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The Take Over Has Begun!

I'm just heading out the door to go see Jeff Dunham in Manchester tonight but before I go I thought I would leave you with something to debate.

Is Google Taking Over The World?

Discuss :D
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I think so, and I don't mind..
My world? Possibly. Everyone elses? Probably not.
Ha ha, that was truly a good one!

Google IS taking over! There's gonna be a Google-flag over the White House soon... ;)
Google would be my primary choice for world domination anyways :)
+Mike Shaw I hope it does take over the world. If it doesn't, Facebook will. And that would be a world where soap opera gossip is the law of the land. No thanks.
I, for one, welcome our new Google overlords. Hey. Someone had to say it.
Jeff Dunham the ventriloquist +Mike Shaw? Very funny and creative guy - have fun!
If they are.... I think I'm ok with it. If any company were to take over, I'd vote for Google to be it. They've already taken over my internet identity... and what else is there really :P
The mexican is my best character!!!

That guy's got serious swag... and a wicked accent :-)
for me, I loove Google as a name , as a icon and they are clever enough that they could reach this position with the certain numbers of years, really they can do it and be on the top of the world all at all I love successful teams
I will bet for that. Google is real looking forward to have that chance and it's gonna have it
Ho Liu
As long as they stick with the 'Do no Evil' principle and don't change it to 'Do no Evil, unless we have to'.
I hope they take over Microsoft first.
Giving that many people rely on search results provided by Google (and most trust them blindly) - yes, it does (or will soon).
If they do it may become a much better place :)
All I know is that it took over my world already. XD
Imagine aliens wearing google glasses....I think it's not only the world!
mh, is there a world outside? i'am not shure, let's have a look....
Nah...but you and I should join forces and make a play for it
They are definitely doing their best in trying to make it happen.
Well Microsoft tried, maybe Google will succeed, when does the Google operating system come out???? :)
Not Google itself, but the spirit of Google.
Probably the spirit Google, but for sure the freedom of open source software and open communication
IT does seem that way... Google+ has exploded in a very short time and the possibilities are endless... and no one that anyone could compete with FaceBook?????hmmmmm.....
really taking around the world...not more than an hour mike
Dude you're about 5 years too late, Google already owns us.
google already as, enough said. so lucky your seeing jeff dunham! i love that guy!
Enjoy the show. +Jeff Dunham is great ! as far as Google... they (the critics and the media) used to say that same about IBM and then Microsoft. Neither has yet to take over. They are however very well positioned to set a technology innovation standard much like IBM and Microsoft have.
I am perceiving the takeover differently I guess...Yes they are. But if there has to be a takeover, I would rather give it to Google. Have you seen how awesome the organizational culture is? I wish I could work for Google...The employees are spoiled rotten. All corporations should follow the example set by Google.
the Google as itself is a small peace of Internet. I would say the Internet became so powerful and is taking over the control of this world. If the Google will be gone some day- I don't think it would be a problem- you, guys, will spent your time on other sites... but what we can do without an Internet? the first thing comes on my mind is- the system of shopping with debit/credit cards will stop,but the bank would not give us cash! We, people, have created the system of web so powerful- and it took over the control of our lives.It is it?
Not yet.. first he need to control the politicians!
the data of politicians is more important for this world like my money in the bank!
Absolutely. Very scary stuff...they collect lots and lots of data on you.
I hope so, someone needs to.. we're making a bloody mess of it on our own.
A question I have been asking myself for the past 8 months now.

Some people (of all ages) do not want it! They can't really say why.
Some think it is necessary to get "us" back together. Google helps but... (blank...)
Some swear it is "elitist"@-0''''!(i don't get that one either)
It got to me till I realized...
I'm 40 this year and plugged into Google for some time now.
All my daily surrounding is 10 years younger than I, (all backgrounds, including my wife) and still not using Google but instead local - search, forums, social netty,...
Then it hits me:
Yes. It was kind of... naahh... But yes Google will not take over the world unless Google speaks every "native" languages.
The lack of accurate language support has been, is frustrating to so many at this time.
If we look at the world language map.
It does not reflect the world really?

If it comes to EN interacting bodies Google is doing it right. But, Not everyone is willing to learn English! Not everyone has the tools to learn English either!

So Is Google Taking Over The World? Yes BUT No.
Just adults sick junk on Facebook. Google is more of an artistic family.
when we don't try to know things/people and just follow, they take over us... but if we start understanding them... their traits, their capacity, etc, we can walk hand in hand and be friends... google has always been a good friend to me...
a very good subject to ponder upon... same as watching a good photo... :) thanks!
For me I'm kinda glad News International can no longer do it ;)

Jeff Dunham was superb BTW, you know its wrong on so many levels but I don't think I have ever laughed so much in all my life :)
Yes, what else would they do? Though I think the meek are going to be disappointed.
another thought....would it be so bad if they did?
another though.... how much creative space would be left for others to grow if they did?
There's always room for more creativity........right *Larry Page?
definitely not in China,we are almost insulated to Google
Sure. If it can buy out facebook and twitter
+Mike Shaw firstly, I am glad you recognise that Jeff Dunham is wrong on many levels; secondly, I am delighted you enjoyed it, I've heard he puts on a great show :)
Yeah, Google is taking over the world.
Who are you? I love your work and your words.... Wow. Made me think of the world as it is, every morning when all you see around you is beauty. Holding onto that though. No Google is not taking over the world. Monsanto is.
I like Google perhaps its story of foundation and success, I like Apple for Steve Jobs, i like Microsoft so for the story of founding, success and Bill Gates but I do not like Mark Zuckerberg for me he's just a puppet for very good backers .
I think Google is a good company that does not mean that they take over the market.
Thank you for your wonder pictures and words! You move me. As far as Google....Nahh, I believe that facebook is taking over that world.
GI JOEs are working real hard on that, but since Windows is dying, Bill Gates is fading away.
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