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Women Photographer Of G+

I shared this circle a short while ago but being a doofus I managed to miss a lot of people off it, it has since grown to 350 so I thought it was time to re-share it, I will do this again at 500.
In this Circle:
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I would like to belong to these 500 :)
It was you, +Mike Shaw! I suddenly noticed my circle counts going up. Thank you so much for including me in this awesome circle with all these wonderful ladies! :-)
Oh, I'm in there too, awesomeness surrounds me - "goes hiding",.... :)
It might help if you shared some photos you made with us first +Zarah Alcuran, otherwise it's hard to be a photographer of G+ right? :)
Ulaaa! Thank you very much for adding me too!!! Happy
I am honored you included me. You gave me a crocodile size smile ~! You are the best +Mike Shaw
Thank you so much for including me...Big Cheesy Smile
Nice list! I'd love to get on it too?
+Mike Shaw I truly appreciate you. It looks like I have some more people to meet. :)) Thanks Mike! Hugs!
Do you think I might be added to that circle? Please?
Many thanks to you for including me. You have been gracious since the day that I joined google+ and one of the reasons that I enjoy sharing and communicating with others....
I am so honored to be included amongst such wonderful people. Thank you for all you do, +Mike Shaw
I saw this circle in my stream and decided to check it out...and happily discovered you were kind enough to include me. Thank you, +Mike Shaw! That was a nice thing to find this morning.
Cool, I didn't know I was in there and now I do - thank you! :)
Thank you so much for including me +Mike Shaw! You're the best! or should I say the Bestest !
I was surprised to see a sudden increase of circle counts when I logged to G+ and then found that I'm included in this circle... I'm grateful and humbled. Thank you, +Mike Shaw!
Well, this explains the sudden increase in circlers. :) Thank you, Mike, for including me and for your constant support of this community.
I wonder - how good a photographer does a girl need to be before she is added to this esteemed circle?
I know I have a way to go, but was just wondering if there's any specific things that 'put me on the map'?

All advice gratefully received, thanks.
I'm still honored to be in this circle, +Mike Shaw. Such a great group of ladies.
+Mike Shaw a pleasant surprise:-) Thanks for including me among so many talented others. Very lovely of you!!!
+Mike Shaw , I would very much appreciate being included in this circle. I'm been posting numerous photographs on G+. I'm passionate about photography and enjoy learning and sharing with other photographers. Thanks very much! Margaret Tompkins
Thank you very much for including me in this list! An awesome group of women to be associated with. :)
Liz C
+Mike Shaw You're my hero for so many reasons. Thank you!
Thanks again for including me +Mike Shaw ! Your intentions in creating this circle are appreciated.
Thank you for including me in such a wonderful circle! +Mike Shaw Very honored. :)
Thank you for the inclusion and for taking the time to consider the women photogs of G+, +Mike Shaw. You're swell! This bumped my Women Photogs circle to over 500. Excellent!
I think I just fell over in excitement :O) Thank you SO MUCH for including me in this wonderful circle!!! You have turned a rainy day into the brightest yet!! :O))
Hope your days going forward are filled with peace and contentment +Mike Shaw
and thank you for your generosity.
Gosh +Mike Shaw, I just saw this! Many thanks! Your photos and posts are always inspiring, insightful or simply breathtaking. The swing picture at the top is still one of my absolute favorites. :-)
Oh my, here's the explanation for the adds I've experienced today! :)
Big thank you, Mike, you are so generous!
thank you very much +Mike Shaw to adding me, you're always an inspiration for me
Hi +Mike Shaw I have been at google+ for a while only I didn't have the opportunity to interact with you, please if you can add me I will really appreciate it. I have another great photographer thta has been inspiring me a lot, her name is +Cindy Mead. Thank you so very much
One thing i really wish I could do on mobile is view shared circles. I so want to see all the awesome females in this group. Grrrr....
Ah. so that's why I woke up 200 followers richer... and with more women to check out. Thanks, doll.
Thank you so much for the inclusion, my friend ... and a great circle!
Thanks for sharing, a great group of lady photographers! I'm a photographer in South Carolina, I would love to be included :o)
Thank you for including me again with all these fabulous women. Truly honored :)
Oh, my heart. Thank you so much, +Mike Shaw. I have a wicked happy buzz, being surrounded by so many talented women!
I cannot thank you enough Mike for taking the time to put this together and for including me with such amazingly talented women! :)
Thank you +Mike Shaw for including me in the company of these amazingly talented women photographers. Truly honored and appreciate the encouragement you do for the community.
Wow, Thank you for including me +Mike Shaw! I have a lot of new people to search through and get added to my circles as well.
Wow - thanks so much for including me in this amazing circle! I really admire the women in this group (there are so many amazing photographers on G+!), so it's really humbling to be counted amongst them. Now I know why the number of followers jumped today - thank you!! :)
Nice to see this circle growing and one of our wonderful male photographers sharing it! Thank you +Mike Shaw !
Thank you very much for the inclusion Mike! :) Most appreciated and great circle of women photographer's you have here!
Hi +Mike Shaw, I would love to be a part of this circle if there's room for one more female wildlife/nature photographer. Cheers!
I you think my work is worthy, id love to be included as well. Lots of wonderful talent in there!
CJ Cox
You've done it again, +Mike Shaw :) I can pretty much cross-ref the times when I have a big spike in people circling me, to your sharing this circle :) Thank you so much for the inclusion in this great company of women :)
such a nice gesture +Mike Shaw! I am so very honored to be in such great company and even more honored that you have thought of me :)
Again, thank you for both sharing this so we may find more talent and for the honor of inclusion. Love you lots dear +Mike Shaw!
This is a great list +Mike Shaw! So wonderful to see so many of my G+ friends and fellow women photogs all in one place! :)

I've had to come back to edit this comment... as I have been told that I should ask you if you would add me to the list! :D
I would be so honored to be included with all these wonderful women! So, if you have room for me.... ;)
Fabulous list, Mike - theses ladies are great! Thank you for including me.
Thank you for including me with such great company!
Great idea for a circle. I promise not to question my femininity, since I'm not on the list. Instead, I will enjoy what these lovely ladies have to offer. I mean that in a non-dirty way.
Once again congratulation ladies :) maybe next time I'll keep you company Like +Cicely Robin Laing I was "forced" by who I will not tell :))) to come back :D
Hi +Mike Shaw - am so humbled to be amongst such awesome company in this list. Blushes profusely and nods head in appreciation :)
Wow Mike!!! Thanks so much for the inclusion.

I read one of your other posts recently. Hope you are alright. I'm glad you have such great support.

Happy snapping :-)
+Lynne Goodwin - My wife has put up with me for 32 years and gave birth to our son after 21 years. She has almost always been the person with the camera. She is a great photographer, when time allows, and she deserves something besides, "that's nice dear, cool, awesome, humm" <smile>

[I forgot to add, "Be there in a minute sweetheart, my stream is torrential ?"]
What a wonderful idea for a circle! I would love to be considered for it in the future.
Wow. I just figured out that I'm in here sharing space with this incredible group of women. Thank you for the honor, +Mike Shaw, and thank you for leading me to these talented photographers. :)
Hi +Mike Shaw, thanks so much for being supportive of women photographers here on G+. I'd be delighted if you had the time to look at my work and consider including me.
Thank you all for the kind comments, the circle has now grown to just under 410, when it reaches 500 I will do a re-share, I would just like to say a few have asked to be included but when I look at you profiles there is not a great deal, please grow your profile and gallery so I can include you in the future. I would also like to say I am blown away by the talent we have here, its simply wonderful.
+Mike Shaw -Thank you for creating this circle. I too am blown away by the talent. Where else can you find this kind of inspiration!
WOW!!!!!!! I'll never be in that circle!!! ;-) Great group!!
Thanks for including me. I truly appreciate it.
Mike - only 17 ppl had me in their circle before you posted this. Now I have 627!! The power of circle sharing! Thanks so much - so glad you're back! :-)
Thanks heaps for including me, sweet of you :)
+Mike Shaw I would be honored if you considered including me in this circle.
Would love to be included in your circle.
Thanks, I didn't see this before to thank you! :-)
Would love to be included as well. Nice list and thanks.
Nice circle +Mike Shaw! Please consider looking over my profile. I am an amateur wildlife photographer and my page is certainly not empty ;)
+Mike Shaw Thank you so much Mike for including me with such a wonderful group of ladies.
Thank you for this circle +Mike Shaw . I sent you an email but maybe it could be answered here too. I am new (active) on G+ and enjoying the experience. How does Google+ decide which pictures are shown in the "Photos" tab as I have noticed they are not all the photos of my circled friends but highlighted ones. Thanks, Tanya
+Tanya Rochat Hi Tanya, I have no idea how G+ does this but maybe someone like +Brian Rose could pick this up?

I have just seen your work and I have added you to the circle :)
Thank you +Mike Shaw Much appreciated. I really enjoy G+ and would like to learn to use it in detail. :-)
+Mike Shaw thank you for sharing this great circle Mike, i am having a look! i am a woman photographer, too, so… ;)
Gosh, Mike - I was wondering where all my new followers came from - thanks so much for re-sharing this! xo
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