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We Travel On

Thought the journey is long
And the way unsure
We travel on
Through lands unknown
And people a strange
We travel on
Though wary of what lies beyond
The path we take we must
We travel on
The journey through life
Is the one we all must make
And it makes giants of the small
And legend of the mundane
Enjoy your journey
As if it was your last
For you cannot go back
And retrace your steps

Last image for the day as I seem to have done little more than upload pictures, this though is 150 in my landscape gallery, one day I may be able to travel a little further from my locale but I don't mind were I live, as long as I keep looking I can find places new to me.
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I'm in love with this!
This is one of my favorites from your collection...beautiful!
this is gorgeous!! Prettiest thing I've seen all day, hands down. =D
Great color tone and light. Very cool.
Wonderful photo, wonderful poem. Brings me courage to live! Thanks!
Travel on! The journey around us is beautiful and you have a way of capturing its life and beat that stops time for a moment. I really enjoyed this post. +Mike Shaw thank you for sharing with us ♥
As always your images are of extremely high quality +Mike Shaw keep up the good work.
where do you even find such places? :) great colors and detail!
m not professionaly photographer....but this picture is beauty...realy...i was very upset cz of my reslt..but this pic...realy encouraging..:-)
Well, I shall never tire of your locale! Lovely image, Mike, and again lovely words.
Beautiful image Mike. A real sense of a journey to undertake as we delve into the photo.
Gorgeous image and very iconic looking.
Love love love it:)
yeah...i would love to walk with my bf...endless journy...:-)..wht you peopl would love to do...????
Fine words... beautidul image... thanks Mike.
Makes me think of the Grimm's Fairytales. I love it so much! :)
Wonderful exposuer! Great poem! Mike Canada has lots of unknown land I have some close to where I live. Today I am heading north to I do not know where, just five days to look for some photos I am sure are out there. Allan
Una de mis faviritos tus fotos.
An inviting photo, and an inspiring poem to go along with it. Keep it up, Mike
Beautiful, very fine job
Yoli lp
Wow maravillosa foto me gusta saludos un buen fin de semana
love it - enjoy your weekend and keep on marching to that better place
You are incredible Mike Shaw your photos and your words...
to find path which we always want
may we always wish to get happiness from that path
At the end all roads always start within your heart which always show you your wish of success
you could us eit for a background on the comp.
Simplesmente Maravilhoso!! - Simply Wonderful!! What a beautiful place guy. Have you visited this place?
this is the kind of landscapes that i like
Boris P
wonderful, a bit mysterious..........
A beautiful, mood-filled shot. Makes me want to walk down that lane, crunching through those leaves
Very, very nice Mike. Great feel.
beautiful +Mike Shaw ! i can feel the crunch of leaves underfoot, a sense of warmth surrounded by that light and embraced by the trees.
Peaceful, mysterious and a little foreboding all at the same time. Amazing!
Love the bright, almost high-key central portion!
that is some were i want to go i wanna step in that photo
Wonderful post! Thank you Mike! :)
Wonderful words and ditto image. It's no coincidence 'wander' resembles 'wonder'. Enjoy your journey Mike.
I connect with your statement, " long as I keep looking I can find places new to me". Well said ! Thank-you for sharing Mike!
Thank you everyone, this is a little wooded area called Pex Hill that is a few miles from home, it was once a sandstone quarry but has been handed back to nature :)
дорожка из листьев в туман
Beautiful post and image +Mike Shaw ! Congratulations on having this image selected for Photo Extract today!
to Everything
flowing through a narrow tunnel
emptying into a wider way
passing through
a broader grove
to rolling hills
to open sea
to home
on unknown circled path
Returning to a different shade of light
coloring the symmetry of life
Everything to
This is a very powerful image, I am in love with it
Mike - your photo is breathtaking - thank you for sharing. What is the source of the words?
Is 'We Travel On' an original poem or is there a source? I love it...
Thanks - it's lovely. (I often speak 'blond' so no worries. :D)
This one is my favourite.
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