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A World Full Of Colour

Good morning Googler's

I saw her walking down the road in Chester City Center, it was kind of hard not to notice her simply because the amount of colour she was wearing, it was only a she approached that you also noticed the piercings too. Mix them all in with the signs of age and you have this wonderful eclectic mix of a woman that is more than comfortable with who she is. I asked if I could take her image and as you can see she was more than happy to do so, her daughter who was with her said this always happened but I think there was a certain amount of pride that her mother has refused to "conform".

I love people like this, on a grey day they provide that vivid reminder that life is not all grey suits and grey clouds and hiding under umbrellas.

I did ask her name but it was one of those days that I didn't take my note book out, I'm getting old and have since forgotten!
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What a wonderful story and a beautiful picture. Lady rocks!!!
+Mike Shaw Honestly, despite living as a non-conformist (assuming that's what drives the decision to look a certain way) I was seeing more of an indigenous culture and how common unusual looks were at earlier points in time. I have a theory, that the further western culture advances in it's march to homogenize our waking reality, at some point in the future, what indigenous cultures remain, will eventually be moved to "zoos" in an attempt to preserve the way the world used to be and allow us to take the kids out on the weekend and show them the spendor of what the world was really like once! Pretty sad...
Somehow I feel, commitment, hard work, patience, endurance, and a lot of optimism, has gone into making this lady. Her liveliness towards life can be seen very clearly. I bow in respect to a Mother!

Its a great photo, not only because of the quality of photography itself, but also due to the story it's alluding to, as a genuine photo should!
Funny how people now stand out from the crowd by merely being themselves. What does that say about everyone else?
Great portrait +Mike Shaw. I personally find portraits of wonderful women like this one much more interesting and meaningful than those depicting models of whatever perception of beauty happens to be in vogue. :)
A lovely portrait of a happy looking woman dressed as she likes not
what what many would do,she is in her own colourful smiling space.
She looks kindly. And she is looking through you. Probobly she became one with herself and her life.And that is a peaceful thought.
"I love people like this, on a grey day they provide that vivid reminder that life is not all grey suits and grey clouds and hiding under umbrellas"

Well said +Mike Shaw ! (y)
Feng Gu
Fantastic Mike ---------------------- !
You capture her joy and contentment in your photo. I love this image and the story behind it. Thanks.
Loved your pic Mike and loved your thoughts on this even more! One needs to have an eye to observe and appreciate the uniqueness of of everyday people in our everyday life!
Wow...the peace she has with herself is rare to find... great post!
Good morning Mike are you shooting the full moon Saturday? 
It'd be lovely to see Chester become the next Glastonbury ;)
Loved your thoughts on this also great post 
I like this post, ty :)
There aren't enough colorful people in the world anymore, sadly. Love the shot, how did you get that void backgrund?
wonderful portrait,great words for that lady!!!she is giving me that impression that life is worthy her
i love scars and wrinkles. both tell an incredibly vivid and amazing story
great contrast, beautiful one!
Thank you so much for sharing this. It's a confirmation and a re-confirmation of life!! and an inspiration too...
bohemian beauty...:)
If I may say so, and without wanting to be rude, she looks like she would fit straight into a Mad Max movie with all the coloured dreads and everything, but NOT in a post-apocalyptic way, but in a VERY POSITIVE WAY! She would make Mad Max reconsider his motives :-) But also I see her as a very open-minded, life-experienced and happy person. I know people like herself, and they are the most lovely people you could ever encounter. Why can't we all be like this?
What the Funkadelic? Is that the white Mrs. George Clinton?
Beautiful photo and thank you for the story with it! She's wonderfully colorful and fantastic.
Exceptional, Mike. God I adore her.
+Julieta Casabuena Facto Moffatt I didn't say "the same", I said "like this", which is not the same. People could be all like she is, or if I rephrase, be more true to themselves, and honest about what they really want to be and go more against the stream than just floating with it or being wannabes and two-faced personas not thinking for themselves and imitating fakes...or whatever "society" wants them to be these days. That's what I meant :-)
un véritable arc-en-ciel cette Dame..:)le tout est qu'elle sois bien dans sa peau.....
You can see the joy of life and beauty of his soul. Lovely photo.
Her hair is kinda crazy and I'm not digging the pearcings.
I finally get to see you in G+. I was a follow in deviant.. Still great work! as usual! :)
i bet shes an amazing, interesting person. great photo!
Its a wonderful pic, made me happy
I like her how she look, so colorful... Excellent portrait
She has so much to say without saying a word. You can tell she loves her life. Where was this taken?
Beautiful shot and wonderful story!
Wonderful character portrait, Mike. I wonder how difficult it would be to find out who she is with a couple inquiries to the neighborhood. I'm guessing she must stand out (unless Chester is a truly colourful place!).
Truly beautiful, in the comfort and bliss exhibited
always wonderful faces and looks
Saw this photo a little after I woke up. Made be start the day with a smile and some positive energy... A real feat these days:))

Thanks to you for sharing and the rainbow lady for living life without compromises. 
she looks like a normal human , whats wrong with her ? just an old age makes her to look like that!
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