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My Morning

I can never get enough of sunrises and the way the wake the world up, more than that I love the transition you have as you sit there from dark to light. The rising mist as the damp is slowly burned off by the heat of the rising sun glitters through the light. The shadows and the colours cast are not too dark that you cannot see what is there in the gentle gold hues and the scattering light reflects of the many surfaces it meets.

Sometimes its worth getting up too early :)
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Gorgeous... I need to pay a visit to the wetlands by my house in the early morning... Thank you for the beautiful reminder...
Morning is the best time - sun,enthusiasm for the new day, all the possibilities .... Great pic for the new day!
Lovely tones! I also got up early today, but my shots were not that great. It was a foggy morning and the feeling was quite different than yours.
I fully agree to what you said above, and as the photo shows, it is worth getting up early, but it's not less hard to get up early.
great shot
well I have been up since 2 am it's 4 am now and got up and put the coffee on : ) Sometimes you just cant sleep, so I will wait for the sun to rise here and hope my sunrise is just a little peace of heaven as yours was : ) have a good one
must say its feels cool to be in such a state
If one's afford it, and if it wouldn't have an effect on the enviroment, I think the best thing would be to take a plane and fly with or against the earth rotation. So if one do that late in the evening, after some hours one will meet the sunrise somewhere... ;)

Even if I hate going up early in the morning I do like sunrises to! This was a true beautiful moment Mike! Thank's for sharing it!
Wonderful photo Mike :D
I agree sunsets/sunrises are just incredible things. I'm lucky enough to live in the country and every day there is a different glorious sight to wonder at. It is half the reason I love it here so much :)
This is lovely - and way too early! glad there are those of you than can rise early, I'll do the sunsets :). wonderful blast through the sky!
Sometimes its worth getting up too early~~
Thank you the sunrise photo brighten. My day 
Good job with the light and tones, beautiful image, Mike.
the lights up my life,,guided my way near to heaven!!God bLess to those people who shared this.
Hey Mike, this is good :) great light here! Have a nice day!
beautiful picture -- lots of thanks for sharing a picture like this
just like heaven are begining to open........
The clouds, the sun, magnificent. Beautiful photo.
Sam Lee
describe a good scenery for me.thanks!
it would be so nice waking up to such a beautiful sight.....
Hey Superb dude can i know your camera model so that i can get it
so, come to Indonesia.
there you will get plenty of sunshine
i love nature,and this picture is so magnificent..
This photo is extra ordinary......................very cooooooooooooooool.
outstanding.. I can almost smell the dew in the air carried by gentle cool breeze!!!
Lovely image...looks like South West somewhere (?)
yah! your right no more beautiful than give you new life and hope.(:-),,
beautiful foto giving one satisfication about nature,thank God fore his artistic hand that designed such a magnificent sunrises
Fab pic, creation of God!
good mind ,well planed ,fantestic, i just like it wowwwww
Full of feeling. Amazing!
isn't it great when Mother Nature plays ball....
I prefer sunsets, but your description just might make me take the extra effort to catch the sunrise for a change...
and the magic of the night is fading slowly, peacefully into the cool shadows of morning, resting through the noise of daytime preparing for return at sunset.
Wow nice pict i like it.
This is a beautiful moment forever captured I'm time... Glad you were there to see it and allowed us to see the beauty through your eyes
Nice pic. I'd like to have that as a background on my phone.
Wow. Looks like a Rembrandt painting. Thanks for sharing. like a sun drop on sea and watching from below of the sea.
Agree Mike,I love sunrises and sunsets and taking pics of them but not as good as yours. This is a beautiful picture,kudos :))
Great view. But it's kind of sad to see such a beautiful picture in low resolution.
Yes, God IS quite amazing to watch.
Absolutely gorgeous!!
Hey mike hang in there! ur pictures r amazing always and always... thank u for sharing so much!
Oh Mike Shaw you do take outstanding beautiful photographs, I have had the pleasure of viewing some of the top most photographers in the world and your work is right up there amongst the best. I know we are not supposed to mention FB on here, but with your permission I would like to make this my 'Photograph of the Week' on my FB. Do you have a portfolio I can view?
This is a touching beginning of a day,wholly impressed
From the looks of this I'd say you weren't too early, rather, you were right on time! Nature is beauty in motion, every fleeting moment has it's magic within it! ^ - ^
I love it. It is really nice
how will u do that..ha? Im from philippines..? All your picture are amazing..!?
la nature est belle a chaque instant, il n 'y a pas a mon sens,un trop tôt ou un trop tard. un nuage, un rayon de soleil, un filet de vent modifiera toujours la photos original que l 'on voulais prendre,et du coup elle en sera même,peut être plus belle.
My morning sunrise wasn't this spectacular, but I took some pics anyway ;)
Nice view you have there Mike.
Love watching sunrise to the overture of 2001 A Space Odyssey theme
owh gawdddd. superbb!:)
I can't be everywhere and experience everything beautiful in the world as I would like, but with photo art like this, I can have the next best thing! Thanks. :)
wow. thanks for sharing this stunning picture. 
It's something we see everyday yet never the same image twice. Beautiful.
Where has the photo been taken? Beautiful!
Thank you for sharing your amazing morning with the world, It gives us a reason to admire the true meaning of the gifts we sometimes take for granted. "Nature at it's best".
niceeee...................... wonderful :)
Somehow the beginning of a new day makes all possibilities seem possible. I don't know why, but I can't help being optimistic at least when watching a beautiful sunrise.
absolutely beautiful.... i want Your morning!!
Ck Fang
wonderful picture
what Camera did you use to take this picture?
this i love. the dedication paid to getting this kind of imagery is outstanding and the image is mind blowing.
really amazing piece of work........
i love this photo n i love early sunrise its beautiful
Morning light and evening light (first and last 2 hours) are loved by photographers.
beautiful,beauty of nature fully explained in this pic.
Beautiful pic-thanks for sharing. i love taking these as well...sunrise and sunsets
This is awesome! How can a person not have faith when seeing something like this!
Fei Yu
once i saw the kind of sight before
beautiful place. amazing picture.
that is a cool pic..thanks for sharing
Very nice observed...great time of the day...a new day starts.
nice i like ths.....................
i want to b thr
Just what time was this taken? Looks like it's been up for an hour or so. Keep on sharing. Very beautiful! Thanks for posting.
nice photo.... can u give details of the camera used and lens details
very good photography exp... like to learn from you
I can't get enough of the evening sky. Venus and the full moon about 30 minutes after sundown in the western sky. Absolutely beautiful. A bonus after a long day.
Mike, Awesome pic. It is so nice to see the world through your eyes! Thank You for all your shares of life! You are the Best!
We should enjoy the beauty of life!! Forget all of the problem and start have a good and pleasurable life..
Es imponente. Como el momento antes del estallido de una guerra.
Very beautiful composition....
Nice capture!!
+Mike Shaw Do you mind if I share this one with my group? You can detect movement which is very unusual in a landscape such as this. Well done!
Nothing more beautiful than nature's architecture.
breathtaking! That is worth getting out of bed for!
Now that's a way to start a day! Beautiful, Mike!
Byron B
I also love sunset, there never the same and you only get 1 chance to catch it. priceless
Matt N
thats so cool!!!
A great shot of a little of Gods glory and magisty shining through the dark. simply breath taking. I love it! Thanks for sharing your talent!
wow sunlight with darkness of clouds....
I would not call that getting up too early, but in be a part of God's work. Imagine what He would do if we paid attention to Him all the time.
S Lutz
i love that pic
This is amazing. It's a great picture
It's amazing to see God's creation. :)
I wake up early every morning just to watch the sunrise, & to listen to the birds sing. It's so relaxing. Beautiful picture!
wow that was so awesome im beautiful I can I can understand that just a beauty inside of some colors but the sunrise is absolutely amazing
Zahra M
Wicked shot, love the way you captured the light!
The most beautyful i have never seen !!!
that is so awsome i give this a thumbs up and would love to actually see it
This post is just wonderful! How few of us actually take the time to look at how beautiful our world is.
Amazing photo! Where is it taken from?
Breathtaking...I find your profile pic, mesmerizing!!
I don't know if I'm more impressed by the photo or by the volume of responses it got! Wow to both!
the power of beauty.......
That is absolutely amazing and beautiful, awaiting more breathtaking photos. \m/
I cant' believe that is a realy view!!!, its' amazing!!!
Just beautiful I have been up et 4am and I will wait sunrise in my Australia You make my day ....
This is incredible morning lights... I wish I see something like that myself today too... Amazing work Mike Shaw...
Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce the new Shakespeare. 
Mike its very natural to get up daily early in the morning. your pen picture of dawn is impressing.
Kim bo
I totally agree, this is simply stunning ....
Not only you're a great photographer, you also write very well! :)
beatiful i like photo and words
Have you ever written a book? Love your words and photos.
Looks really really Amazing light in this image I really love it. 
very cool morning can u join me in my circle
How about the sunset is it look like this?
beautiful early view its not only a picture its also show ur love to nature ,thanks to share to me bcz i love too nature thanks
So very true +Mike Shaw the exact same reason why I get up for sunrise every day and try my hardest to capture every one of them. Well done.
I enjoy hearing the dawn chorus of birds and other sounds as the sun begins to rise. Also the sky is so colourful and there is the calm serene feeling i have as another day begins
its really beautiful...AWESOME!!!!!!!!
ram anu
realy beautiful.....
everything seems so peaceful and warm... with its colours it reminds of these "nostalgia pictures"
Thank you everyone for the kind words :)
Very touching impressive am enthused
wei luo
Admiring work!
its a great picture!!!
i like this place, and hope i'll be there right now...
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Is it nature or nurture that we love sunrises? I think nature, making it through another night of potential danger, to the day light.
These scenes demonstrate the greatness of the creator
i most definitely agree with you.that golden view is one of the amazing God's creation.despite of feeling tired after sleepless night or nightmares,just that view brightens your day and promising a great day ahead
Wow... so fascinating.  Awesome!!
It is a very cool piece of work. Did you use any filter?
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