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The Waiting

Anticipation of a return
That may never happen
She watched him sail away
But the sea refused to bring him back
On the missing tide he rode upon
So she waits

She left as he went to work
He found the note
On the mantle when he got home
There was another
But she was confused
So he waits

He was unwell
But seemed to recover
Then the heavens snatched him away
And she sits and looks at his image
Missing his touch
So she waits

In a world were we need to be somewhere, when need to be doing something, everything only runs at one speed and its simply too fast. Its only when something changes do we stop, do we then realise parts of our lives are not what we thought they should be. For most of us its too late when we lose something in the rush, when we go back to find it but its gone, not in the same comfortable place it always was.

Good morning Googler's I only realised this morning my image from yesterday was the 200th I have uploaded here, I cant say anything there as it managed to reach its 500 comment limit but thank you all for the wonderful support I have received since joining G+
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beautiful sepia
very lonely yet very impressive
Liking the mellow shots of late Mike. Top stuff :)
Beautiful words & image! Thank you Mike:)
I wish I can be strong enough to face it~
Great pic! Thank you.. Tone is perfect to express the words...
Nice poetry to describe a photo finely composed
We often wish things stay the way they are but we are forced to reality when things change. just wishing there are just no sad moments in this World.
Frnd u just try to keep our minds fresh.......10xxx..!
so expressive as well as impressive both words& photo
Not boring just realize this with ur soul & heart frnd............!
i am Vere like your image
Yet another wonderful post Mike. I look forward to your poetry every day!
Do not regret the past. Allow the memories of years past to carry you forward.
i feel as tho ive heard that somewhere... hmmm...
Y Wasting time...tell her to go to India.He might have went to see IPL.
Ed Han
Superb combination of text to an already-arresting photograph, +Mike Shaw.
peaceful place...
this is just Beautiful, Mike! Congrats on image 200 ;) I am sitting here patiently waiting for the next 200 :D hugs!
It's an Interesting poetic comment with the picture, especially starting with "he was unwell" through "so she waits." That part is especially meaningful to me because it fits my life since my boyfriend Charley died so unexpectedly.
Life just go too fast and we forget to respect and enjoy what we have. When we lose it, we regonise how much that was important to us.
Amazing words, amazing picture :)
Simple thank you +Mike Shaw !
Beautiful feeling to this. Well done.
Oh please come back,
her heart shrieks,
but it faded away,
by the roar of waves,
so she waited, ...
Melancholy mood, but still that little bit of hope creeps into the words and the image. Gorgeous artistry! :)
you post beautiful photos that capture the essence of the subject being portrayed and the attached statements like the one above I so enjoy reading.....
wow so amazing..looks like an old brilliant..
The poem is simple amazing Mike..
Very beautiful. Almost a Portuguese fado! Thank you for sharing image and poem.
beaty fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllllllllllllll
Good morning +Mike Shaw I'm happy for you. Thank you for showing us your beautiful photo. For this one, I like the color. Nice picture.
Nice poem and composition!
Hola Mike tus escritos estan muy interesantes ,me gustan y tus fotos increibles!
Спасибо за эти строки! Женщина создана для того, чтобы верить, любить и ждать Любимого. Кого-то судьба радует ежедневным взаимным счастьем, а кому-то дарит краткие встречи и долгие разлуки... Счастлива женщина, которой суждено дождаться своего любимого! Любовь преодолевает время и расстояние, а Алые паруса (или Серебристые крылья) соединяют любящие сердца!!!
Is that a poem if so did you write. I really liked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Picture is a bit cliche, no?
Long walk; short pier.
Yet Life is a journey and a process to learn from.
Our Lord and maker sure gav U his eyes, hopefully people will see an feel what he wants us to appreciate what he made for us . Thank you Mike for showg us what I think God wants us to see, but some don't take the Time to love an appreciate what were blessed with... ,;- ))
"see the path cut by the moon, for you to walk on. See the waves on distant shores, awaiting your arrival...dream the dreams of other men you'll be no one's rival! Dream the dreams of others then.. you will be no one's rival" - Unknown Thought - pearL jaM
both the photo and your reflection are wonderful
Thank you for the words you wrote. I keep hoping I'll find him, somehow, but he's gone forever. You caught the sentiment. hugs
* For most of us its too late when we lose something in the rush, when we go back to find it but its gone, not in the same comfortable place it always was*

Sometimes along life's path things get lost and can never be the same again.
Best poem I've read in a long while! Almost brought tears to my eyes! Beautiful picture as well!
Beautiful Poetry, touched my soul more than I could ever express in words.
Ed King
+Mike Shaw such a great eye for composition and tone I really love this ! Your work is really inspirational
nice poetry, with nicer image, I agree that may people surround themselves with the fast paced environment in our societies that they neglect and regret the things they had missed in the calm, slow, and peaceful environment.
Beautiful poem n image, thanks
Thank you, Mike, for your great photos and the great photography circles you shared. I come to G+ only for these.
Thank you all, for those that asked this is a place called Hoylake in Merseyside UK
Hi Mike, you meant the place where you'll never walk alone? No wonder THE Beatles can sing so well. #woot
Amazing photo. I love "pier" shots.
Lovely photograph as always and congratulations on the 200 photos!
This picture is amazing! Nicely done Mike:)
oh .Lord ! is the waiting a poem you wrote,that's really beautiful and kind of sad ,i just love it so much
I'm glad to see you,Mike.Amazing poem,I love it.
Thought provoking write-up! Breath-taking photo! More inspiration to you.
good words...... continue with this good words..
u have a way with words, ur poetry is simple but straight to the soul, keep it, its beautiful
Its so heart touching and simply awesome, great picture as well...
wow its emotional, breathtaking n slightly sad. i liked it.
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