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A Frame Within A Frame

She was collecting for charity in Liverpool and I just loved her headdress, it framed her pretty face perfectly and I had to take her photograph, we struck a deal in that I would donate for a portrait and this was the end result. Sometimes you just love it when you come across subject like Tahura and she is more than happy to have her image taken, the smile is genuine and you can see it in her eyes.

For me this creates a frame within a frame for the final image, I have to admit of late, this is one of my favourites.

I have only just gotten home from Liverpool but there are some odds and ends I need to catch up with so I will be back in a short while :)
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I love how you bring out the best in people
Wonderful exposure Mike! Great start to my day. Thank you.Allan
Wonderful portrait. The light, the background, your subjects skin tone and the head dress colors. Truly a perfect storm. Well done Mike. Congrats.
Beautiful subject and beautiful image +Mike Shaw ! One of my faves. You continue to inspire. Thanks for the inspiration. :)
This one will be one of your most popular photographs ever. Excellent Mike! Really fantastic.
That's impressive! She looks so warm and friendly! Nicely done!
Mike, you have caught her true nature - the essense of the woman. Fantastic rapport and excellent photography mate.
What a wonderful image of a beautiful young women !!!
looking a loot of inocent face....
only one is not enough to explore the beauty and sweetness of this pic... beautiful.....
This can show how fashionable women with hijab can be!! awsome pic :3
All the pictures of many people whom you met, make me hear the time stops. So it's a great experience for me too. And I thank you very much.
Beautiful as usual. You are very talented, and you must be very aware of your environment. Thanks.
Lina L
Amazing photo! +Mike Shaw you truly captured this Wonder's loving essence. Cheers!
Very striking girl-love it
مكونات الصورة جيدة جدا
She is beautiful, and you have captured her spirit, her soul is smiling out from her eyes. The scarf frames her face beautifully. I would also expect to see an image like this in National Geographic.
A pretty girl and a great photographer.
Awesome! This is a perfect frame for woman!
Liz C
Extraordinary subject and framing. What a lovely image to start my day. Thank you Mike! 
I love it! Its so pretty especially the colors and designs. Alhamdulillah.
جميله جدا -_-
i love her hijab, it's very unique and stylish!
Homa Kh
really appreciate your word about Hijab, excellent photo, thanks.
Great shot. What a beautiful face.
very strange and so cute. God bless!!!!
Now THIS woman is a model. She's gorgeous!
Mashaa Alah. most of this headdress in Egypt and really it looks very nice.
Hi Mike how are you doing dear ? Very powerful image lovely.
what a smile..
and the innocent eyeszzzzzz!
I have seen one thing she's beautiful if I get her oh noooo
Al-hamduillah! We are proud to be Muslims!
only Muslim girls were this..called Hijab ..I'm lucky to be one of them
صورة جميلة مثل عمل الخير!!!!
very nice eyes with simplicity in face.
not overdoing the make up probably helped... if she is in fact wearing any at all?
What a beautiful photo of a beautiful woman. Great job.
She is gorgeous. The double framing is gorgeous. Fantastic.
She must have a lot of inner beauty that reflects on her outer beauty. Very wonderful portrait, she seems to look right into the soul and your title frame in a frame fits very well I think. Thanks for sharing.
good to see something out of the ordinary
What a beauty. Thanks for capturing it. Marvelous 
be proud in humanity,
not in religion..!!
A great example of how paring down to the essence of what you want to say makes your story all the more clearer. Superb!
Them beautiful eyes can tell stories
mike how u do it dude......really a nice 1.....
Ava C.D
excellent photography!
A beautiful photo.
She is so beautiful - thanks for the smile :)
Mike, the world needs more people like you. If we could all look at the world as a 'frame' perhaps our differences wouldn't be so different at all. Hello from Canada!
An incredible amount of beauty in that smiling face.
kia sha
Beauty is indeed in respecting diversity
que preciosa mujer... hermosa imagen... felicitaciones al que hizo la toma...
Una foto y un rostro realmente formidables. Enhorabuena por este gran disparo MIke.
she is pretty no homo
It's the greatest way to cover herself.
Max Harris, mother marry covered up, was that an evil idea as well? Make some sense please. Ignorant is cause by not having adequate information or lack thereof.
she is pretty in the face but what about the rest of her body being covered
This is a simple image, it shows a pretty girl that wears a hijab, regardless of the reasons of her wearing the headdress does not detract from her beauty. This is to celebrate her beauty not to discuss the pro's and cons of any religion.

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Beautiful! Simply beautiful. Some higher power created that and I could care less which one!
A beautiful photo . Artistically you framed it well and the woman is exquisite. The image transcends.
i agree lovely woman and well taken shot
The experience was worth it. Better than paying a model with so much hassle. This one goes to charity.
she is ugly i have better looking maids than that
Nature adores creative variation. Observe without judging. Balance anger with love.
That Picture of worthy of National Attention. Love it.
she's very pretty in an nontraditional sense. her happiness and contentedness shine through and maker her beautiful, physically and beyond.
I do believe you're photography is the best I see on here. Simply stunning!
tee jay
beautiful eyes
Ah, but does she know that she is now World famous? :D
I love love LOVE when the Hijab is worn this way, it invariably makes a women beautiful. For one thing, it concentrates the view on the face. I think that's also why extremists want the female face hidden: this distilled beauty is more than they can handle, so rather than work on their own ... thing, whatever you'd call it, they prefer it to be hidden. A shame, really.

In any case, that's a GORGEOUS picture, well done!
good picture but here is one question . doesnt that hijab makes those women minds hot because they block passage for air. & doesnt that feels uncomfortable to wear it so heavily ?
Makes me think of the circle of life, with great inner beauty, and a warm smile.
What a stunningly beautiful face.
she's so beautiful especially with that headdress. I denotes peacefulness within.
Beautiful picture, beautiful story!
~I'm a big fan of women dressed in thier own attire, I wish more would do the same. ~Wa do~
Lovely portrait. You're right the headdress/scarf makes a perfect frame. A perfect combination, good eye. Thanks for sharing.
Yup,almighty God is the best architect.

+Mike Shaw But your skills are really fantastic.
Good work bro.Keep it up.
Steve V
Really like this photo. Beautiful.
i love it. i was trying to do this style today. now i'll really do it! ;)
Awesome Photo And Words :)<3
her zamanki gibi harika çekmişsiniz çok güzel bir albüm albüm başındaki bayan sülüetide çok hoş
+Mike Shaw Of all, it's the story/poem/caption, you add to these splendid art of yours, that enchants me the most and breathes a great inspiration!
waw natural beauty and she has the most beautiful eyes
A, man? This is a very beautiful girl...Musslim, I assumed..
little bit overdressed, but great face and nice shoot ;)
Yes she is beautiful and I like her hairdress too. A frame within a frame. Good way to put. Wow what a beautifully framed face it is!!!!
like u'r hijab................nice
again faces out of the dark.but wait this is a delightful one,thnx for sharing this
really perfet portrait conratulations
She is stunning....just a beautiful natural face. And what a great thing you did to help her cause and look you have an absolutely marvelous picture out of it.
So,Wonderful ,,Very-Nice....With,,a,Girl
Mike, what a wonderful photo. Do you have similar that you would consider sharing? Thanks.
this called "Roosari" in Iran
Mike, that is a beautiful shot. It should be on a very large frame somewhere like an artist wall for showmanship. Needs a little centering.
Absolutely called with different names but, mike Your shot and view are great...
Great shot buts needs centering 
what really makes a beautiful picture is the beautiful person in it, hope she knows that :-)
Extremely Beautiful 
She radiates not only beauty but love and kindness as well. This is
what I see.
amin n
rounded cloth super...
Lovely capture and a lovely subject!
She has a lot of natural beauty great shot as always !
This is beautiful......I love it!!
i think she felt shy, she was tryin' to smile but hesitated a bit. but the photographs' a nice 1
she is very pretty...... her eyes look red
nice girl, like her hijab....
like the pic.... nice photography!
Hijab - Muslim women's crown of beauty!
wow, this is a beautiful pic. the colours, the genuine smile...perfect
Gorgeous the headpiece too lol
This is a very nice photograph.
Absolutely breathtaking, Mike! I had to double check that I wasn't on some Pulitzer or Life or major Picture of the Year site.
Perfect skin and beautiful head dress :) Pretty lady as well. Great photo!
A delicate creature at the best of times.
What a beautiful shot! She is a breath of fresh air!
You have a wonderful (and seemingly extinct these days) way of seeing the person inside and out and the ability to capture as well as convey what you see on to others. I wish there were more with your ability! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work and may we never lose sight of it!
She is beautiful.
Amazing photo. The layout and contrast of colour are stunning.
She is very naturally beautiful !
That has no words to describe how beautiful that is
Heart deeply reflective smile, stroking all the soul ...
thanks for letting us meet the people you have met
oh what a pleasure and joy
to meet all these souls of brothers and sisters
witness of the beauty and pride of humanity
bye, good night & good day sunshine
See! And there are still some stupid EU countries "e.g France " ...trying to ban the symbol of Muslim women ...
Beauty certainly, you've also captured a little mischief... Lovely.
This is freedom, she has the choice to wear what she likes hence portraying true beauty. Love it!
Superb shot! Very meaningful eyes!
With hope of success and progress in the good work ... & very nice photo
Truly, this is a frame within a frame. Lovely!!
Beautiful picture of a beautiful lady. MashaAllah
No i dont know art but she is beautiful

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