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Early Days Of HDR

This really has come out of the archives, it was taken with my Canon 400D before it went for a swim in a lake, this is very early HDR work when I first found the programs, I like to think I am a little refined now, I look at this and say "ouch" as I was a little like a bull in a china shop. I have though located the original raw file and I will be seeing if time and experience will give a different result in the digital darkroom, so this is post one of two.

Watch this space ;)
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Can't wait to see the now-version!
I am looking forward to the rework! I am at a very early stage with HDR, still not sure about it, so the above image would be about right for me! :)
Uyi I
and still, I like it. It's not extreme like many of today's artists works trend towards.
It is a great photo +Mike Shaw! "Overcooked", sure but you have it all there and I'm sure your re-edit will show how great it is!
I am digging your awesome photography. Keep up the great work Mike!
Hey guys. On an evening train heading home from work
+Alan Shapiro Bummer, still not tried the web cam out :D we will have to try and get a day when we are all free :)
I've had a brief play with HDR and did get quite a good result, in my eyes anyway, it was a big improvement on the file I started with. Unfortunately I can't find the tutorial I used again, and all the others I've found might as well be written in dutch from what I've understood from them! So, any pointers to getting HDR from RAW using Gimp with no plugins? #PrettyPlease
Have to laugh. My husband is a writer. A writer never stops editing. So, photographers are this way, too?
hey +Mike Shaw i'm not big fan of modern HDR photography ! i love this old one with good contrasts and real colors.
Beautiful landscape, clouds are awesome and this great lighthouse... incredible
Wow +Mike Shaw that's Perch Rock lighthouse isn't it? I live just around the corner from this.... are you close than I think????
Beautiful colors, composition and mood here...LOVE IT!
It was not such a bad start. Looking forward to seeing the new version =)
Nice perspective that you have used.
I guess you "walked" quite a bit to get the clouds in the relation to the light house.
+Mike Shaw I'm still at the bull in a china shop stage - its an interesting place to be though. All that china to break, mistakes along the way, then suddenly you look past the china and see the light!
Pretty good, but i see what you mean! Dat saturation!

I'll be keeping my eyes out for the update!
jac jac
Ótima foto !!
It might be HDR but it looks like you used two circular polarizers :-)
The sky is like a painting :) What a beautiful place !
I would say this is not overcooked like the photos from some people, including the odd HDR guru or two. To me this might be a tad oversaturated and dark, but it still is a nice photo. If I was breezing through pics quickly I would not pick this as an HDR at first glance.
that is a really nice photo... i love the lighthouse!
Very curious to see post 2. I find it very interesting to see an artist's progress over time.
You sure have matured in your whole process. It's good to look back and see the progress.
who wouldn't, so thoughful, love the pillows of clouds as they desend to the lower horizon. also brings back memories of childhood pasttime or making pictures from the clouds. remember?
Why change a good thing? Just call it something different?
That picture is totally a alsome picture.
I think the picture is amazing the way that it is.
Look forward to seeing the comparison. Fantastic skies to play with.
Better if you used a paint brush ... anyone can take a photo
I guess I can see how it's maybe a bit heavy handed. But it really is gorgeous. A very good use of HDR. I'm really curious to see how your new photo will turn out with the benefits of experience and hindsight.
Sometimes, a bull in a china shop is a good thing! I love this sky and it's great texture!!
Now I know what the word texture means.
Wonderful scene,I like it ,feel so good
Rd Raps
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Well...I can't see what you're saying "ouch" about! Looks fab to me! I look forward to seeing your new version. I want to see what I'm missing!
I am not a photographer so my statement may be mute but as a graphic designer sometimes an arrangement is perfect the way it is but if you have a better image I can't wait to see what you have
ảnh quá đẹp! Pravo ...
It often amazes me the details you can get out of clouds when post processing, I love them in the original picture posted here. My critique would be that that sand at the bottom is a bit bland.
I like it. How long ago did you do this one?
clouds played great in this one!
thats a most beautifull sight
+Andrew Prockter The detail in the clouds can be accomplished using a technique called HDR. Basically, shots are taken at different exposures (i.e. -2, 0, +2) and combined together using software.
Yeah....bull in a china shop....that's what we were all thinking (rolls eyes). This is a great shot. I'm looking forward to seeing how much this can be improved exactly (or is improved the wrong word. Maybe just differently interpretation of the data).
You have got some great clouds there. Makes for some wonderful composition that you have used to put it all together. Looking forward to seeing #2 post process exposure. Allan
Can't wait what you'll do with this image in round 2 +Mike Shaw ! The sky is very....orgasmic :)
Love it when clouds layer like that. Nice capture!
Mike! Your sky is so beautiful !!! Sometime I look at the sky and make photo by my iPhone.I like your sky.
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