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Take Off

Its not often I upload more than one image a day as it can clog your streams but I wanted to put this up, simply because I think its the luckiest shot I have ever taken. Myself and my wife were in Grassmere in the Lake District so I could shoot some landscapes. I had just finished a few and decided to change lenses for the walk down to shoot some of the wild flowers in the meadows we had passed on the way up. 

Along a path a lot of birds were landing on posts as we walked along, the robins in the Lakes for some reason seem to be very brave and this little chap sat and watched us as we approached, I took his image just as he decided to take off. I'm no wildlife photographer but spending time in Chester Zoo has taught me a lot about trying to get images such as this but you can never beat a good dose of luck too :)
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That's a beautiful capture +Mike Shaw! Perfect framing and timing!! And focus spot on. Great moment frozen in time!
definitely .... until u really see that he'z just about to touchdown ! it's such an exciting picture when you see it ..... !
Amazing photo. When something this lucky happens, it has to be shown to the world. 
I don't think anyone would complain about shots from you clogging up their streams +Mike Shaw !
strength balance... that's amazing capture.. <3
It's an awsome photogragh...thanks.
real gifted ur-i love your work--and i have respect !!!shapiro and i hez a j -azz !!!ureal arrogance.>>dislike alot !!!so what --thanx for the enjoyment u share>
Lake District is reli a wonderful place to take landscape. The view are fantastic there!!
opportunity and a little luck always brings out the best unexpected it  
Haha! That's a gret shot! Love it!
vry cute! the feet is especially lovely!
feel free to clog our streams with photos like this~
Wonderful timing Mike Love the blured backgroung you made gives full focus on the bird, As alwayse great work Mike. Allan
Amazing capture and perfect timing. Beautiful!
love this pic, my son's name is Robin after this bird, he was born christmas eve
i think its both a beautiful pic and nice motivation too.."Prepare to take off as your conquests await you"
looks like it will preparing for pirching in my hand
landing or jumping ?!
no diff... it's a move any way.
Awesome - amazing timing and perfect DOF
Incredible shot. What camera do you use?
Ri Go
That is an awesome pic.
It kinda looks like it got scared or something.
A moment in time, never to  be repeated again.
Beautiful little bird 
such a wonderful creation of God
It is magnificent. Nice catch.
Fantastic capture. 
GOD what a brave bird
ahh look at the cute bird oops fly bird fly the eagle spotted you
Hey +Mike Shaw , why can't I download your photos for offline viewing ? I remember I did so before.
That is really nice.  I love those once in a lifetime shots.  Good job!!
Great Shot -- without your explanation it would be hard to decipher if the bird was taking off or landing...  :-)
Really wonderful capture!  Great action shot!  Glad you decided to share it.
Just the moment of flying away... : )
Thank you. like I said a huge amount of luck was involved :)
I seem "hearing" the motion the bird in your picture has generated. 
EPIC !!! jus no words n u r a wonderful photographer... !!!!
Wow!  What great timing and focus!  These are so rare.  Cherish this one!
He almost looks like a sprinter coming off the blocks... :-) Great capture...
According to bird's pose, I think it's about to land.
Ilove ,your shop you know just what to shoot!,,,!,,w

Amazing!  Better than the fly my daughter caught on a digital shot with my phone flying by, while she was trying to capture me on a tractor!
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