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Circle Share Two

This was a circle made up of G+ members that YOU recommended in a thread I asked for a while ago, enjoy the great collection you came up with )
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thank you very much everyoee.
You are well come. thank you very much for your kind mind.
we are friends thank's a lot.
Many thanks for the inclusion and many thanks to the people who recommended me back then. :)
Thanks for the include Mike, always a pleasure to wind up in your circles :)
Thanks +Mike Shaw ever so much for including me in this circle! I'm truly honored and humbled to be in such great company!! Many thanks!! I appreciate it very much!
Thanks for the include Mike and for sharing these again! Awesome!
Cheers Mike! Really appreciate that my friend!
Hello +Mike Shaw. Is there a way to get into you circle. Maybe you can take a look to my photos, and if you like them, plz include me.
Got to get myself in one of these circles one day... I'd probably need to get better at taking photographs first though eh? ;)

Nice to see +Shari Mattox here though, love her work!
+Mike Shaw thank you again!!!! But, I really want to thank you even more so for the street photography you share with me on G+. That is a path I am looking forward to heading down, in no small part, due to your inspiration.
Thank you for the inclusion and those that thought to recommend me.
Sincerely appreciated +Mike Shaw
Thanks +Mike Shaw for including me! And to people that recommended me. I appreciate.
Fantastic collection of G+ers here! Honored for the inclusion :)
+Mike Shaw honoured to be among these peeps Mike - Thanks for to those who put me forward and thanks for curating Mike :)
WOW! I am honored to be included with all of these talented people. Thanks +Mike Shaw for including me and putting this circle together. You ROCK!
Thanks for the inclusion and the circle share, Mike. You take such good care of us here on G+!
+Mike Shaw thanks for the inclusion in this and to whomever recommended me in the first place.

On a side note: Congrats on the new adventure in your life Mike, you certainly deserve it by your photography and generosity in life itself. You provide so much inspiration to so many out here, I thank you personally....
My thanks to those who recommended me for this circle! :)
Thanks +Mike Shaw and those who recommended me... its my humble pleasure to be part of such a nice circle :)
Thank you very much +Mike Shaw - I was wondering which one of the "big dog" G+ ers had dropped a circle. Have a great day :)
Adding this circle definitely raised the quality of my stream.. I am honored to be included :) Thanks a lot!
Thanks for your efforts in sharing these, +Mike Shaw ...
I'd love to be included in your next iteration - I share daily photos of African wildlife and landscapes taken on my travels in our beautiful part of the world.
Thanks a lot for reposting and thanks for everyone who suggested me. So far I found G+ a very interesting experience and certainly one of the most fun one since I started taking pictures way back in time.
Thanks +Mike Shaw
Thanks very much again - and for making G+ more fun!
Must have missed this post earlier, but now it makes sense. ;) Thanks so much for including me, +Mike Shaw!
+Mike Shaw Thank you very much once again Mike, for the inclusion! It is indeed an honour to be in the company of such leading lights! :-)
+Mike Shaw Thank you so much for including me, I've noticed just in this moment. A nice birthday present, many thanks for it :)
Thanks for the inclusion! A lot of great people in this circle. :)
Missed this one, but thanks for sharing +Mike Shaw some great photogs in here.
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