic album !! Thanks for sharing ♡
Mary M
Any of them in 3D with a futuristic time theme, +Mike Shaw ?
Thanks Mike - "Dreams Go" is now adorning my desktop. Beautiful work!
Very beautiful enjoyed viewing them! :D
Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing!
Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them.
Rob M
+Christopher Corwin Stop being a tool and just mute/block the person if you don't want to receive their posts. Sheesh
Wow!!! great great pics!!! i will use them as wallpaper.
That is really cool I know you don't know who I am New
Dude , you are a true artist . You would not believe the envy . That is some amazing territory . I know you can find beauty in an old alley if you know where to look , but wow ! Thank you for the pics .
Nature is usually wonderful! She does some crazy things sometimes, just like any one of us, their children! ;)
These leave me speechless. Well done, they're gorgeous
waiting for the tide is on my wall. Thanks for sharing!!!
omg this is sooosoosososos beautiful how did you get it like that
WOW--lovely shots! Hope your electronic vacation is just what you need Mike!
Very very beautiful
No sweeter than nature
thanks Mike
WOW...Great pic...I like it...
WOW...Great pic...I like it...
beautiful pictures... thanks so much for sharing
mother nature is so pretty.. untill people mistreat it
Pam HS
These are beautiful!
How do i get these picks in larger sizes? Pc needs a new wallpaper or two.
there is no substitute for nature, nature can heal the hearts.
those are the prettiest things I've ever seen. This was my face when i saw them: :-O
These are nice pics but would be nicer if we had access to the higher resolution pics.
can i get higher resolution? download link maybe?
Did you take the those I don't think so
Love from Mountains to Pebbles! Have it on my desktop now!
Many thanks Mike!
Nice my friend..... Its really nice
Great touch of the light! The light is the only important, in our eyes, in our souls, everywhere.
We will miss you and thank you for the reminder... :)
We are all blessed to see them. @}~~~%~~~~~~
Awesome how do I get the wall paper
i was looking for new wallpapers.i was fed up seeing Ferrari,s wallpaper
awesome picks, thanks for posting. rest up in order to post even more better pictures.
Hi Mike ol ur workz r osum man bt ma fren acordin 2 me it lukz lil bit artificial d colorz of d picz.. Hey Plz don mind huh m jst sugestin n givin ma opinion k..
Разрешение побольше бы. Времена 17 дюймовых мониторов по моему прошли...
Such nature aroma,
I felt its savor in my soul,
You are really blessed with your elite selection..
Tim P
I am agree, too.
Wow Mike... just breath taking, I love looking at your work, it makes all my problems disappear temporarily. Our world is so beautiful and even more so when I am viewing through your eyes.
Wow I love enchanting,like you can get lost in it...added tranquility....mesmerizing
Thanks Mike, love Last.jpg ... powerful image.
kinda drimy vision... Maybe an adventure of realism. Jst of d mind expresd in foto form.
thats integration of natures beauti.....! BY AN ARTIST
Vijay shankar gupta
Lovely nature ........:...:....:.... 
what a beautiful images nice looking
Great picyure, taken at the right light of the day!
really nostalgic....a morning walk in the woods...
beautiful, best of luck !!!!!!!!
my soul sings with delight looking at so much beauty...
Awesome photos, thank you Mike.
May I use some of them as my Facebook cover from time to time?
Amazing. They are on my desktop as we speak.
adorable wall pappers.... nice too seeee frnd.....;)
very gud natural posters
Thank you Mike! :)
Take care..
Thank you for your work. You know how to find beauty in all the places we don't think to look, and remind us that this is also the world in which we live. hugs
Stunning is all I can say
...los troncos son las adversidades de nuestra vida por la que tenemos que pasar.... la luz , esa explendida luz es la que nos anima a seguir....
Me gustan tus fotos, eres genial. Gracias por dejarnoslas ver y disfrutar.
Awesome, thanks Mike. Your wallpaper file keeps growing by the day.
Veramente belle! mi piacerà disegnarne qualcuna
Awesome. Thank You for capturing those great moments of amazing scenery.
gorgeous u white rabbit!!! stunning pics
Thanks you all, as time passes I will add to this gallery so hopefully it will become an extensive pack.
Your photos are just awesome , and even teaches how to have better shots
Thank you Mike! These would be great to see from the back yard!
Beautiful ! Beautiful ! Beautiful !
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