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Anchors And Rocks
Keep you safe
Keep you secure
Stop you drifting with the tide
And let you come home
Anchors and rocks
More precious
Than any other stone or metal.

To my beautiful wife +JUDE SHAW
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great warm colors. feels so cozy and peacefull. i bet the water is soo nice. i should go swimming today :)
now I want to go climb up on that rock, stand there for a bit and watch the sun.
man u r really awesome... whr do u find these locations??? i bet u travel a lot...
You've described my husband perfectly.
i really like the birds flying by the sun :) great pic
amazing brown shades! beautiful photograph.
Stunning!!! The reflection on the water is like icing on the cake. Thank you for sharing!!!!
Captivating view of a sunset so peaceful where is this +Mike Shaw
Very nice poem and a very pretty pic
Hats off my frnd
Hats off to u !!
Great mind can make simple things...great!
คิพดถึงบ้านกันแล้ว หาหอยอยู่นานค่ะ ลืม
S Khan
anchored .....
hey . . . which place it is. . . ??
Not all the time but they are need. As a good sailor, you have to know when is worth to use an anchor, what kind of tides are the ones that are drifting you away?
what kind of rocks will give you shelter or will sink you down instead
Amen too that!....and of course your picture is wonderful as well!
nice it..:)
keep you together
in black or white
in tide and gale
at all times
in moments of awe
and in forbidden times
in untold moments
and underscore vision
still we stare at all anchors
Against the storms of life, allowing me to stand tall and strong, you are my rock, you are my friend. Ever there to save me from drifting. You are my rock, my friend forever.
yes!/ well; lovely scene of yet another place, one of which my mind has often visited, not this place until now, and countless others as well! but each portrait; has it's own language!
such depth found here! yes! a scene to again ground me!!!
hold me safely there! i trust it! i'm one with the river, the landscape!
i'm on this retreat! this coming home again feeling!! i do not want to leave this!" it's like saving time in a bottle"!
iv'e forged this stronghold to the rocks, by way of embracing with my fortitude! i am a rock, a man is an island! nature; my friend!! stay beautiful!!!
that was so cool and LOVE the picture.
im sure your wife is happy and loves the beautiful work you do for her.
Stunning, such a warm photo.
that is a pretty picture! :D

Not related (Just because of a king dude we got same last name)
those r so beautiful words,greetings to the wife from me
wonderful shot, great tones, beautiful meaning
coolest shot ever
this an awesome photo and a beautiful writ to your wife....
belle couleur belle photo
Thu Vu
Wow. Beautiful.
And lets you enjoy the beauty of the beautiful!
The Picture is Beautiful
The Words are Beautiful
But tagging your wife is the most Beautiful <3 God Bless you Both :)
How true. With out my husband , I would definitly be drifting somewhere in the middle of an ocean.
Touched. I am going to Copy this and write to my wife on our 4th anniversary in next two days.
The most beautiful confession of power of Love!
Lovely....( น่ารักมาก....จริงๆ)
Thank you Babes xxx I will always be your Anchor because I never want to lose you xx
Qi Gong
the rock looks like a suite case at the first sight ;-)
What an exquisite composition! I can't find the right words for all I love about this image.
really good... (like always...)
love it!!
I love your quote and your photograph!! Both are incredibly beautiful!
Красивое фото! Очень красивое и заманчивое фото, зовущее к странствиям! Не менее заманчивое, чем Ваши строки ...
Does real life even look this good?
I love your post!!! :) They make my day everytime i read a poem. :) Thank you. :)
The nature is too amzing~
thanks. so wonderful.
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