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Edge Of The World

Caress me this morning
And whisper your secrets
Surround only me
To keep me warm
In hues of gold and green
And other colours of silence
The sunrise through the ether
Bathes my dreams
Keeping me safe
As I stand
On the edge of the world

Good morning G+

This is one of my favourite locations, a simple piece of land on a farm with a public footpath that goes through it, simple place that can at times produce some wonderful sunrises. I used to spend so much time here waiting for the sun to come up, it time I went back now summer is almost upon us.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.


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Ian Hex
I love these almost "glowing" landscapes you capture, totally calming
Very moody, very nice!
Han Roy
oh, I figure this is great!
Magical and soft with all those whispy trees. Thank you for sharing this place with us. Have a beautiful day ~
Very mystical, like from fairy tale :)
Благодаря за вдъхновението, Майк! Thanks for the inspiration - what a great way to start a new day!
i could feel the sceen whle readin the above lines
NICE...........SUPERB !!!
i think the sun lands on the earth.
I could lose myself in the moment just looking at this pic. So beautiful, so peaceful - utopia!
looks like a great place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee
truly beautiful - makes my arms go all goosebumpy
So beautiful and the words above are too, thanks
wow its really beautifl to watch out!! I want 2 be thre wid my angel! Hehehe
WOW!!!...very romantic it and nice shot too!
M Way
Love the picture, Love the verse.
teach me how to take nice picture
the great romantic poets with a inspring piece.
what a beautiful poem and a lovely picture
Very mystical... I can imagine an army of elves appearing in the mist.
Beautiful place, beautiful words and beautiful pic... Good Morning Mike Shaw...
wu Iris
that are also your works ?so great !!
soo peaceful 2 mind and eyes toooooooo.great poetry..and amaizing pic...>>>>
itwas so beautiful can i take a picture
looking sooo nice!!!!
Stunning! I have photographed similar places in Ireland and Franschhoek (South Africa). Love the wording.
inspiring morning to start with..
Beautiful and moody...thanks!
Love this landscape... <3<3<3
A garden must combine the poetic and he mysterious with a feeling of serenity and joy.
Love the view ..!!!!!
Ed Han
You know, +Mike Shaw, your use of light in your compositions never fails to impress me.
as the hues of the morning mist allow this saga of an encounter of the souls shiningwealth of this tree if life where only the those in the Quickening may journey;; expand this post
+Mike Shaw, I'd love to see this landscape in fall when the trees are full of color with a bit of golden light framing them. Have you done it before?
Reminds me of our South African sunrises. Truly breathtaking
art and beauty do exist in the simplest forms.
Jane C
Love this!
That's beautiful where was that taken?
It has a mysterious quality, edging eerie.
Timing is everything and you nailed it!

Very lovely and soothing to look at. You have an exceptional gift. Thank you.
Love it! A wonderful talent for words. May you have a blessed and beautiful week!
beautiful and peaceful place... :-)
Serenity is what I think of when I see this picture.
A nice place for horseback riding...peaceful, thanks for the photos and lovely words :-)
so full of the sweet ambiguity of sunrise...nice
What a great shot!!! Thanks for sharing with all!!
This is exactly how I felt this morning. The rain and fog covered up the river near by and with the sun shining through it, made it seem like the world was rounded. It is a beautiful picture to see (:
Realizing how Mighty God is. Just look at the works of His hands.... Awesomeness!!!
If only I could see every morning as beautiful as this,I could have made this day better and more wonderful
i love trees...they each have such different characteristics and their sole purpose is to serve....looks like a nice peaceful place to embrace the love in the universe :)
Really wanted to be there!!!!! Marvellous!!!!!
Can you transport me there, now?! :O) Stunning words and photo :O) Thank you for sharing!
how great you are, Allah
that is beautiful and somewhat mystifying
everyone has got their secret garden. right?
Awesome photo and a great poem! Did you compose it? If so nice work! I recommend Adrian von Ziegler, he is a great artist might want to check his works. No advertisement intended.
here is when one hears ones soul breathing unison with the Whole .. shared Oneness .. celebration of the wonder of life ..
sacred moment , thank you inviting us in ..vero
Energized by the light in this. Saved my afternoon. Is there a 1900x1200 for a desktop wallpaper? Thanks!
It's interesting, I had a tab for this stream open from yesterday and began scrolling up it instead of my usual down causing me to see images first, not names––
and still your images never fail to stop me in my tracks, Mike.
Thank you for your inspiring work!
Mike - you never fail to inspire me and make me feel dreamy....
that is such a nice pic, wish that was my backyard.
thanks mike, i hope your day also went well, what a sight this pathway gives to my eyes, great lines that accompany , cheers
Where did you take that? Aw inspiring
Really love the words and the photo.
Excellent picture. Thanks for sharing it.
Yoli lp
Wow maravillosa imagen me gusta saludos
I love your work and mood magical and peaceful
Thank you for this share because with my big imagination I was there beside you sitting on the grass with my cup of coffe watching the same in silence... Have a good day!
Beautiful words......beautiful show me such a beautiful world through your eyes.....Thank You ever so much Mr. Shaw!!!
Beautiful!! I love the light coming in and the lush green! It's gorgeous!!
Steve C
Wonderful ~ ♥
Thank you everyone :)

+Darcy Leduc-Archer This is very close to where I work and I have been here in autumn but I never seem to catch it in the right light but one day I will :)

For those that asked this is a small farm in a town called Northwich in Cheshire UK.
I would like to go for a walk there
this is a great picture, it is so peaceful to see the nicer side of earth
I remember this scene from "The Wolfman".
That's wonderful what I would give to see things like this I'm person
Zdjęcie, jakby robione w...Polsce ! Pozdrawiam.
Beautiful. :) Why can't I see things like this in person?? :/
The playful moment of lovers being so coy! : )
Thats awesome what I wouldn't give to be right there thumbs up my friend
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