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She Reclaims What Is Hers

One of many small wrecks that are hidden on the banks of the River Mersey, not very noticeable as mother nature has set about reclaiming the boats, the wood is rotting and plants have filled the hulls, makes you wonder if one day she will reclaim the power station on the horizon?
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Nature will reclaim everything we build, given enough time.
Super shot! Love the colours and the composition.
Derelict industries and buildings makes for some nice photo opportunities if one just can get access to them safely...
I wish she did reclaim what's hers
Your photography is always inspiring. Thanks
I love the stillness captured here.
Mother Nature would ultimately and surely recycle everything and give it back to us, anew! I like the perspective; as if the decaying wreck and the plants are enlightening us about Life itself!
+Mike Shaw funny to think that at some point everything you see around you will be reclaimed. One one hand it renders everything futile, on the other it makes you think how lucky we are to be here right NOW. Great picture.
i love the color in this image beautiful!!
is this a nuclear electric power plant in the background?
Chris F
Superb photo.
Lovely peaceful shot Mike :) Hope you're doing well.
This has got to be HDR I think that you have loads of patience to wait forthe weather to give you the right conditions I am jealous of your eye and the way you have realised and ignored the thirds rule
Oka Ako
wow! Amazing!
beautiful photo and in answer to nature reclaiming the power station yes! Nature reclaims everything eventually although some nuclear fuels have a theoretical half life in the region of 80 million years.
Interesting to find out if it happens!
her zaman zzirvelerde ol
Nice photo of the 'muddy' Mersey. Being a Merseysider, I know the area very well does reminds me of time when I was in a place like this looking at the city from far and would feel that all of it is mine...Alhamdullilah ...thank you for reminding me my pleasant feelings...<3
She already reclaimed in a wreck, we are hers?
looks pretty!!! where is that at?
Man, I like yr photography, serene and peaceful, yet with a message.
wowww ,,,, amazzzzing ,,,,soooo beautiful..
Beauty is everywhere. & you capture that constantly
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