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In Search Of Dorothy

Not all yellow brick roads will lead you to Oz, not all you see is real, not all that is real is what you see.

One of my favourite saying is "I never promised you reality" Your imagination is as vital as your equipment.

One of a series of older shots produced for a CD cover, one similar to this was used, this was not.

I have not been able to get on much for the last few days but I will later, I am back in work, speak to you soon :)
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สว่างต้นทาง มองไป ไม่กล้าที่จะเดิน
The bricks look like gold with the light reflecting off the moisture.
Good morning/afternoon Mike . . .glad you are working, have a great day!
wow .fog and rain. is that right ?
The cotrast between the fading colors above&that bright yellow is unique.the words r beautiful
where did you took ?
Fabulous work +Mike Shaw The softness in this picture is beautiful and so mystical!
"Don't pay attention to that man behind the curtain!"
I have never shot fog, love the yellow brick road effect into the unknown...great shot
Reality is only one of the wink, all others dream world :))
is a stone beach in Indonesia
damn, Mike! your beautiful work is something i always look forward to. kudos!
Nice shot! +Mike Shaw I like the long golden yellow brick road leading into the fog.
u did it once again..great job..:)
I like this view ..make feeling lonely
huh wow i like that a lot thats an interesting concept
I like this path walk leading to where our imagination wants. Thank you for creating dreams in us with this beautiful pic.
were did you get it
}:wont it
"The wizard of Oz" is not what it seems to be .... we must learn to read under the lines ....
This shot is brilliant! The gloomy atmosphere plays perfectly against the bright and cheery brick pathway.
Just a street in Kalifornee or is it?? ;-)
All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
-- JRR Tolkien
Ian Hex
Hopefully your camera didn't get soaked!
amazing. I have always loved that children's movie
pone letras de canciones estupidas por favor demandenlo
Sorry. I don't understand Spanish
como no lo vas a entender...pone el traductor...orate...para q lo sepas eso sign. simio
I don't think we are in Kansas any more :P
I don't think I've seen a yellow brick road before,
only heard about them ...
Maybe this one doesn't lead to Oz, but it sure leads into a nice haze.
Close Ur eyes and click Ur heals, ....Nothg seems to happen , but the ruing of my heels. Lol.
BEAUITFUL pic. Mike.
where does this lead to? fog at the north??? still pretty tho
It'd be a great setting for a fantasy story or maybe a Sci-fi film... Great picture!
lovley!we're of too see the fog the wonderful fog of the north!!pretty!
Oh we're off to see the wizerd the wonderful wized of Oz!
Nalla J
Nice words and pic...
Can I get the name of what you're smoking?
That was not a slam, by the way, just a cool observation....
I wish I knew what that guy was saying up there in Arabic, or is it Hebrew? No disrespect. I can't even read his name so how can I ponounce it? I think Google has a translator or someone else does. I'll have to check it out. So the world has blindly finally adopted the universal language that was foretold. One language. The computer and it's language. Gotta' get off this computer........
One of my favorite sayings is " I never promised you a rose garden "..... I'm still looking for my yellow brick road
Very cool picture, Mike. I love objects disappearing into a foggy horizon!
I started out with nothing and still have almost all of it left what road can take you there yellow or not
"Not all yellow brick roads will lead you to Oz, not all you see is real, not all that is real is what you see." wonderful
wunderbar (voon-day-ba)- it means good in german
One of my favourite saying is "I never promised you reality" Your imagination is as vital as your equipment._ I like it.
Wonderful ~ I want to see where it leads :)
how lovely! It takes my mind to a calm place...
sweet reminds me of the wiz n did i mension dat my favrite movi
All I can say is Damn. This is fine work of art
cool oh and i agree with rachel
Dorothy not down the yellow paved road,no power poles but cool photo.
You are the master sir! Almost daily and at least weekly, you blow me away!
extraña átmosfera, bella canción.
Yellow Brick Road for sure...................... Hurry up Dorothy.
You definitely have a distinctive style. Very enjoyable.
Thank you everyone, for those that asked this is my home town in Cheshire UK, the road is an old Victorian promenade and the bricks are in fact a deep fired earth red, I decided to change them in post editing to give this effect (I knew when I took the shot what I wanted) The mist/fog is as it was, we can get a lot of sea mist rolling in up the Mersey estuary and you have to catch it just right.
i wish i was walking on those bricks for hours without stopping or getting tired...
Mike Shaw, you are one of a kind, so talented. I love your view, fab.
omg its the yellow brick road i have always wanted to walk on.
mick i know you could find some awesome shots here in north east pa.u.s.a
it reminds me of a short story that i did in high school "the yellow brick road"
i saw that movie n also read story perhaps the yellow bricks looks cool n nice
I ask this Thread own parts? Can you Gyshvn
what happens if i click my heels three x?  it's been noted that i've quite a fertile imagination... but reality... is reality... and it's there right in front of us... whether we like it or not... The word 'Imagination' = I am magic...
exactly it reminds me Dorothy :) golden path made of gold
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