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Make Kony Famous

Because if people know of him, they can stop him.

You will have seen this video doing the rounds please watch it, then send it on, it needs to be out there but if you can, do more than just watch it, do something about it, I know I will get involved.
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Who supplies there military equipment?
내가 할 수 있는것 부터 해야 겠다... I will start to do something that I can...
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I saw a movie few days ago where the same story was told. The movie title is Machine Gun Preacher ( I am touched that the world is trying to unite, but at the same time I am sad that neither in the movie nor in this short film it is told that the UN, the EU nor Asia including Russia is taking his part out of this. I have a sad feeling that this is a similar propaganda of the US that it was doing few years back called war against terrorism where the main "marketing" face was Bin Laden!
Although I support the Idea that this MotherF?cker needs to taken in front of the international court like Hussain was last year! GOD BLESS THE UNITED HUMANS OF THE EARTH!!!! :) :-o USA for Africa - We are the World
+Gergely Marthon this does not strike me as the same as the "war on terror". Bin Laden was used to justify horrible acts against millions of people. This appears to be a campaign for a police action against one person -- quite a different outcome.
+Mike Shaw his end is near, the world will see him... the world will see them...
This is the same LRA that Rush Limbaugh tried to moan about Obama sending military advisers to combat back in October last year, claiming it was proof of Obama's "War on Christians" before then moaning that he didn't know who they were. Ignorant idiot that he is:

Kony has been allowed to be free for way too long, and too many world leaders have sat back and allowed it (I'm not just talking about Western leaders here, African leaders have a share of the responsibility - although many of them are too busy killing their own people to care, or selling weapons to the LRA and everyone else).

This man is responsible for tens of thousands of child abductions and forcing them to become child soldiers via brutal initiation, along with literally hundreds of thousands of deaths in the country. Even the name of the "organisation" he heads, the Lord's Resistance Army is a joke, since it was founded on a blend of local religion, Christianity and mysticism and has nothing at all to do with either Christianity or a war on Islam. Also, if the Wikileaks cables are to be believed those in power in Khartoum should be extradited and put on trial for supporting and supplying the LRA, amongst other terror groups.

It's about time this animal and his cadre of followers were hunted down and captured to be put on trial or, failing that killed. The people of Sudan and the other countries they operate in have suffered enough from the inattention or lack of effort from the international community. Then again, what do we expect? One just has to look at the list of places that the international community has failed to see how useless it is, including Bosnia, Rwanda and now Syria.
+Gergely Marthon I'm pretty sure the US doesn't need to do a Facebook/Google+ campaign showing how they have no interested in the target to get to a simple war criminal. It's a sad truth but governments wouldn't even be clever enough to come up with something like this.
Just shared on FB with my Twitter account to follow presently. Having lived in Kenya when Idi Amin was in power in Uganda I thought nothing could top his atrocities .... ! How wrong I am.
Lets Show This Bi*** Who America Is!
Living in Cameroon, I'm pretty far away from where the violence started and is currently taking place. However, I'm close enough to see the refugees from the Central African Republic. I can feel their fear. There have been instances where violence between ethnic fashions has spread faster than Cholera, and the government has had to intervene harshly. For the moment, there is peace. But these people also know that peace is fragile, and can be destroyed at any moment.
Lets catch Kony and then go after Assad and Ahmadinejad
I am already backing the make KONY famous lets get all the dictators and create a future worth living
and what? we all now that before. why we should share this?
+Dierck Ziegler Presumably the point is that not enough people are aware of him (I knew about him, but wouldn't have remembered his name). The fundamental point of this appears to be to make enough Americans aware of him, and making noise about him, to influence policy makers.
+Dierck Ziegler This time WE might create the difference OR at least you will be part of a great social media experiment - for a good cause.
Why not?
+Dierck Ziegler the people with the ability to do something about this atrocity will not listen unless we are loud enough. And not only that, most regular people haven't heard his name before. By keeping the pressure on, we make sure that the support that is given towards capturing this monster persists. Keep stirring the pot.

You didn't watch the video now did you?
Have read with interest all the comments the finger pointing at countries for supplying weapons and so on and so on. I agree it is disgusting. More disgusting is who manufactures these weapons and sells them. Not only sells them but subsidises the purchase only to create so called jobs. All violence has a beginning maybe it is about time we take a hard look at that beginning. Sto blaming the rest of the world for our greed.
The main thing here is that WE the PEOPLE want to make this planet a better place for Us to live in. As the end of this video shows' it's time to turn the whole system upside down. Otherwise we're all screwed. Every decision that is taken should be for OUR benefit, OUR future and not the way it currently is. Ridding the world of people like KONY and making safety for the children of Uganda is a REAL issue. Ignore all the bullshit that the MSM news feeds you, and find out about stuff like this instead. I'd rather support a cause like this than bombing Iran. Iran is one of the few countries left that IS NOT controlled by the corrupt global bank domination, which has fucked people with debt and stolen their pensions. So the war on terror, Iraq, Afganistan etc.... a certain pattern here IMO.
I'd like to add my support although that small but I trust it will be huge!!
A perfect example of one voice speaking out, getting heard, developing a following and changing the course of a nation. Excellent!!!
Thomas Hobbes must be smiling.
It give me faith in humanity - the few add up to the many - inspiring!
La verdad es que cuando observo que los poderosos estamentos oficiales internacionales, que están obligados a perseguir el crimen en el mundo, no lo hacen, ni tampoco poderosos estados y gobiernos que tanto resaltan los valores democráticos y que incluso intervienen o intervinieron en otros casos puede que por conveniencias de riqueza más que por convicción en pro de los derechos humanos, me entristece y me hace sentir altamente impotente, llevándome a mal pensar hasta del más honrado de los humanos. Me considero afortunado empero al comprobar que existe una mayoría de gente en el mundo que reclama justicia.
this video is on 2 different hot now posts? It must be working
google+ algorithm in the hot new feeds is really working !!!
star wars people! Oh my god though I was literally crying!
I too was moved by this video and abhor Joseph Kony. He is a monster pure and simple. It goes much deeper than portrayed in the video however. Please read this for more information:
I am very happy to see that one of these links got onto the "Whats hot" list. This is the type of things the News should be reporting on, and the best way to push this is to show the media how interested the public really is.

Lets show this guy the true power of social media!
It's not America's job to police the world. We have or own problems to worry about. If he truly feels that strongly for them he can find a way to fund his own private army and go liberate them on his own.
The question who supplies their military equipment. The largest supplier of military equipment in the world USA
Second in line Russia
The internet is not owned by America. Google + is not a "USA ONLY" club. This is a world problem being presented on a world wide communications medium.

Any solution should, and will probably have to, be UN sanctioned.
"Last year, [Invisible Children] spent $8,676,614. Only 32% went to direct services ... with much of the rest going to staff salaries, travel and transport, and film production."
Please everyone, read this critique of KONY 2012 after watching for some balance on the situation.
hopes up for the people of africa!!!!!!!!!!
fuck joseph kony!!!!!!!
you are right my dear... we need to change our hearts.
+Will Damron I just saw that link on another post, thanks for sharing it here as well. People should strive to be as well informed as possible about these types of things.

That being said I still do support the movement, even if there are some questionable actions bu the main group that is pushing it. The more this spreads the more people will know. People need to be careful to make sure any donations make it to the people in need.
So, walking along the beach I was overwhelmed by the amount of starfish that were washed up onto the beach...presumably to die. When I threw one back in I was asked " there are so many....what difference can you make ? ". I said I just made a difference to that one......this is a passage that has stuck with me, not mine, but seems to answer the question of overwhelming odds
Joseph Kony needs to meet his Maker. Tooth for a tooth. Eye for and Eye.
+Jason Ansaldo I too support the movement, just trying to help give everyone more information and perspective :) thank you for the reply.

+Marianna K thank you for the reply! :)
Joseph kony,a new Hitler ? where is uno ?
love how doing god's work means attacking others that don't have the same beliefs, basically follow or perish routine! Apparently love thy neighbor isn't golden enough for the 10 commandments!
What an eye opener, Thank you for sharing this, I had no idea of who this man was, will do what I can, Dale
Christopher J - I thought we might all just be Human Beings who believe that Every Human Being has the right Not to suffer atrocities from other Human Beings
+Mike Shaw Is this theory flawed?? I think its great tha they are trying to bring attention to this matter but in the end someone still has to bring the guy to justice. I mean Osama Bin Laden was one of the most famous (notorious) people on the planet, yet it took billions to track him down and bring him to justice.

The press brings prominence, this guy is a thug, but after this campaign he'll be a legend. With popularity comes money and money can and will support his cause. Other terrorist organizations will no doubt flood him with money if for no other reason than to take the heat off themselves. Not to mention some Big Shot lawyer will jump at the chance to make himself famous for defending the guy. Just imaging being the lawyer who got KONY off! It would be worth billions!

I think their hearts are in the right place but their logic is flawed.
@kay jay it still don't make it right in either case, it's real hard to condemn an act no matter who does it or belief system is in place! What's going on in The African continent, no one wants to get involved with, since it basically won't change unless those there are willing and are doing something about it! Otherwise the cycle keeps going. 
I do understand, it is preached to turn the other cheek on one hand, yet same person will defend self or family with violence? As a female, I've been physically attached , when opportunity arose to physically retaliate and extricate myself from that person, could have inflicted more than I did but only used enough force to evade situation.
+Matt Acuff Not as I see it, he has been allowed to do what he has because most of the western population has heard little of him, its by dragging his butt into the limelight we see him and what he has done and in doing so we demand those that run things do something.

We have to show the world what is happening and with the internet we have the perfect tool to do it with, many years ago we would never have heard of these atrocities but there is no excuse and if we all stand up and shout about it the one voice becomes too loud to ignore.
I just saw this... and now I am crying for humanity. Who am I to end a war? Who am I not to.
Wouldn't making him infamous make more sense?
Mahalo +Mike Shaw I joined, donated, sent for the kit, and posted to 92K followers on Twitter. Thank you... you will help make this happen.
Search "stop kony" on internet

copy and paste that on every g+ page u go on!
can this guy who made the video do Bernake and Paulson next??
I did not know about this Evil... Thank you for working so hard to gather our family to fight for peace, love and light. This change I agree we need. Peace be with you! I pray for divine assistance to intervene.
Ben R.
so amazing,but so sad what is happening in the world
Just shared on my FB page. I hope people watch it and want to help make a change!
truly inspiring... i want in too...
I had also shared this on my Google plus page. I hope more people get to know about this issue and help spread the world. Thanks for posting it.
is there no petition signing in order to spread the awareness of this issue?
Thank you for to give me the opportunity to to see what happen in the children world, count on me.
Under the cover of night we'll guide them to the light.
Yeah! We have to stop KONY! People don't realize just how lucky we are...
P.S. Why did nobody comment on my post of KONY 2012? :'(
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