A World Full Of Colour

Good morning Googler's

I saw her walking down the road in Chester City Center, it was kind of hard not to notice her simply because the amount of colour she was wearing, it was only a she approached that you also noticed the piercings too. Mix them all in with the signs of age and you have this wonderful eclectic mix of a woman that is more than comfortable with who she is. I asked if I could take her image and as you can see she was more than happy to do so, her daughter who was with her said this always happened but I think there was a certain amount of pride that her mother has refused to "conform".

I love people like this, on a grey day they provide that vivid reminder that life is not all grey suits and grey clouds and hiding under umbrellas.

I did ask her name but it was one of those days that I didn't take my note book out, I'm getting old and have since forgotten!
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