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Just Another Sunrise Wallpaper

Good morning G+, after my more controversial image from yesterday I thought it would be nice to drop the temperature down a little by adding another image to the wallpaper gallery here, this is 1600px at its widest and free to download with the rest of them.

I hope you have a wonderful day.
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Stop posting images like these...Or I will have go out and shoot more just to keep up with Great +Mike Shaw

+JUDE SHAW Can you just take his computer away so rest of us can get noticed? :)))))

Oh...Did I say I love your work? :)))
:D this is beautiful, Mike! and it is sweet of you to "appease the masses" :D Your image yesterday was powerful and thought provoking! :D I love them both!!!
Absolutely great.....of course and yesterday image and words were astonishing!
all your photo are fantastic,thanks for sharing such a peerless post
Maravilloso trabajo Mike. Permiso para compartir. Gracias. Bellas fotos. Un abrazo
ehm ehm ehm ehm ehm, ehm .......................................... ehm my words gone.... :O
I am glad to see your picture, and I look forward to as you to find incredible pictures.
Maki MA
wow, really impressive!
amazing... working hard fantastic.. :)
Amazing and wonderful
It made my mood fresh..Thank dude
Good morning even if for me is afternoon, thanks+Mike Shaw this one will do good to all!
Thank you. A very good day for you +Mike Shaw
Thank you for all this splendor, it's, all, beautiful. Nice work.
I wish I has your talent .You have a good eye far beauty
очень красиво
где сделаны эти фотки
hi, you need to take your time to think about certain things of your interest. You too can become like him. Have hope and be determined.
I appreciate you sharing your amazing talent with the world. Your images have brightened my day.
What can I say ... Stunning Dude! And thankx for sharing. These are excellent even for my Linux! God bless your talent!
Mind Blowing Pix....
just to add to what the crowd is sayin'... amazing work :)
So powerful, cool and calm eye catching pix.......!! thanks for share with us ~~
Awesome stuff mate, is it 5D Mark III?
No need to drop the temp, controversial, be remembered.
Mike Shaw, I have one word...EPIC!!!!!!!!! looking at them gives you goosebumps. shiver
stunning beauty of sunset that is poetic and inspiring soul purity and fascination.
Awesome clicks dude...super like!! U have a very nice perspective of vision!
You show me how beautiful life is!
awesome! i will save your photos and save it.. put it in my facebook account.. I <3 your work! :)
im interested in such places,beautiful.
wow so cool&relaxing..i love this pic so much..
wonderful photos with wonderful day. Thanks Mike.
I missed yesterday's posting but today's is very beautiful. In fact I check some of your prior pictures and they are amazing, too bad the description does not say where was the picture taken.
Thank you for sharing photos in super.
Beautiful wonderful amazing nothing like a new sun rise another day to get it right!
very good wallpapers mike bro . i liked it very much . very good nature and good view , try to collect more nature pics . i love nature , i love your pic's
Thanks! I downloaded some for my Galaxy Nexus!
mc neil
nice click on the nature....awesome
you should find pictures of Montana. I think you will like it.
very well done .love it!!
These are spectacular, you have a wonderful eye...!
Ran Hou
i like it ,so beautiful
+Jay Patel LOL Like I'm any competition for your work :) I do thought think Jude is going to take the fuses out of the house :D
Wallpapers saying : only ME and Nature ! My state of Mind to be HAPPY !
thank you very much for shairng again so beautiful and amazing pictures...
Wonderful exposure Mike, Love the hues of yellow. Thank you. Allan
You are a Great Photographer, I wish I has your talent .Keep them coming.
I would like to visit the places you took a picture of.
Nature is beautiful.
so nice places i realy lik it
Интересные кадры! Особенно красивы деревья, залитые солнечным светом!!! ЛЮБЛЮ СОЛНЦЕ и солнечные дни!
I need to start remembering that when I need a pick me up I can come in here to this album for some wellbeing +Mike Shaw :)
Wonderful Gallery ~ They are all fantastic!
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