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To Brighten Your Sunday

Because she brightened mine :)

This is Taylar and she had been with her family to the Liverpool museum were they had Polish flower day and she had this garland made and decided to wear it while out and about, who can blame her. I had been out talking to people and taking images for the #anotherdayanother600seconds  project and sometimes it nice to come across someone that lifts you mood. I have to say thank you to Taylar's dad for letting me take the image.

This is for my good friend +Peter Pawlak , there is always a smile around the next corner :)
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Very good idea. Because it's raining and raining and raining. So it's good to see a flowered girl with the sunshine in her face :-)
i wanna go to my childhood。。 
Beautiful! Thank you.. it works already :-)!
+Mike Shaw Very well said, very beautiful smile, and most of all coming from a very tender, sensitive, passionate person. Thank you +Mike Shaw for being who you are and sharing this part of you.
+Mike Shaw ,puzzled which is prettier, Taylor or the garland or them both.anyway cheerful to start a day with.thnx 4 making my day ever 
the garland is nice, but her smile speaks from her soul :-) never a smile so pure as that of a child!
nice girls with the flowers crown....
Lemme guess ... is she the quiet type? No, not with a steadfast look as such. OK, then she MUST be a daddy's girl. I had one of those. Be careful, they'll have you doing ALL SORTS of stuff!!

Dang, doncha just LOVE 'em at this age???
Nice picture, cute girl, flowers look nice on her. 
an Earth Mother wannabe?
of course SHE IS!
i feel there is coming an new flowerpower wave,the comon decennia,when looking at this picture.
Incredible. The simple beauty of humanity.
Yes ;your green on your Heat its one good Celebrat by joung on the World 
nice picture prety girl!
What a sweet little ray of happiness, nice photo!
Hop Luu
i like to tie hair like her
i always love seeing someone smile :D
makes the world seem to glow
It makes me more hopeful.. thank you photographer..
The girl is so lovely.
I love the natural smile.
So innocent and serene, what a lovely photo, she looks beautiful.
We should all wear flowers in our hair, what a wonderful picture!:-)
she looks like a fairy/angel taken from a fairy tale. 
+Mike Shaw Once again, I am genuinely overwhelmed with deep emotions after reading your post and looking at the girl's image you have captured so brilliantly. She could have been my daughter we had lost 17 years ago, which my soulmate and the mother never recovered from, now losing her battle to alcoholism and drug addiction as a result of it. She is the love of my life, and I would not want to live another day if she were suddenly gone out of my life. Mike, you know by now that I am a very guarded and private person, and it is extremely difficult for me to talk about my life in public. Hence, I don't have many real and true friends, if any. But ever since we have connected almost a year ago, you have inspired me to be a better person, with your visual images and your written words, and I hope that it means something to you, because it means a lot to me, my friend.   
She is lovely and she has  brightened my day.
The unrestrained , careless beauty of youth will soften even the hardest of hearts.
Very beautiful capture of her innocence and beauty! Great pic.
wow I also like flower &leaves jewellry
Love your photos and look forward to seeing the project 
i always like pictures of young smiling faces. their innocent give hope and joy amidst the negative news we hear everyday.

thanks for sharing =)
Beauty in all its glory - human, natural, and spiritual. Thank you for this lovely photograph.
shes a spring fairy princess!!!!! :))))
what she is wanted to share, 
Awww, so cute! And such beautiful flowers! ^_^
her eyes are so touching.... 
Smile is always the key to one's heart.
she's beautiful~~ nice capture
A Child can always make you smile and I love to see different cultures activities!
the sound of music child how. How refreshingly beautiful. Ginny
The beauty on the inside always breaks through.
Holy cow what an awesome shot. Beautiful. Might be one of the best photos I've ever seen.. :O
pretty girl.....................i love her eyes...................!
I've made one of those crowns before.
Naturally Beautiful!!!!: )
شايد بشه گفت گل ها يكي از مظاهرزيبايي هايي هستند كه انر‍ي مثبت زيادي توشون جمع شده
Happy Life to you Taylar and always keep that beautiful smile...thanks Mile for sharing, will follow your work.
so cute girl and beautyfull
Lets all have this 'awww' moment together.
Lovely Mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
she is adorable congragulations on having that crown
Shes adorable! I would definitly eear her headband! :)
I wish Taylor could know she has 1145 "Likes"!  :)
Wonderful shot and beautiful young lady +Mike Shaw Her eyes speak volumes! :)
she is innocent, cute , adorable. thanks for sharing
Shes cute but it did not lighten my mood sorry
Fox 01
Thanks Mike very thoughtful .as a father of 4kids my youngest 6 she likes to go with so appreciate the support.
children have such pure minds, wish we could protect them forever
awwwwww so cute for a wedding she should be the flower girl.
Amazing - so so cute! Just lovely
it's nice but sorry to say that the flower at right side of girl is looking awkard

she is so adorable!!!! she has a very innocent smile!!!! ;)
Beautiful eyes, cute smile
Pretty flowers she looks like a graden princess
What I can I say "I love flowers"

Beautiful photo of the flowers and girl.
You really do appreciate the beauty and bring it to us. Thats lovely.
True.... And a lot of wishes for the little lady. May she always smile like that.....:)
AAwe  what a beautiful smile with pony tails and flowers, so sweet! She brightened my day too :)  Thank you for sharing Mike.
got to love it,   beautiful shot.
i see her and i want mine!!!! awwwwwwww, so cute.....
what a trooper! most children wouldn't have kept that arrangement on their heads for very long. brava!
she's perfect in every way 
She is a most beautiful little girl, and would uplift anyone's spirits who would lay their eyes on her. Just Beautiful!!!!!!!!
i love her blue eyes and she so cute :)
Captured Beautifully! Thanks for sharing..
I realy like the photos you take you look at people as they are with out all the garbage on there face this is so good you are a wonderful person to see the prettyness it something that others can not see is great.thank you for your post
Yea, I don't believe in makeup. You are the way you are. Your face was made the way it is for a reason, I think that if God wanted us to be perfect he would have made us perfect. I prefer to see beauty as it really is and not hidden with gobs of makeup and implants and stuff.
+Peter Pawlak So sorry to hear about what you are going through, you know where I am mate.

Thank you all for the kind responses.
dziękuje za szczery uśmiech no wianek piękne wyglada na głowie Tak trzymać
Beautiful young lady. Very interesting hat! :)))))))) Love it.
Innocence and the Spring, Captivated in this shot.
Just hothouse c that's wat I mean u go from one extream to the next that's wat I love about ur work I respect ur work one n only
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