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I spent the day at Chester zoo with my wife yesterday and I have a love of the monkey and ape houses. I am fascinated by them and more so the way they can and do react to us. Its hard not feel some sort of connection when they do this and stare intently back at you. I have worries about them being kept in zoo's for our viewing pleasure but is it such a bad life? everything they need is there for them, I always get mixed emotions when I travel to zoo's but in all honesty when would I get to see such wonderful and beautiful creatures if I did not?

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Great eyes. great portrait for his/ her family to hang in their monkey house
Jimmy S
They have everything, apart from there own environment.Dislike zoos but understand human nature.Great image Mike.
Great focus on the eyes - and the lack of background brings out the pathos and almost 'humanity' of the creature. I'm amazed by your shots with the dark background that's a great technique.
Don't need to feel guilty, +Mike Shaw - these days the slightly voyeuristic part about a zoo is more than offset by their two main preoccupations: education (they still do a better job of engagement than those dreadful "Something-watch LIVE" progs on TV), and the welfare/breeding research programmes.
Sorry to admit I live RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the National Zoo in DC (almost a year now); but haven't set foot inside for, like, 30+ years? I will always remember the zoo however for being the first place I ever got drunk (went with a girlfriend, we were maybe 16). Were smokin' some things too .. Don't remember how we got those 2 pints of Tequila but we did... haven't touched a drop of TQ since.

Living in the neighborhood tho' I've overheard that the neighbors bitch a lot because the baboons wake up early & make a lot of noise. :-) Must be on the other side of the bldg, I don't hear nuttin'.
Man I love your work!!! Direct and there is not much space to argue what you wanted to say :) Simplicity also :) great. Thanks for that
the eyes express sadness and some deep feelings.the shot is excellent.
Great eyes! How did you achieve the lighting?
They have everything they need except choice and the freedome to leave. they are two things I would not trade for any price.
I can relate to your thoughts on zoo animals +Mike Shaw. Then I discovered, hopefully true, that most zoo animals are rescued animals that wouldn't be alive outside the zoo setting... I know it may not be true globally, but I can hope there is some truth to this for me locally...
Yes great shot. Motivating me to VISIT THE ZOO JUST NEXT DOOR (!!!) and get off my butt.
Nice portrait. I can easily imagine this as a black & white image, too, maybe with a color key applied to the eyes. I did this a few times and it doesn't look too shabby. Check out my photos to see what I mean if you like.
To us zoo is a good place for the reasons mentioned, but what about them? certainly it is a NO. The most important thing in their life (and surely ours) is FREEDOM.
This is a good picture.
There's millions of years in those eyes.
I don't like zoos.
I don't think this is the appropriate time or place for a pro/con zoo discussion. Let's talk photography, folks.
interesting face. like an old man `
Can't you see the sadness in his/her eyes? I think freedom is most important and until we've lost our freedom, we can't judge what's best for the "other" animals.
+Mike Shaw you know my views on zoos, yes I used to hate them but they have come a long way in the last few years and it is more about the animals wellfare now than the visitors, which it should be. Zoos play an important part in teaching us mere mortals about the animals in there and they are great for breading programmes too. Plus I don't know about other zoos but Chester Zoo puts a lot of money into funding wildlife projects around the world to help animals in the wild.

Anyways......without zoos where the hell would I get my Bat fix ;) :D

Great photo by the way :) xx
i like chester zoo
Lovely shot! Looks like a Lion-tailed Macaque (Macaca silenus). An endangered monkey from southern India.
+Mike Shaw With so many species now endangered zoo's have a vital part to play in conservation/preservation...sadly! Fine image.
جميل فيها تمازج الألوان الطبيعية بين الخلفية والموضوع
One wonders how much intelligence is behind that stare.
If only animals could speak. He looks like he could share quite a few stories. Great picture.
If one of the animal becz this is talented animal this eyes is very sharp..........
This is fantastic. I feel the same way about zoo's. I just hope the keepers are able keep them happy and healthy.
great shot and yes i have mixed feelings when visiting zoos the wonderful creatures indeed, but sometimes...just sometimes the thought of being able to open all the gates slides into my mind...but ...............
Ada M
I can't desbribe it
tell him , when greater, to be a model!!
I find the monkeys and apes are often very sad in zoos. I agree with you that most people would never see any of them if they weren't in captivity...
I think sometimes the zoo is safer than the wild, and Chester Zoo (my fav) is a very good zoo.....
Love the lighting (or post production vignetting) on this.
Pari A
I think they feel surprised that some friends who often visit them like you. And they always hope to get away from the cage to get freedom and back to nature.
Good! I like wild animals. They are natural & have their simple mind to react with human being.
I see intelligent, sentient beings, bearing no malice, no vindictiveness; just cautious curiosity. The way we used to be?

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