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Photographers For Good Charity Print Sales

The site that +Alan Shapiro and +Barry Blanchard have been talking about to help +Lee Daniels is now up and running. I love this community and how it pulls together and I cannot forget the outpouring of support I received here when things went bad for me, you cannot help but return that support when its needed most.

The site is here:

I am about to submit this image to the site for sale, it has never gone to print before so whoever buys it it will be a first. Please, please, please support this as much as you can. 

EDIT: I should add, if there are any other images you would like to see added please let me know, as long as it does not overload the site I will do what I can
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Ofcourse i will do my best to support this, I will help out and buy something and donate a picture ;)
beautiful shot Mike.
Farmers gold in front meet the golden sun! Love how the shadows falls and the dramatic sky! This is my kind of landscape and I love it deep! Thak´s for sharing!
no words.. simply gr8... thanks million 4such an awesome pix.. :)
Wow wow !!
I like time of sunset let everything gold ^__^
thanks to cameraman...
support & cheer him............
G+ is indeed a great, close community. Gonna check it out right now.
my god.!!!!!!! this is so gud.......
seem beautiful painting
جدا رائع .. اما ان تجد الرواج
Thank you so much +Mike Shaw and what a beautiful image as well, I've already ordered a few prints but this one will surely be added.
I don't like that cloud....
a very high quality photo.
جميلة كان نفسى ابقى جواها روعة
beautiful, wonder where it was taken...
it s so beautiful, really like the light at the horizon
The real beauty.......
The real & most  beautiful face of nature!!!!!
miss this view in villages these days just because of booming real estate!
nice nice nice.................very nice
The Pic has an effective use of sun's rays, dark clouds, shadow and nature.... Nice pic...!!!!!!!!!
Awesome,Specially the post process,it feels like your are there,watching with your eyes,congrats
Magic image +Mike Shaw thanks for bringing attention to this cause. I'm about to upload as well, just have to decide what!
life on the farm will be fascinating. great picture
This is berathe taking. Who would have thought that the countryside could be so amazingly beautiful?
ez fotoshop -al készült ez a kép? Nagyon jó kis kép.
super, bardzo, bardzo super !
Sending mine right now.  I saw the post last night and now you've reminded me again.
lovely...i see fields like this all over in bedfordshire...
awsm creation of God....
Hi,men's !!!! Good job!!!!Where that paradise?
it  was really  nice sir
really beautifulllllllllllllllllllllll nice man
i love it
Dude!!! That's AMAZING!!!!! d play of light and shadow!
 i have a farm aswell it looks sotra like that
I went to the site and I got confused with so many types of printing. There is a place when I can get an example what is each on of them?
Excellent shot, Mike.  The light and the shadows are fantastic.  I love the fact that the setting sun is speaking to the end of summer whereas the cloud cover is showing more ominous things to come in the fall/winter months.   Thank you for posting so much of your work it's truly fantastic.
gorgeous photo. Would consider renting it for stock? I know a company in search of awesome hay bale photos
I love pics of rural countrysides. Gorgeous.
This image is beautiful, when I look at it I see so many diffrent things; from the anger in the sky, to the peace in the horizion. There is juxtaposition with the city vs. country feel. This photo has captured may diffrent aspects of God's handywork. Just beautiful.
yah, indeed so beautiful and so perfect..that's what God created our this picture we can reflect the reality of life...
zee key
Truly beautiful! 
There's nothing more beautiful than when the sun shines through dark gray clouds and illuminates everything like magic 
did you take this picture?
mel .h
its breathtaking
Wow an outstanding image, the lighting is stunning.
Beautiful! I love anything to do with our wonderful earth we live on. Bless your wonderful talent. Please share more.

I like the countryside during harvest season.
cool, it look's BEAUTIFUL!!
This is so English - I love it!
Nice very nice. congratulations!!!
i would like to see other images
This is too beautiful...wouldn't mind waking up to this 
Wonderful good job mike
SO amazingly lovely!!!  Looks like my farm at twilight.
wow. so beautiful, I love the contrast and movement in the photo
Nice contrast of colors with the ground and the sky.
Really nice +Mike Shaw. The cloud layer with the sun and the hay is lovely. I really like the textures.
If someone out there in the world, would like to buy me something amazing like this picture and send it to me. I will cherish it greatly ;) my mailing address is, PO Box 1133 Wapato Wa 98951. 
this is in the depths of layers that it leaves me wanting to be still so as to contemplait the golden air itself. Beautiful.
A picture that holds a wonderful story...somewhere in the shadows, the clouds, or in the horizon. Inspiring.
brings back child hood memory of similiar places
OMG its a field of straw !!!!!!! although its a wonderful shot but needs more action in it.  its good its good
The camera is a beautiful thing - Beauty Captures Beauty...
Huh.... Yeah it happens. LOVE & LIght
wow thats so pretty i could see me sitting on the back porch enjoying this view
Does anyone have a high resolution version of this? Tag me in a comment, thanks.
wow. true touch of eeriness with a mix of sensuality. great work!
how u capture thzz...... uur pix is sooo different n amazing...... <3
nao ha mais o que dizer....a noite adormece,para um novo dia nascer,,,
Bill M.
simply beautiful
wonderful, nice and so beautiful
 I started to write and got disconnected but I was saying GREAT photo! Brilliant. I am ordering  canon 60D today as it is the best I can find with an articulating LCD and am looking forward to shooting photos that will be much improved from what you have seen.
 I also contacted Lee and having gone through chemo as well, gave her some encouragement as well as suggesting the song by the Verve "Lucky Man" which I have on my facebook as well as some other tunes but that song is about how it is all in the head and has helped me with my pain from a broken back & other injuries, I hope it will help.
 Sounds like you have been having some good times which is great to hear as well as remarkable, with all of the email you have to read and respond to. Keep it up.
Brian Murphy
Mike, I am so grateful - this is stunning!  I would hang it on my wall in a heartbeat!  Thank you so much!
brilliant tell me more about ur charity if poss?chris somerset 
yes, I love this community too and this is a wonderful photo
I wish I'll have the chance to travel to this place... nice
Suse S
...this incredibly warm light when the sun gently kisses the earth...  I didn't think that one could capture that. Wonderful.
it look´s amazing
makes one happy to be on earth
es lo mas bello que he visto. gran trabajo :D
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