Its The Details

What can make or break a street portrait?

This is coming from my own perspective, you may or may not agree with it.

I have always said that to get a good street portrait you have to be able to pick someone out that stands out, you have two options when taking images such as this, the full on approach and ask if you can or such as this a candid image taken with a telephoto lens.

But apart from that what makes an image stand out above others?

Details, small little details, this image was taken in Spain last year, what did I see when I was watching her? The pink clothing that was wrapped around in multiple layers creating beautiful folds. I saw her may earrings that caught the light and then there is the details within her face, the ceases and small folds of skin that really bring her to life. I also noticed a missing earring and wondered why it was gone?

When doing street shots such as this, if they are not moving about take time to study them, take time to see even the smallest details, if you can see them you will bring them out when you post edit the post and in doing so bring your subject to life.

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