The Lone Man

Weathered and worn stood against time
Each day another challenge
Each sunset another day survived
The course of the wind
Etched into the bark
But still it stands
A testament to tenacity

Good Morning Googler's

There are a few trees that sit very close to the coast of the Irish Sea here and they bear the scars of were they survive, the wind and sand can at times come up from the dunes with enough force to shape how they grow. But no matter what they are still standing and have simply adapted to their environment unlike ourselves who adapt our environment to suit us.

I apologise for being somewhat quiet over the last week or so but I have been taking time out, I need to get fit so that has began with running sessions and time at the gym. Add on top things are just busy, I hope to be able to spend some more timer here soon, have a wonderful Sunday :)
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