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New Body Of Work

I have decided to create a new gallery here called "Cinematic". As you know I have a love for street photography but the majority of my work is black and white and tends to be direct portraits (something I will continue to do) But I am an avid people watcher and I don't think that comes across as much as when I do the portraits.

I take many, many candid images while I am out and I want to use these, I also want to use more colour in the shots and as you can see I will be framing these shots (even though I do advise people not to use digital framing) The reason for the framing is to give the images a cinematic feel to them and for me the framing helps.

This is the first of what I hope will be many shots, I watched what appeared to be father and son having a discussion as they walked, it did not seem to go well but I loved the interaction. The defining moment was when the son turned away, getting the father in pin sharp focus while the son is slightly out made this image for me.

Canon 7D with the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM II

Shot at F/2.8 with the exposure time set at 1/200sec, ISO was 100 and the focal length was 200mm.

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I like the idea of the people watcher. I do a lot as well but i guess never thought of makin it into photos. pretty cool. nice shot
I'm a people watcher also, Mike. I can't wait to see the images..
The colors are great, and the details (that are in focus) are amazingly crisp!
I love your B&W photos. And I really like the above photo. Cant wait to see more....
You're right about the cinematic feel created by the bars - a nice and simple idea that probably works great with quite a number of picture types.
I like everything about this including the letterbox format. Very nice.
Great shot! Love it! Super processing too!
That is what I like to do,Take spontaneous photos!
great idea +Mike Shaw !
i did something like that time ago,maybe i'll post something here too :D
Great capture - looking forward to more of this theme.
Well, it does give me overactive fantasy kick :)
Very nice. I've seen some tutorials on cinematic framing of photographs and enjoyed them. I really like what you did here, it does seem like a scene from a movie, which is an interesting way to present street photography.
excellent frame, looking forward to the new gallery.
Beautiful and well timed capture +Mike Shaw! I'm so glad you have decided to start posting this kind of street scenes as well. I can imagine you have tons of great photos like this! Looking forward to follow this album grow.
Are you Ever going to rock this! I can think of no one more talented in this new area than you. Oh, yum!

The is a perfect example. Its a still straight from the screen. Love the tension and the implied story and I was immediately involved and wanting to know their relationship.

This is going to be great!
A bit of disgust and disrespect. Sad! Wish they could see this pic.
+Mike Shaw : It will be great to see some coloured shots from you Mr.Shaw..Am looking forward to many more of these already :) Love the way you observe people & how you describe the stories!
Love these candid pictures. Keep em comin!
I am amazed that with he above focal settings you get a pin sharp photo. If I try something similar with my 18-200 I get a bunch of noise.
Something down the line I am still doing wrong, I guess ;-)
Great photo and cool idea with the new album!
nice! I love cinematic storytelling and will come next time with popcorn:-)
Great shot as always +Mike Shaw ! Look forward to following the series and learning from them. Thank you for the info on how the shot was taken and the camera settings.
:) great idea..I like observing how people interact..its one of my favourite things to do if I'm bored at work..taking a walk during lunch...there is just soon much you can describe from a endless imagination..
great natural shot of the juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary. different from what I've seen you do but you do what you do well. YUP!
+Nicole Burgoz What f/stop and ISO are you using? I keep mine as low as possible to reduce the noise and the shutter speed as fast as I can to freeze the movement, the f/2.8 helps a lot and I have to admit the lens is superb as it is a pin sharp (although expensive) lens.
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