The Waiting

Anticipation of a return
That may never happen
She watched him sail away
But the sea refused to bring him back
On the missing tide he rode upon
So she waits

She left as he went to work
He found the note
On the mantle when he got home
There was another
But she was confused
So he waits

He was unwell
But seemed to recover
Then the heavens snatched him away
And she sits and looks at his image
Missing his touch
So she waits

In a world were we need to be somewhere, when need to be doing something, everything only runs at one speed and its simply too fast. Its only when something changes do we stop, do we then realise parts of our lives are not what we thought they should be. For most of us its too late when we lose something in the rush, when we go back to find it but its gone, not in the same comfortable place it always was.

Good morning Googler's I only realised this morning my image from yesterday was the 200th I have uploaded here, I cant say anything there as it managed to reach its 500 comment limit but thank you all for the wonderful support I have received since joining G+
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