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Stop. Breathe. Look.

You cant see the sky looking down at your mobile phone.
You cant smile at strangers as they pass if you don't wear a smile to begin with. You cant see the many faces of a city if you watch the pavement while you walk.
You cant hear the voices, the buskers, the many languages if you have your iPod stuck in you ears.

Some of the most vibrant places I go are cities, I stand and watch as the world passes me by, I look up at the buildings and the sky overhead and the people as they pass me by. So many people miss this opportunity to be immersed in life and whats more, to enjoy it. Take a moment out of your day today, find a spot and just watch.

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Great picture, great words. I'll try to follow them today.
Morning +Mike Shaw. Great shot. I can't look at this building without thinking of "The Liver Birds" and right now I have the theme tune going around in my head (ha). Showing my age again! Great shot anyway.
Bu Loo
Feel your Arounders
fantastic pic on this grand national and FA cup semi-final day!!.... :)
So true! .... I do that a lot; I'm the natural born watcher. I enjoy watching people passing by, touching their lives for just a few seconds.
Ah... But looking at the ground lets you find all sorts of cool stuff (including money). I find all sorts of cool bits for my jewelry just by looking down.

Of course, I also am just observant. I am always surprised what I notice that people I am with never noticed.

Take it all in. 
Beautiful and nice capture for the building plus the sky really wonderful
The Liver building is such an iconic sight. My city. Good post.
In the Roman Empire, and in B.C. civilisations, you could recognize the people looking down as SLAVES.
so very true, I hate to see people always on their phones, looking down etc thank you for sharing.
Thank you for the nice picture.

Although I can not understand English well,
Your comment was poetic and I also feel on smoothly.

When I look up at the sky, I have to say my feelings blend into the landscape for some reason, I realized more clearly the state of his mind and body. Will blend into the scene is neutralized mind, I think to make things easier for yourself mind when looking at the overhead view and as it was before.

I wanted to enjoy the everyday can take a nice picture I also like this.

  Translated by Google
I absolutely agree, I'm always looking up, and around, and I rarely catch others doing the same. Wonderful shot!
You can't see where you're going or who is about to steal your equipment if you are looking up at the sky through a camera's viewfinder. I suppose I might get a clue from listening if I didn't have my iPod plugged into my ears but you can't hear news of what is happening around the world or appreciate the juxtaposition of a mellow concept album to the chaos of the city if you are listening to a poorly delivered rendition of knocking at heaven's door over the sound of taxis blaring their horns.
Being present in our world is a wonderful thing... was so happy to see you here this AM , Have a wonderful weekend : )
lulu said looks like gothic ssssskkkkkyyyyy
Really, dis is all v hav to LEARN !!!!
too right!
People think the city can't be beautiful!
What do they know
great photo, great message +Mike Shaw - and you are not anything like fully alive if you only live through your technology. Learn to live. Have a techn0-free day occasionally and feel what it feels like!
+Mike Shaw. U r always making my day,reading ur words is delightful for me to keep on!!cheers
nice poetry with a lovely pic.
what a good idea....,i like this sooooooooooomuch
everyone seems too busy of something less important that they tend to forget about the siplicity of life and the joy it brings/..
Enjoyed looking at some of your work. It touches the soul.
Agreed. Considering that technology was supposed to bring us closer together, it seems to be having quite the opposite result. Sure it's making the world smaller, but it's also making the distance between each of us much greater. This seems somewhat paradoxical, but the evidence is all around us now. People are busy communicating with other people who are tens, hundreds or thousands of miles away, whilst completely ignoring the person sat next to them... and everything else going on around them. Whereas technology was previously used as a servant of humanity, increasingly it is humanity that is becoming a slave to its technology. End result? The disintegration of the soul.
watch for too long and you will be lost in your minds eye.
An extraordinary work of art, You deservea star. from a height we can see how The God shows his greatness bythe stunning natural beauty. however we could nothave known You(God) even further
I hope you enjoy the essay above Mike. I agree with you.
The artist sees so much more than those around him/her. I have often wondered if it is simply the exhilaration experienced, or simply 'trained observance'.
Mike, I love this composition. The stoplight to convey the need to actually stop and the juxtaposition of the building and the sky perfectly compliment your commentary. Great stuff all around. :)
Love the words written here. Thanks for sharing with this lovely photo
North Korea isn't staring down at us. Thats for sure!
Pure faith the time on the clock, hmm thats what i see the angel says when you view this and look up pray for the Heartland, storms a approaching bless you all
Mani from Chennai (India). This is super picture.
It's the Royal Liver Insurance building in Liverpool i think.
good advice..i like it
Not to toot my own horn, but I try to do this daily. :)
I love people watching :) It is to easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life so it is important transcend the electronic buzz.
Пока дышим - мы идем!
Пока мы любим- мы живем!
Пока мы Верим - мы боремся и побеждаем!
I'm good at people watching. I like to just fade into the background and go unnoticed as I watch them go by. It's the most interesting ones that always notice me and speak. Wonderful!
That was nicely said. I never thought about that!
yes create its own language.....this electronics buzz cause of love & hate and destroy the natural excitement....
great words and image
That poem was really pretty! I never thought about cities like that!
Beauty (and wisdom) lies in the eyes of the beholder! The perception of reality stems from the infinite wisdom of the cosmos. Wise are those men (and women) who are able to decipher the hidden code of this infinite microscopic and macroscopic universe with their mere eyes. Great work Sir!
You can't no the creator if you don't no your self ( Sir Ali Ibn Abi Talib )
ha ha that's so cool never thought about that
thats nice...................... also great
i walk with my head down but good comes to doing it cause i find alot of money XD lol
know that sight very well. its a beautiful building.
You said too much ,
Beautiful picture
you're rite.... sometimes i used to feel the same...
"Whats got four legs, walks peculier
Talks with all the choicest words
What's got four arms, loves to grab you
Answer is two Liver Birds"
Jay Ray
So I am guessing you were not using your phone for this shot. That would be too ironic.
cjbrc -
Very well said, should be an eye-opener for most people!

And stunning photo, of course! :)
All i see is a black blank. I think the photo glitched.
Wow...! Is it HDR?
I also often think that when i see my stepdad stuck to his iPhone!
Sooo sooo true dude!!!~~~ :) Live ,love ,laugh!
Many of life's greatest moments are those we never expect or plan. The times we spend at stuck in traffic, in lines at the grocery store or waiting in a doctor's office. Those are sometimes a moment we can get lost in thought and find ourselves realizing how much we have to be grateful for or just look around and value the life we have and the fact we are in this life. (Mom of a 10 year cancer survivor)
Heart as big as my hometown. Lay me down by water cool. Heart as big as the city. Heart as big as Liverpool 
I just viewed the photos you have posted. I really love the feel of them. They tell stories and my fingers were itching to write what I saw. Beautiful work.
30 min. later... The photo is still glitched. REPLY IF THIS IS HAPPENING TO YOU!
Great post and comments; all too often humanity looks to resemble The Matrix more and more, in that we're being increasingly “jacked in” to our mobile devices and tech-toys too much to appreciate the world.
that's the optimist's view...
Don't forget the pesimist's view :

You can see where you're going looking up at the sky
You can get sued for starring and smiling at strangers, especially if it's a lady
You can see the miserable people and the violence when not looking at the pavement while you walk
You can hear people argue, car horns and police sirens if you don't have your iPod stuck in your ears

Well just giving the controverse ;)
Love the photo Mike and love your philosophy.
Beautiful post and beautiful photograph! I love that clock tower! Wonderful texture and detail!!
I love the city, and long to live near one every day so i can be in the excitement of it all!
Great architectural shot! Love the sky wonderful
The Royal Liver Building in Liverpool Docks I assume.
There is so much we miss when immersed in technology! And yet, technology teaches! There is so much to learn in relationship with earth! Photographs capture these moments!! ©2012
if you're listening to an ipod in Liverpool, you're lucky you're not being mugged
agree 1000% don't understand the zombies always walking with the music on their ears even on the beach or on the forest.. WTF the nature is the best music!
+Anton Melser yes he can, poetic license
Many cities sound like shit all the time (horns, elevated trains, other peoples loud music)... you should have 5 charges on a car horn and then you have to pay $20 to get it recharged for another 5. Would make people think twice about using them all the time.
Such a true statement, I would much rather look at the amazing beauty around me than miss the chance to make a connection with live people and works of art.
Uh, hu... Or, you could find your favourite song, blast it in your room and play your favourite multiplayer computer game. Still, nice photo.
it would look better if the sign was not in the way...............
goddess love and light surrounds us everyday, blessings from gypsy to you keep up your inspireingjob love these pics of urs v--v )O(
May God bless you and yours becouse you bless ALL of us with ur pics and ur words of wisdom. Mike!
oh yes, I now see the bird on top, I know there is more than one. Very interesting shot of an already interesting building +Mike Shaw
words full of wisdom... how many of "us" do forget, what is around us? Too many of "us" are so involved in their everyday life with its hurry and its problems,... so these surroundings can be easily forgotten
You can't know the reality, if you don't know your self.
very truly said, however societies have changed over time in which many people are losing their touch with nature and this planet.
then the glory of enigma my learned and trusted friend
as for the trident messengers of the atlantic would
cause it to evaporate and end
on sleepy canadian hamlet
creedence round the bend
send send send
as the great learned one walks the boston royal mile 
end to end
my friend! my friend! my friend!
but what horror
what offence
as wee tootsie puckers up his lips
and blows a trumper miles and trane
to which their is no end.

oh wendy oh wendy oh wendy
is thy tofu all bendy bendy bendy
polymer ring you are a has been
no cash no cash no cash
adult book
ting ting ting
hotline telephone buddha dealer
ring ring ring
k will you call me?
as ricky ross say
make my telephone ring!
smoke smoke smoke
with a husky voice dylan
i will sing sing sing.

a sage will call me
to steal my face from me
a yemenite bedoiun will offer re to me
oh pixel irritant!
quelled by coke
the people of my land
scotland. not a joke.

but as wee trumper
hits another solo. 
old fool.
mr bolo
then an orchestra
a crescendo
i have awoken!
the ice has melted from the cap.

nothing but birdsound
chitter chatter
chitter chatter
tweet, tweet
tweet tweet

a million chatting voices
internet millionaires in rolls royces
robert rubin. mental age unknown
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